Naruto's family is rumoured to be a part of an organised crime syndicate, only rumoured because no one had ever been able to prove it... such a shame as it's all true. Hinata's family has nothing to offer anyone, or so she thought... such a shame as it's not at all true, as far as Naruto's concerned.

Modern day Naruto fic, set in no particular country but the aim is for it to have a bit of a Las Vegas feel, I'm British so it may seem that way inclined. I've changed a few of the ages around and it's a darkish fic, Naruto is a bad guy player type as are some of our favourite characters. I meant to have this out last month but had trouble finishing it what with one thing and another, well I hope you enjoy and I'll try to have another up in a week or so but no promises. Rating M as usual for future lemons.

I do not own Naruto

Cheeks aching more than her feet Hinata held her tray of empty glasses aloft as she negotiated the crowded bar. Her constant grin was more unusual than her skyscraper heels that gave her some much needed height as she looked over people's heads towards the bar in the centre of the busy casino. She nodded to the bartender as she headed over, he was busy preparing drinks so she made her way along the bar to find one of the free bartenders.

"What you needing Hin?" the brunette behind the bar accepted the tray of empties with a smile.

"Two cosmopolitans, a rob roy, and a long island iced tea please Ten-Ten."

Noting Hinata's tired expression Ten-Ten asked as she began mixing drinks, "When you out of here?"

"Uh…" finding that it was almost five am she sighed heavily "An hour ago, Sakura didn't show for her shift yet, she made this huge fuss about taking this shift tonight and didn't even show."

"That's weird, I swear I saw her about ten minutes ago."

"You're kidding?" Hinata shook her head angrily "She was supposed to radio me the minute she showed up" Hinata pulled her radio off her belt and checked it "It's working."

"Look after this tray just go… SHIT!"

Hinata never got to see what had made Ten-Ten swear but the following sounds answered any questions, shots rang out around the room, half out of instinct and half off balance in her heels Hinata fell to the floor.

"EVERYONE GET DOWN!" Screams and crashes followed the shout, glasses were smashed and there was out and out panic in the formally efficient casino. The sounds had been close so Hinata huddled up against the bar trying to find out where the shooters were, to her horror she found herself right in their line of sight, in fact one of them was pointing the gun right at her, she could see about three men all in black with guns in their hands but there were more, she could hear them emptying the trolley, one of them backed up and stood near the others conversing quickly before moving back out of sight. One of them remained focussed on her before turning away switching places with another man, her terror never left her but, as she waited for what was to happen next she felt someone grab her hand.

She panicked until she saw who had grabbed her "Ten-Ten" she hissed in a relieved tone, the brunette pulled her arm moving her slowly from her position to slide back until they were behind the bar. They stayed there huddled together until finally the men could be heard leaving. And people in the casino began to move calling out that it was OK to move then the calls for help began, exchanging looks Hinata and Ten-Ten got to their feet and ran to the source.

"He's bleeding" a panicked woman yelled, Hinata arrived at the scene and found an older man lying on the floor, his head was badly cut.

"He must have hit it in the panic" Hinata told them, "Call for an ambulance, does anyone know his name?" there was no response so Ten-Ten dropped down beside Hinata.

"I'll check his wallet, is he breathing?"

"Yeah, I think he was just knocked unconscious but there could be internal damage. EVERY ONE CHECK AROUND YOU, MAKE SURE NO ON ELSE WAS HURT. Can anyone lend me something, a jacket, a scarf, something clean." She found someone handing her a jumper, placing it over the wound she applied pressure.

"His names Michael Jackson" Hinata turned and gave her friend a look but Ten-Ten held up the ID "Seriously, that's his name."

"Of course it is, Mr Jackson? Mr Jackson" she got a groan in response "You've hurt your head, we've got people coming but you need to try and stay awake. Do you hear me? Stay Awake."

It seemed forever but was probably only twenty minutes before police and paramedics arrived, Hinata found herself pushed to one side. She and her colleagues gathered together trying to keep the customers together, until more police arrived and the questioning began.

"The cameras weren't working?" Hinata frowned at that information clearly puzzled, the policewoman questioning Hinata watched her reactions carefully. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, and you were supposed to have left an hour ago?"

Realising that she herself was under suspicion Hinata shook her head "I have nothing to do with it, I was on the casino floor, I swear!"

"How about you tell me about your evening, anything that stood out?"

Shaking her head Hinata thought hard about it "No nothing stood out…, I clocked in at about eight thirty as usual, it was the usual slight lull so I helped do the cleaning up then after about nine it all started to get busy again so I clocked out, changed my uniform and came back."

"You had to clock out to change?"

"They don't like to pay us for anything that isn't real work, changing out of an outfit that I wore so I wouldn't get bleach on my short skirt while I clean toilets doesn't count." Hinata allowed a trace of annoyance to slip into her voice as she spoke "Sorry, clocked back in and waited tables for the rest of the evening, I didn't the leave the floor once even when I used the bathroom I used the customers ones, it's against the rules but we were really busy, you can ask Ten, she was bartending. I only went to the bathroom while she was mixing my drinks orders."

"This would be…" the woman looked at her notes "Ten-Ten Yeoh?"


"Ok, Can you tell us the exact time you clocked in and out?"

"Not really, but it'll be on my time card, it was before half nine because Ai arrived for her shift a little while after and she starts then" Hinata yawned tiredly as she spoke.

"Did you see anything?" the policewoman asked her "Anything that might help us to identify them?"

"They were completely covered."

"We just need to know what you saw"

"I don't know… I saw four of them but I could tell there were more from noise"

"From the noise?"

"When there were four in my sight there was still someone emptying the money tray and the ones I saw carried machine gun type guns but the shots that we heard later were from a pistol of some sort. They were mostly tall, the level of their heads was about as high as the- the slot machine signs, one of them was a lot shorter, barely as tall as the machines" Hinata pointed to the signs above the machines as she spoke," The shorter one carried a bag and no gun, one of them held their gun kind of differently, the two closest to me held their guns like so" Hinata imitated their posture with her arms "The one furthest from me held it like this" Hinata demonstrated. "for a while one was quite close to me, he had dark eyes, like actually black, very pale skin, he switched places with someone else, I don't know why but… other than that I can tell you nothing. Ten-Ten pulled me behind the bar after a while, we hid."

"Well it may not have seemed like much but it could be a real help. Thank you."

Hinata checked her watch and was surprised to see that it was nearly eight o'clock "Can I go home now? My little sister needs me to be there to get her up and out for school soon."

"Of course, would you like a ride home?"

"No, we'll need my car, thank you though."Hinata pulled her shoes off before jumping down from the stool "I hope you catch them… did the guy that hurt himself make it?"

"No, he suffered what looked like a haematoma, they pronounced him in the ambulance."

"I see" Hinata nodded sadly, that had been her main worry while helping him, she was trained in first aid but ultimately in that situation there was only so much a person can do.

"You go home" the policewoman smiled at her kindly "It's been a long night."

"Thanks" shoes in hand Hinata walked slowly out of her work place, she was more tired than she could remember being in her life getting into her car she began to twenty minute drive home, she was unused to making the journey home in the daylight, they lived in what seemed a whole other world, their apartment was part of a unappealing large block with a constantly broken lift.

When she got in Hanabi was already sitting at the table dressed and ready to go. She was devouring a large bowl of coco puffs and gave Hinata a wave as she entered, Neji was still out for the count on the sofa so Hinata moved quietly as she entered.

"Hey honey, sorry I'm late."

"It's OK" Hanabi mumbled through a mouthful of cereal "but we'll have to go via the shops, we don't have any fruit in. This is the last of the cereal too."

"Sure" Hinata kissed her sister's forehead and went to get changed.

Coming away from the glitz and noise of her job it was sometimes a relief that where they lived was so simple and plain, still as Hinata looked around their apartment it was hard not to feel a little depressed.

Money had been tough for them for a long time, Hinata, Hanabi and Neji all lost their parents at the same time, it had been a horrific car crash leaving twenty-five year old Neji in charge of fifteen year old Hinata and ten year old Hanabi. At first they had done well, using the life insurance they had brought an apartment and moved close to Neji's place of work, Hinata had finished school and began attending college; Hanabi had started a new school and was enjoying it. Then things had started go wrong, Neji began to gamble a little, a few months later he lost his job and started hanging out at a local bar, Hanabi had to leave her expensive private school and go to the local comprehensive, he continued to gamble until finally they had to sell their luxurious three bedroom apartment and trade down for a one bedroom place that was now mortgaged to the hilt. Now almost eighteen Hinata had given up on college to work as a waitress at a casino with a few hours of cleaning a day to keep them going, Neji still gambled whenever he could and recently money had been so tight that they were using the pay from Hanabi's newspaper round to keep up with the rent. The only reason they still had their car was because it was too old to be worth anything and they parked it away from their home and covered it to stop it from being repossessed.

Leaving her bedroom now dressed in a suitable jeans and shirt Hinata found Hanabi ready to go, she gave her younger sister a tired smile and pulled on some flat shoes "Ready?" she whispered as she walked past Neji's sofa bed, Hanabi nodded and together the two left.

Once the door closed Neji groaned and sat up, he'd been awake for a little while but hadn't wanted to bother with the real world straight away. Sitting up he decided to get ready and head out, he and Hinata often fought about his not doing anything and he didn't want to be here when she got home.

Across town in the more upscale part of the city someone else was just rolling out of bed, he attempted to sit but found his arm trapped under the body beside him, looking left he found that the attractive blonde he'd picked up last night was sound asleep. Groaning he yanked his arm away not caring if he woke her, he didn't she just rolled over and continued to sleep. Moving to the side of the bed he placed his feet on the floor and lowered his head to his hands, his head was rocking but he was sure he hadn't had that much to drink last night. He stumbled around the room set on finding himself something to quench his unbearable thirst, in the end he just entered the en-suite climbed into the shower and opened his mouth as the water came down. He showered properly but didn't care about modesty as he left the room and re-entered the bedroom, the blonde was still fast asleep as he wandered around still feeling the after-effects of the night before, he found that being in his late twenties he now had more difficulty in recovering from his night-time activities.

There was a knock at the door so Naruto pulled the blankets off the girl and around himself as he made his way to answer it.

"Morning!" Shikamaru stood on the other side a lazy grin on his lips.

"You realise that it's only nine o'clock and your tie is already undone?" Naruto glared at his friend and business associate

"At least I'm up and dressed, what time did you roll in?"

"Not sure," Naruto opened the door more allowing his friend a good view of his companion "I could ask her but I'm willing to bet time ceased to have meaning after a few minutes with me" he grinned cockily causing Shikamaru to shake his head.

"Full of yourself much? Uchiha is in the office and he wants to see you."

"Give me ten minutes… and send Choji over to make breakfast and get rid of her will you?"

"Couldn't you do it yourself?"

He turned back to look at the girl and found himself shaking his head "I can't remember where I got her, she might need paying or something, send Choji he'll be nice about it." closing the door he dressed quickly and silently before slipping out to join his business associates.

He arrived in the office to find Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha were waiting for him. "Good morning people!" Naruto strode towards his desk and slouched down into a chair "So you wanted to see me?"

"No your godfather sent us over to see you" Itachi sounded bored as he spoke to him "He wants us to talk to you about next month."

"Ah yes, the old goats honeymoon" Naruto chuckled to himself, after thirty years of being on and off an engagement with Tsunade Jiraiya had managed to get the lady to decide on a date for their wedding. They were getting married in a month and then going away for a three month cruise during which time, Naruto would be taking the reins and overseeing the running of his two Casinos. It was a sort of test for him, to see if he was up to the challenge in the future, Naruto's own father would be looking over his shoulder but he had five casino's of his own to run, Naruto would one day inherit all seven and they needed to be sure he could cope with it. "Come to tell me about the casino?"

"Yes, exactly" Itachi shook his head at Naruto's carelessness "As you know the day to day running of the casino doesn't affect your time as much as the hotel will. Unfortunately the robbery has affected our hotel more than it has the casino." He pulled out some documents "Over 20% of our guests have checked out and about 5% of our bookings have been cancelled, the numbers are not particularly disparaging but we need to instil confidence in the place again, this means that Jiraiya has been doing almost hourly walkthroughs of the casino and restaurant. You will be joining him today."

"Cool" Naruto grinned as Itachi glared at him, the older Uchiha was constantly infuriated by Naruto's behaviour, beside him Sasuke grinned, he enjoyed how his best friend drove his brother up the wall "Good thing I decided to suit up!" Sasuke snorted as Itachi stood angrily and stalked around the desk towards Naruto.

"Do you not realise that there are hundred of people whose entire livelihoods depend on this place!"

"Of course, there are at least three prostitutes who would lose their income should I bankrupt myself!" Naruto smirked as Itachi lost his temper, for a split second it looked as though he would hit the blond but finally he turned to storm out of the room muttering darkly about playboy types with no sense of anything.

"One day he's going to lose that temper properly and actually hurt you"

"Maybe" Naruto leaned his chair back and put his feet up on the desk "but he started it treating me like a child all the time, I studied at Oxford for Gods sake, you need the best grades to go there, just because I live a little wild does not mean I'm dumb. It just means I like to have fun my parents were ridiculously strict when I was a kid and mum making Tsunade stay with me a university. Everyone else was having a good time while I was studying at all hours."

"I remember" Sasuke grinned as he copied Naruto and placed his own feet up "Man you hated that!"

"Don't know what sort of trouble they thought I would cause that they couldn't solve."

"I think they knew that the law forces would be watching you, what with your parent's reputation and all."

"Hmm" Naruto nodded in slight agreement "But it seems that just because my family break every law in the book I have to obey them all religiously." Sasuke raised an eyebrow at this and Naruto grinned "Well maybe not religiously." Leaning back in his chair even further Naruto pulled open one of the drawers in his desk, from it he pulled a chequebook and began scrawling.

"What's all that about?"

"It's for Choji"

"Another girl he's paid off?"

"Well I don't think she was totally like that, maybe a bit of a gold digger but Choji will then just have to buy her some jewellery or a designer something, make her feel special."

Sasuke shook his head but had to admit that Naruto had every right to act the way he did, his parents were a devoted couple but it was no secret that Minato had played the field for years before settling down, he had been over well over thirty when he'd met his wife and as she herself had not yet hit twenty it hadn't done anything for his reputation. As a result the way Naruto acted made his mother concerned and his father proud and neither of them able to reproach him. Being the son of a wealthy couple Naruto had led a privileged life, and Jiraiya's influence had led him to be a real pervert for want of a better world, when he looked at a girl he saw her body and never anything else.

"Your godfather's really angry about this robbery. There was a huge accident nearby at the time so it took a while for the authorities to arrive."

"What do the police say?" Naruto asked indolently

Sasuke paused before responding "Inside job, the camera's were switched off."

Naruto sat up quickly almost falling from his seat "Damnit, does dad or Jiraiya know?"


"Oh God, they'll be seeking retribution before we know anything about it. I hope we get the right person."

"They have their sights on two of the waitresses" Naruto said nothing but inclined his head questioning "One of them is broke beyond belief and was working well past her clocking off time, the other one arrived on time for work but didn't tell anyone about it or clock in."

"Does the first one show any signs of guilt or a likelihood to bolt?"

"No, they're gonna be watching her carefully over the next few weeks but… she seems the most likely culprit."

"What's their names?"

"You won't know them, they're the lowest of the low in your food chain."

"I want to investigate her myself, last time they were getting vengeance we went after the wrong bloke, I need to be coolheaded about this."

"The second girl is Sakura Haruno," Naruto consulted his notes "I remember because she's got pink hair, can you imagine?"

"And the other one, the poor one?"

"Hyuga… Hinata Hyuga"

"Hyuga?" Naruto stood at that "H-Y-U-G-A?"

"You know them?"

"The Hyuga's were pretty wealthy from what I remember… this could be a poor cousin or something."

"There are three of them, Hinata, her sister and her cousin Neji"

"Neji Hyuga? Are you sure?"

"Positive… what's wrong Naruto?"

"Find him" Naruto ordered walking around his desk with his newly written cheque in hand "Find Neji Hyuga and bring him to me immediately."

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