He heard her voice before he ever saw her.

This was fitting obviously as he'd built much of his life centered on music not aesthetics. He'd been working on a piece keeping himself busy, distracted when he noticed the sound. A woman's voice that pierced through the darkness and caused him to stop in the middle of his work to listen.

Nothing ever caused Erik to interrupt his writing to listen.

It wasn't that her voice was particularly impressive. No. Not in comparison to the plethora of musical greats that passed through the opera house daily. Especially not in comparison with his own.

In fact it was rather average.

So ignore it.

No. It cannot be ignored.

There was something about the way her voice echoed, pervading through the floorboards into his abode. Something extraordinary that somehow managed to inspire a spark of interest in this man, seemingly only half alive.

Regardless of what caused it, there was now an insuppressible desire within, at least to learn more. At least to learn whom it was that this voice belonged to. He was willing, even if it took effort.

Once he knew this he'd be able to ignore it.

Immediately after he'd gained this resolve he set out to find her without having to reveal himself. He needed to be as inconspicuous as possible.

It took hours above ground until he heard it again. Yes! The melodious yet highly flawed unmistakable sound of the young woman. There it was! Coming from a small room.

Hiding behind her mirror he enjoyed his first glimpse of her.

She seems dressed in all the rings/ of past fatalities

The woman, though she appeared to be more of a girl, matched the voice he'd heard exactly! She was beautiful in the traditional sense of the word, beautiful the way he had always heard the term used. Yet she was so much more than that! So vulnerable, so indescribable!

So fragile yet so devious/ she continues to seem

Climatic hands that press/ her temples and my chest

Yes he could see it, he could feel it within his mind! He needed it! This was what had been missing. The inspiration necessary for him to complete his Don Juan piece. The inspiration he had needed to complete his life!

At that moment he knew, this glimpse would not be enough to suffice.

Enter the night that she came home. Forever

What sorrow this was! He could never have her, he was well aware. She would refuse him like the rest of the world always had. She is one of them! She is nothing to you!

Oh she's the only one who makes me sad!

But he was lying to himself.

She is everything and more/ the solemn hypnotic

My Dahlia bathed in possession

No! This is insanity! Why must the forbidden be so irresistible! Why does life torment him so! She is nothing. She is nothing. She is nothing.

Bring her with you, he thought to himself. It is impossible for you not too. You must. You need her.

She is home to me.

I get nervous perverse when I see her its worse/ but the stress is astounding

It's now or never she's coming home


Oh she's the only one that makes me sad.

There must be some form of compromise. Perhaps a way to have more of her but not all of her. A way she will not refuse me.

Hard to say what's got my attention/ fixed in crazy aphid attraction

Carve my name in my face/ to recognize

Such a pherenome cult to terrorize

I won't let this build up inside of me

I won't let this build up inside of me

I won't let this build up inside of me!

I won't let this build up inside of me!

Erik could communicate with her without her seeing perhaps. But this is no good. Why would she agree to such an arrangement?

Perhaps if she was receiving something in return? What could she want from him?

I'm a slave and I am a master/ no restraints and unchecked collectors

I exist through my need to self oblige

She is something in me/ that I despise


Oblivious to Erik's presence outside her dressing room Christine continued to brush her hair and sing.

Her voice had much potential though she was far from realizing it. He failed to understand why she held such intense appeal to him. She was so innocent. He couldn't keep her. She had her own life to live. He couldn't subject her to his dark form of existence.

In a last desperate attempt to prevent himself from taking her he lied to himself again.






Then the solution came to him. He could train her as an unseen voice. Remain behind her mirror, make her love him for him before he takes her.


This will work.

Then he spoke.

A/N Thus ends chapter one of my psuedo songphiction. It switched from third to first person alot because Erik refers to himself in third person alot and in this story he is somewhat insane. The song featured is Vermillion by Slipknot. Hope you liked it.