A/N: I really need to get around to updating Music Theory. My second chapter, after the fifth revision, wasn't what I wanted it to be, so I scrapped it. Until I write a new one, here's 50 themes of Kyouksuke/Hime! (Grouped into five chapters of ten themes each!)

Enjoy, and remember, critique is always appreciated!

01. Walking

It was those times they spent together, walking the streets of their beloved city during patrol, where they felt most content. While the city continued to evolve and grow, the other's constant presence was rather soothing.

02. Waltz

Sparring was like a dance; their feet and bodies moving to the rush of their pulses.

03. Wishes

He didn't wishes to meet the girl he fell madly in love with; he needed them so that she wouldn't laugh in his face when he told her.

04. Wonder

If there were seven wonders in the world, the volume of Hime's diet (or the gaping void it put in their finances) would definitely be the eighth. In all honesty, he had no clue how she did it.

05. Worry

He was always a worrier by nature, but why couldn't he when she was fighting against monsters many times her size?

06. Whimsy

Daydreaming during class wasn't something she often did, but when she discovered that he was smoking hot without his shirt on, she couldn't help herself.

07. Waste/Wasteland

It wasn't like him to curse (at least in front of her), but she could tell he was just as angry at the fact that those goddamn dragons just rendered the once vibrant plaza into a wasteland.

08. Whiskey&Rum

It was then Hime discovered that the most uptight people had the most self-destructive methods of stress relief, as he lay in drunken unconsciousness, bespectacled face stained with substance-induced tears. It was also then that she dumped all of the remaining alcohol in their possession (for he had consumed most of it in getting drunk) down the drain.

09. War

'Love is a battlefield,' she realized, as his fist almost connected with her face during one of their sparring matches. When, by some odd motion of fate, their lips connected and their hands instinctively ran over each others' exhausted bodies, she also realized that she wouldn't have it any other way.

10. Weddings

Because of the gap generation, weddings were a phenomenon Hime hadn't seen until recently. Kyousuke, on the other hand, had witnessed one in his childhood, and secretly wondered what would happen when it was his turn.