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Hiashi stood in his fathers office feeling very like he had when he was 10 years old and had broken his mothers favourite vase.

Everything alright son?" Naruto's voice had an understanding tone that made his son suddenly feel like he could trust his father with his secret.

"Can I ask you a question?" Hiashi asked sound a little nervous

"Of course son" Naruto was not surprised by Hiashi's serious expression, he knew the signs and knew what was about to be said "What is it?"

"Have you ever cheated on mum?"

There were a few minutes of silence and then Naruto nodded "Yes"

"Oh" Naruto knew he'd shocked Hiashi, the boy dropped down into the seat opposite his father feeling perplexed.

"You seem very surprised"

"Well yeah, you and mum are perfect."

Naruto sighed remembering a conversation from long ago, this one was going to end with some very different advice "We are, pretty much, but that doesn't mean I haven't ever screwed up." Naruto sighed, he and his wife had never spoken about their early marital problems to their children because of how it would make him look but his son was acting just as he did when he first met Hinata and though there was no chance he'd act exactly like Naruto did he didn't want Hiashi to make the same mistakes as him. "As you know when I met you mother I was a bit of a..."

"Man-whore?" Hiashi asked with a smirk and Naruto couldn't help but laugh

"I was going to say player but I guess its kind of the same thing. Yes, I liked the ladies, as a result of this I wasn't ready to wait for Hinata so whilst we were dating there were a couple of one night stands and visits to certain clubs. I loved her, I just hadn't the same upbringing as you I was raised to think of woman as a secondary, my mother was never around and your grandfather and my godfather weren't greatly respectful of women. Then in our early marriage when Hinata was pregnant with you it was dangerous for her to have sex, so I had an affair."

"Shit dad" Hiashi didn't really like thinking of his parents having sex but an affair was so hard to comprehend. "Does she know?"

"You know your mother, she knows everything, she knew I was having an affair before I told her, she knew when it ended some time after you were born, she even met the woman once. The day she met... I can't even remember her name, but the day she met my mistress the affair was over and my mistress was trying to get back at me, Hinata told her she already knew and then went out and got very drunk, she came home and yelled at me and passed out, the next day I told her everything"

"And she forgave you?"

"No she left me, technically I left the house but its all relative she wanted it over. It was months before she forgave me, she even tried dating someone else, it was years before she stopped questioning me about my business trips and where I had been the night before but eventually she learned to trust me again."

"I don't ever want to hurt Ai"

"Is she the dental nurse?"

"How did you...? Gou told you didn't he?"

"No, but he may have told his mother, who told Hinata... so, is she the nurse?"

"Yeah" Hiashi flushed but grinned at his father "She's so sweet, sometimes she has this cute little expression and I just melt"

"You should bring her over for lunch tomorrow, the rest of the boys are out of town and your mother is trying to respect your privacy by not snooping but she could crack any day now."

"I can't bring her home, we haven't even slept together yet."

"With the men in this family that means its very serious, think about it... your mums making Enchilada's"

"I do love Enchilada's. I just don't want to scare her off." a pained look crossed Hiashi's face and Naruto laughed

"I know that look" he smiled at his son "I've seen it on many faces, including my own. Hiashi you are running headlong into something you don't understand, and I pity you for it but there's no fighting it."


"Son do you do things just because it makes her like you? Have you done things to make her feel like she depends upon you?"

Hiashi bit his lip remembering how happy he'd been when Ai's car had broken down and he'd arranged a car from the firm to take her everywhere and she'd been adorably impressed. "Kinda"

"Son you need to be careful, you can't manipulate her ever or she might end up hating you, just love her, be honest with her. As long as there are no lies between you I think you'll be alright."

Naruto watched as Hinata bid farewell to her future daughter in law with a slightly misgiving look in her eyes, the girl was sweet and shy like she had been, whilst the company had changed and was now running almost completely legitimate business he could tell she still worried about bringing someone so innocent into this life, they were still a family that settled their problems without the proper legal help. It didn't surprise Naruto that Hiashi had chosen a girl so like Hinata, visually she was very different with bouncy chestnut hair and warm olive skin but her attitude and personality were very like his wife's. Naruto wasn't worried, with her help he'd brought his sons up to respect and value the lives of the people around them and those that depended on them, and most off all he'd taught all five of his sons how to treat women. As he relaxed back in his chair he let out a sigh of contentment, at fifty six he'd worked hard all his life and was glad to be handing over the bulk of his work to his sons, he and Hinata were still in control but they, and their friends were ready to retire, none of them wanted to drop dead of heart attacks at sixty eight like his father had.

He missed his father daily and he didn't want his sons to feel the same pain, and he certainly didn't want to miss out on all his grandchildren.

"Well she seems nice enough" Hinata decided as she settled into the chair next to him.

"I liked her" Naruto agreed "She reminded me of you"

"Don't be silly, she looks nothing like me, besides I was never that pretty"

"I meant in personality but you're right, pretty wasn't the way to describe you, gorgeous, stunning, sexy, those are the words to describe you then and now."

"Oh shut up" Hinata flushed a little but it was a nice thing to hear, he pulled her into his arms and pressed a long kiss on her lips, knowing where he was going with this she pulled away as quickly as she could "Naruto we're supposed to be going to Sasuke and Sakura's in an hour"

"You're right" he sighed pretending to look despondent "lets go take a quick shower" grabbing her hand he pulled her up and into his arms "Or a nice long shower" he kissed her again and could feel her sinking into it "doesn't sound like a good idea?" his blue eyes twinkled with mischief seeing the desire in her own, even after all these years he couldn't get enough of his beautiful wife and apparently he still only needed to charm her a little to get her to see things his way.

"A short shower" Hinata said holding up a finger before turning and starting towards the stairs "We don't have time for a long one" Naruto trotted after her smiling the whole time as he was pretty sure he could convince her otherwise.

"I like your parents" Ai said as they pulled up outside her apartment building "They seem very nice and happy"

"I know... I always wanted a relationship like theirs when I grew up" Hiashi admitted shyly "They were a completely equal partnership, it wasn't always that way but it is now and thats how I'd like it to be when I get married"

"I think that sounds good" Ai agreed feeling a little shy about it herself, she and Hiashi were from two very different worlds but she loved him very much and from what Hinata had told her she originally had been Naruto's housekeeper so maybe there wouldn't be a problem.

"Do you?" Hiashi asked suddenly holding her hand in a tight clasp "because I love you, and I know we've only been together a few months but it's enough to know what I want and I want you." he was worried about what she would say but there was no way he would let her go, he wanted her and he'd do almost anything he could to keep her in his life.

Luckily for him Ai just smiled and opened her car door, climbing out she stood giving him that adorable look he loved so much "Aren't you coming?" she asked as she closed the door and started to walk towards the building, grinning widely Hiashi leaped out the car and ran after her scooping her up in his arms as he reached her, she laughed holding him tight. "Careful"

"Don't worry, I would never let you go."

"By the way... I love you too" she whispered as he carried her in.

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