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51. Ring

Personally, he thought the title (not to mention the job itself) of 'Mayoral Assistant' had a nice ring to it.

It was much better than the (jokingly) derogatory term Akina gave to his job, anyways.

52. Hero

He may not have had the spotlight (that was clearly taken by Akina), but even from the shadows, she admitted he was still a hero.

Not that she would ever tell him that.

53. Memory

His memory was surpassed only by his strength and his ability to mentally calculate almost anything.

To her chagrin, it was that same memory that allowed him to micromanage her diet.

54. Box

They were on even terms: she was disarmed without her spear, as he was left powerless by his shackle.

It only served to make their fistfight of a spar even more intense.

55. Run

Though it was practically assumed Hime would win in the mayoral election, he still worked overtime to be sure everything ran according to plan.

56. Hurricane

If there was one good thing about the storm that left them stranded in their home for three days, Hime figured, it gave them plenty of opportunity to spar.

Touka, however, seemed to have other plans for them...

57. Wings

When the twelve-year-old Hime gawked at the new resident's wings (he was a tengu), he felt a twinge of some familiar, yet still peculiar emotion.

Feeling his horns, he realized it was the same way he felt when she was close to Akina.

58. Cold

Hime was still shivering during that hellish patrol, despite the fact that she still wore her scarf. Hoping to alleviate her frigidness, he offered (although 'forced' is a more accurate term) his jacket on her, even though his situation wasn't any better.

That still didn't stop Juri from chastising him when he visited the clinic with a minor case of frostbite.

59. Red

"M-M'Mayor-? No! I mean Hime! Gah! I-I mean...!" he stuttered out, blood rushing to his face as he took refuge in the barricade of his sheets.

Why did he have get so flustered at time like this?

60. Drink

Neither of them was sure as to who spiked their drinks with alcohol that bizarre night (though they were pretty sure it had to do with a certain land-goddess).

Notes for Selected Themes:

51: That didn't happen like you thought it would, did it? And for Akina's titles? I'll leave that to the imagination of you, the reader.

54: I was initially thinking of knocking out with a box dropping on top of their head. (Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 minor Spoiler: Fortune social link rank eight, anyone?)

60: I wouldn't put it past Yae to do something like that, seriously.