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Darkstar s footstep s echoed through the hall s as he made his way too the large celestial bronze door and simply passed through due to being mortal. He quickly found his way too the chair that had been set their especially for him.

Surrounding him was: Vilgax, Ghostfreak, Hex, Charmcaster, Sunder, and Dr. Animo all sitting at a large oval -shaped table usually found at board meeting s.

So, Vilgax, mind telling me how you gained the power to pull me, and a few of these other freak s and criminal s out of the null -void. Darkstar said.

Vilgax let a smile break across his face before saying, I believe, Darkstar, that you already know that I have been in contact with the being Kronos, and that I am now his current host. he then winced and said, Although the process has given me incredible power, it has left me with random pain attack s.

Well that explains the power, but why bring us here. Darkstar asked.

Because we all have a common enemy, Benjamin Tennyson, and I now know how to kill him. Vilgax said Ghostfreak if you will initiate you re part of the plan. Vilgax said nodding at Ghostfreak

Percy s pov

Where should I begin, hmm... I know, how about the part where I sunk the warehouse with us still in it. After Nico took an energy ball to the face I jumped into the fray. I ran and stood in front of his limp body as a girl with red hair, black and red clothing, and green eyes. As she approached, I noticed a orange mass on the floor start to stir, no stand up, the tiger monster from before!

The girl's hands became encased in a glowing, glass-like, pink energy as her eyes also started glowing. I felt my heartbeat increase as the tiger and the girl approached me, my adrenaline and instincts went into over-drive, I cast out my senses. I felt ever bit of water that was flowing through the warehouse, concentrated on it, and brought it to me.

Almost instantly the ceiling, walls, and floor exploded and tons of rusty and polluted water rushed into the room. Columns of water almost as big as the Parthenon's rose up and started lashing out at everyone but my friends, the girl was swiped of her feet, the tiger was slammed into a wall,ten of the knights disappeared under the water, the red demon ran as a column flew out and knocked a chunk of the ceiling down on top of him.

I could feel my control slipping but I couldn't stop, not now, not when I was having so much (guilty) fun. The tiger man stood up and jumped at me only for a fist of water to burst forward and drive him into the now submerged and destroyed floor. The girl pulled out an ancient book covered in runes that made my ichor infused blood boil.

A smile spread across my face as I took pleasure from the situation, pleasure that was alien to me, then Tyson let out a cry of fear telling me to stop. That's when I noticed what I was doing was wrong, the power I was feeling wasn't something I should enjoy, it was a gift to me, something I should use for good, not for destruction.

I tried to stop and withdraw the water but it wouldn't respond to me, like at the triple G ranch. The columns became more chaotic, lashing out at everything: the walls, the ceiling, the support beams, the knight's, even me.

The red haired girl yelled tempestus! and the water seemed to become calm for a few moments before becoming even more destructive, as if the water got pissed at her attempt to control it. The warehouse started rumbling, the floor completely crumbled, everything: knight's, machines, the derbies, the tiger man, was swallowed into a watery abyss. In less than a minute the entire warehouse, was gone.

A wisp of purple smoke rose from the calming whirlpool, and solidified, growing long, clawed arms, purple flesh, an upside-down skull, and a black-and-white striped tail in place of legs. It smiled at the abyss and was tempted to go back down and possess Percy and his powers once again but he knew his next objective was more important and with a sigh flew off into the night.