Hey guys scorpionking12 here to tell you that this is a new challenge story for Challengers twilight ranger challenge and I am giving it a go now this will span from the end of mighty morphin right into zeo and will travel to different power ranger eras all to defeat the ultimate evil Chaos and the dark ranger with the help of the ranger teams and light and

her ranger the holy light ranger they will take on this evil and hopefully destroy it Oh and tell me what kind of zords should naruto get accept for serpentara and titanus since he is already getting them those are the only original zords I want made up zords if you can think of one please give me some ideas and I will think of the ones you send and make a voting list anyway enjoy chapter one the birth of a ranger from twilight

On the night of the Kyubbi attack three children were born that would change the universe forever the first was a girl named Haku Momochi daughter of Zabuza Momochi and Tia Hyoton Momochi the next was a boy who would be pure evil Sasuke uchiha son of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha and the last was boy born of balance his name was Naruto uzumaki Namikaze.

Now these children were born and three beings were intersted in them these beings were siblings and they were known as Nina light, Blade Chaos , and Revan twilight Nina took Haku at birth and had her transported to her realm where she would train her to be the light ranger Sasuke was taken by Blade at birth to his realm to be trained as the most evil ranger Dark ranger and Revan took Naruto at birth and trained him to be the balance of the universe of rangers and most powerful of them all once he mastered his powers the Twilight ranger.

Week after titanus is thought to be destroyed

Twilight realm

"Naruto you need to go help the Regular rangers they are being defeated and if you don't help they will lose a few members in the battle with zed and rita". said Revan twilight

"Yes Father I will not let you down Morphin time Twilight ranger power" Naruto was covered in silver power ranger costume with the design looking some what like Titanus.

"Go and retreive your true zord Titanus and use its true tranformation to defeat the giant lord zed and Rita do you understand Naruto"

"Yes Father I do"

"Also be sure to get your second zord for your megazord transformation Serpentara will be ready to be yours once you use your dna sequence to prove your its true master then make it transform and combine into the ultimate utrazord with Titanus and destroy lord zed and Rita once and for all by absorbing their evil and turning them into what they were before being corupted by evil White queen of magic and the supreme sorceror of light".

"I understand"

in Chaos realm

"Sasuke you will be helping rita and zedd finish off the rangers with your zord the Raven zord and sussano zord to form your Sussano spirit mode megazord when you are down there remind rita and zedd that they are to join my army once we help them conquer earth since they cannot do it alone also take some Shadows with you they should be way better than those sorry excuse for tiring the rangers out called tengas they just plain suck you know"

"Yes my king I will do as you command I will break the rangers and they will succumb to your will and become dark rangers like myself I would like to ask if my weapons are ready for my debut"

"Ah yes your shadow gun and shadow scythe are both ready take them and make me proud son"

"Yes father"

"In light realm"

"The big battle for earth is about to begin and you are still training I know you want to help but since we had to heal your birth defect when you got here it took longer to train you and since twilight will need you to restore balance after Chaos is killed we cannot let you start the battle to soon please understand Haku"

"I understand mother I will keep training to stop the enshrouding darkness"

"I told you to stop calling me mom I am more like a best friend or adopted sister something like that when you call me mom it makes me feel old"

"But you"

"Don't finish that sentence I am only five million years old in earth years in my race I am sixteen just like you my sweet dear Haku"

"Fine I need to up my training then if I am to help the rangers and twilight fight"

"Yes lets up the gravity to one hundred times earth I know for a fact that twilight trained his pupil in one thousand earths normal gravity we need to catch you up"

On earth right when Zedd and Rita sent tengas putties and now their newest monster Overload a monster that was sent and made with the purpose of overloading the megazords with electricity and frying their circuits.

"Can you belive it zeddie we are about to destroy the rangers and take over the earth"

"I know my rancid pudding cup If your brother was good for one thing it was being absorbed by overload to make him stronger"

"I can't say I will miss him also Goldar was absorbed as well good riddance and with the help of Chaos we will win this world and then we join his army as generals and get to keep this planet as the generals who rule this quadrant of the universe"

"Yes and with it under our thumb and the rangers no more we can terrorize the humans and even kill some just for fun"

"Oh zeddie I forgot to tell you I am pregnant as well and since we are aliens I can already tell its a boy I think we should name him Thrax its a fitting name for a future prince of our kingdom don't you think my disgusting husband"

"It is indeed my repulsive wife Thrax it is then".

On earth with the rangers and a giant overload the megazord is destroyed

"Well rangers it is time for your deaths so that darkness and chaos may rule this world and soon the whole universe" "Electric blitz"

but before the electric attack could connect with the rangers a silver light appeared infront of the attack and said "Twilight shield mode" and a blinding light appeared out of the sphere blinding them for a few minutes when they opened their eyes they bugged out seeing another ranger in silver armor with what looked like a nearly invisible shield in front of them and himself.

"Who is the ranger in front of us" asked Tommy Oliver the White ranger.

"OH shit Oh shit Oh shit Rangers that is the Twilight ranger he was trained by the oldest triplet of kamis Twilight otherwise known as balance and if his ranger is here than that means that his only brother Chaos is up to his plan in taking over the universe which means Twilights ranger has ruling over you Tommy since you are the leader I assume that the Holy light ranger will appear soon as well as Chaos' ranger the Dark ranger which means that you all will be in for the fight of your lives."

The rangers were awestruck that there was other rangers out there with a shit load of power but what happened next floored them the Twilight ranger said "I call upon the power of Titanus and then he said Serpentara Arise".

The first major battle for earth had arrived and its only the beginning how will it turn out what zords will be in later chapters what weapons will they acquire now that Twilight Chaos and light are involved find out next time on Naruto the twilight ranger Part one chapter two