Chedra was an enigma. She didn't speak of her home planet much, beyond the laws she treasured above her own well being. There were some days where I thought she was hiding from something.

-"You mean, you've been in contact with Quadrania this whole time? That you could have gone back whenever you wanted?"

"I-well, yes-but they don't have Mexican food on Quadrania!"-

It was somewhat flattering that she would find the merest excuses to stay on Earth with us. As well as hurtful that she would imply that remaining for food was more important than remaining for us. After everything we've been through together, all the times we would have died were it not for her. Not to mention we pulled her proverbial tail out of the fire just as often. I thought we would have been friends, at the very least.

-"Bootcamp? Like I don't see you guys showing off enough at breakfast!"-

Of course, I have my suspicions about Spike's feelings for her, and that Hard Rock has similar feelings for her, but I won't say anything. I'm more than sure that T-Bone has noticed as well, and I'm just as sure that as long as it doesn't affect our teamwork, that he will let them work it out for themselves. Either Chedra is oblivious to their feelings, or she doesn't know what to do with them. Ten-to-one she hasn't noticed—she tends to not notice anything that doesn't involve her laws.

-"Oh, Chedra, read me this one." "Are you sure? Oh, alright. It is one of my favorite laws."-

I'll admit, I was jealous when C.P. appeared. Suspicious, yes, but a lot jealous. Thankfully the guys felt the same way, so it was easy to talk T-Bone into spying on Chedra's 'date'. It just goes to show just how young we really are. I'm not sure who is older, T-Bone or Hard Rock, but I do know they're both young adults. I'm right behind them in terms of age, then Spike and Bullseye. Sometimes I think we're still just oversized hatchlings, 65 million years in stasis non-withstanding.

I'm also reasonably certain that she's the eldest of us all, Pork included. Not that I've the courage to ask—I have no desire to make her mad at me. She's like an elder sister; always looking out for us, no matter how annoying we think she is.

-"Uh, Chedra? I don't think you're supposed to conduct the bed checks when we're still in them."-

Chedra was very focused on her job. Maybe even a little obsessed with catching Argor. What did he do to get her so riled up?...

"Yeesh, that's some fever he's got there."

"Stegz, it's probably better if you stop talking and get some rest. Your fever is getting too high."