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~Ch1: How It Really Happened~


On the day the comet arrived, Katara and Zuko set off to the Fire Nation to prevent Azula from becoming Fire Lord.

Raising his hands holding the golden flame above the seated figure in front of him, the Great Sage announced to the empty courtyard, "By decree of Phoenix King Ozai, I now crown you Fire Lord-" The Sage stopped and looked out at the stone yard.

Azula whipped her head around, the loose strands of her hair flailing about, "What are you waiting for?" she spat, a venomous look upon her face, "Do it!"

When the sage continued to look out above her, Azula turned to see the Avatar's flying bison soar over the building at the far end of the yard. He landed with a thud on the stones in front of her. Her traitorous brother and the Waterbending peasant upon his back.

Zuko stood up on Appa's head, "Sorry," he said, no tone of regret in his voice, "But you're not gunna become Fire Lord today." he jumped off the bison's head, landing gracefully in front of him, "I am." A determined look was plastered upon his features as a rouge wind ruffled his clothes and hair.

Azula clutched her stomach and laughed, "Ahahahaha! You're hilarious." She gave him a look out of the corner of her eye that hinted at the madness swirling inside her head.

Katara took her place beside Zuko, a glare fixed on her face "And you're going down."

The Fire Sage motioned forward as if to place the golden flames into her top knot. She held up a hand to stop him. "Wait," she said, "You want to be Fire Lord? Fine. Let's settle this. Just you and me, brother." The menacing grin she had growing larger as she spoke, "The showdown that was always meant to be. Agni Kai! (*Author's note: JUST noticed that my name is part of the thingy! HA! Cool! Anyway! Back to the story!*) Azula's face lit up at the possibility of killing her brother.

Zuko gritted his teeth and Katara's glare deepened. "You're on." said Zuko, hate in his voice.

Katara's head whipped around to Zuko, a look of concern taking over her features. She knew that with the comet that Zuko's Firebending would be heightened, and she knew that he could hold his own against his sister, but something inside her was telling her that she did not want Zuko fighting Azula on his own. She brushed it off as motherly concern, even though Zuko was a good two years older than her.

Azula smirked at her brother's response. She had been beating his behind for years, this would be too easy for her.

"What are you doing?" said Katara, voicing her concern, "She's playing you! She knows she can't take us both so she she's trying to separate us!"

Zuko didn't shift his gaze from his sister, "I know. I can take her this time."

Katara continued trying to sway him, "But even you admitted to your Uncle that you would need help facing Azula!" something inside Katara did not want Zuko going it alone.

"There's something off about her," he said, catching the the glint in Azula's eyes, "I can't explain it but she's slipping." There was something else too, Zuko felt it inside him for Katara, above his stomach but not in his chest. More of an ache in his diaphragm than anything, "And this way, no one else has to get hurt." he turned to face Katara, seeing the shocked look upon her face turn into one of understanding and determination.

Zuko took his place at one end of the court yard, kneeling and facing away from his sister as she did the same on the other end. He sent up a quick prayer to Agni, praying that it all would end that day, that he could take down Azula, and, to his surprise, that Katara would not get hurt.

He slowly stood and turned to confront Azula, "I'm sorry it has to end this way, brother." She pulled off her robe and let it fall to the ground beside her. Her balance was off and her face had a crazed look fixed upon it.

A small breeze blew Zuko's hair, "No you're not." He kept his hands raised and ready for attack.

Azula popped her hip and swayed to the other, raising her hands as well. She looked at him with her forehead tilted forward, her hair blocking some of her vision.

Azula threw blue flames towards her brother, him jumping and meeting them with his own orange. They collided in the middle of the court raising high into the air then out to the sides.

They both released their flame at the same moment, allowing it to clear before Azula propelled herself into the air and jumped forward, blue flames protruding from her foot in midair before landing and swiping her hand in front of her with more fire. She brought her right foot up in a swoop and spun around then landed and threw a fire punch and Zuko.

Zuko deflected and threw offensive moves of his own, from above all that could bee seen of the palace was blue and red fire leaping about the courtyard. Many of the buildings nearby were on fire.

Zuko pulled his arms into his chest before throwing his arm out as if to punch. His fire was met with his sister's blue at the center of the yard. The flames exploded outward and upward, then continued to collide in the middle but allowing some to sneak by one the side. A jet of blue fire was streaming past Zuko, as was one of orange past Azula.

Zuko's foot began to slip, but Azula suddenly stopped, causing him to stop as well and regain his footing.

Flames leapt up the building behind Azula, she spun around to look at it, then back to her brother. A murderous look upon her face. She stepped forward, her mangled hair swinging in her face. She propelled herself forward on a stream of blue fire, she turned midair and slammed the pillar of fire down into the ground.

Zuko blocked the attack easily, turning the blue flames orange. Azula panted heavily on her end of the court yard, everything around her was in flames. Splotches of blue and red orange against the grey of the stone court. She grit her teeth at Zuko as he punched more flames at her.

She jumped out of the way just in time before using her fire to fly towards Zuko while throwing fists of blue at him. Zuko pushed himself off the ground using his own firepower, then whirled around to throw a fire whip at Azula. In a move like her own, he smashed a pillar of fire down toward her.

She dodged around it easily, still flying forward on her fire. She whipped around her brother, throwing blasts at him as she circled. All of which he blocked before throwing a couple fists of his own.

His sister continued around him, he threw himself down on the ground and twirled his legs around in a modified break-dancing move with fire coming from his feet in an outward movement toward his sister.

He landed back upright as his flames collided with Azula, causing her to stumble. She bounced across the stone yard several times before coming to a painful stop on her side. She got to her feet quickly, her hair completely freed of its topknot. It hung around her face madly as her brother taunted her, "No lightening today? What's the matter? Afraid I'll redirect it?" He emphasized his words with hand motions. Katara standing slightly behind him, ready at a moments notice to heal Zuko.

"Oh," Azula panted, "I'll show you lightening!" she threw her arms about summoning the electricity from the air around her. The blue light flashed across Zuko's features as he steadied himself with a deep breath.

Azula brought the lightening to her finger tips, he eyes zoning in on her brother. Zuko watched her carefully, ready, waiting.

Suddenly, her eyes shot to Katara, and she made the split second decision to shoot. She brought her hands in and released to toward Katara.

Zuko saw what she was doing, his eyes flying to the light from his sister's hands. A mantra began in his head, Don't let it hurt her, don't let it hurt her, don't let it hurt her. On and on in went and in that moment he knew what he had to do.

And he knew why he had to do it.

Zuko ran in front of the speeding light, "NO!" he took the lightening in through his fingers as he was flying in the air in front of Katara. It shot through his chest, frying him as he shot it into the air above him.

Katara saw him hit the ground, a look of shock still upon her face. She watched the man in front of her shake and twitch as electricity coursed through him. He curled into a fetal position before laying out flat as he saw the sky begin to fade black.

Katara screamed, pain ripping through her chest as he lay there, "Zuko!" she ran forward, to him. But she was cut of by blue fire from a cackling Azula. She swayed on her feet, as she approached Katara.

Zuko stirred on the ground, and Katara tried again to run towards him, water on her hands, prepared to heal, but blue cut her off again, causing her to sprint away from him once more.

Azula's wild laughter pierced the air as Katara took off. Blue fire licked her heals as she tumbled to a stop and spun, still crouching, to face Azula who had taken a perch on top of a nearby building.

Zuko knew he had to help Katara, he owed it to her. After betraying her in the caves under Ba Sing Se, he owed her. He reached his hand out to her, still sprawled on the ground, but he could not get up. His arm curled back in to his chest, hoping to ebb the pain, but to no avail.

Azula stood on the rooftop, summoning lightening to her fingertips, "I'd really rather our family physician look after little Zuzu if you don't mind!" With that, Azula sent a blast of lightening toward Katara who blocked it quickly with a wave of water, steam billowing in the air around her before Azula sent another two bouts of fire.

Katara dodged and ran toward the pillars behind her, taking cover as Azula threw more flames at her. She pressed herself against the stone, trying to be as small as possible. Flames chewed the ground around her, she looked over at Zuko over her shoulder. She felt the pain erupt in her chest again, it was almost immobilizing.

"Zuzu, you don't look so good!" Katara continued to look at Zuko, wishing there were some way that she could help him.

Azula conducted lightening toward her once more, making her run from her sheltered pillar. Toward the other end. She paused there, before looking around and finding a water supply. She bent the water into a swirl before pounding it into the roof where Azula was seconds before.

Where did she go? she thought, She was right there! She spun around to see Azula using her fire to fly over the building behind her. Katara ran from behind her column, bending the water again to surf on the ice. She slid along as Azula propelled herself after her on her jets. She threw a blast at Katara, melting the ice and making steam. But Katara kept going, surfing the ice, into another pillared area. She came to a halt on top of a grate where she could see a large water source.

She looked up, and, seeing a chain hanging from a torch, ran toward it. Azula clawed her way around the pillar, "There you are, filthy peasant!" Katara whipped around, chain in hand to see Azula coming closer.

Azula approached slowly, and Katara held her ground. When Azula stopped, Katara whipped out at her with water, causing Azula to drop and roll onto the grate in front of her. Katara immediately ran onto the grate where Azula was attempting to conjure lightening. Just as she was about to release, Katara bent the water up from the grate to freeze around them.

Azula looked around helplessly, unable to move. But Katara remained calm and blew out from her nose, liquefying the water around her so she could move. She wrapped the chain around Azula's hands before tying it to the grate below them. She released the water, around them and they both gasped for breath. She tightened the chains on Azula's wrists before running out to Zuko, praying to the Spirits it wasn't too late.

She turned him over carefully onto his back, she bent the water from her pouch onto her hands before placing them on the knew scar on Zuko's chest. Her hands turned blue and she closed her eyes in concentration. Zuko gritted his teeth in pain but opened his eyes, Katara met his gaze with a smile.

"Thank you, Katara." Katara felt tears slipping down her face as she said, "I think I'm the one who should be thanking you."

Katara helped Zuko stand, he leaned heavily on her as they approached Azula. The close proximity of them sent electricity through both their systems.

Azula flailed about, still chained to the grate as she screamed and breathed fire. Tears streamed down her face, as she sobbed heavily and flopped on the floor.

"I'm sorry, Zuko." whispered Katara, her hands still supporting him.

"Don't be," he muttered back, "I'll get her the help that she needs." they looked on as his sister continued to squirm. Eventually she seemed to realize that struggling was useless and she just lay there sobbing, exhausted.

"C'mon," said Zuko, sometime later, "Let's go, word should be coming soon about what happened." Katara nodded.

They turned away from Azula and walked back toward the palace, Zuko still leaning heavily on Katara. When they reached the palace, Zuko ordered some of the guards that were left to take Azula to the nearby high-security prison. She would receive the mental care that she needed there, but away from everyone so she couldn't hurt any one else.

Zuko led the way through the winding halls, to a room he remembered from the years before his banishment. When they reached the room, Katara laid him down on the bed where he promptly fell asleep. Katara curled up next to him and was out cold before her head hit the pillow


There was a knocking sound of flesh on metal, Zuko groaned and roused himself from his deep sleep. He sat straight up, but moaned again and leaned back on his arms. His chest still hurt, and he wrapped his arm around it as he threw his legs over the side of his bed to go to the door. He shuffled across the floor, not quite recuperated enough to walk straight again.

The knocking came again, "I'm coming, I'm coming," he finally made it to the door and opened it. There was a young guard, who looked into Zuko's face with fear and astonishment.

"Yes?" growled Zuko, not in a good enough mood to be civil yet.

The guard opened his mouth, "I- I-" he stuttered out, then he closed his mouth and spoke again, "Prince Zuko," he bowed, "Word has come from the Avatar, the battle was won in your favor, your father was defeated."

Zuko perked up immediately, it was over, finally it was over! "Katara!" he yelled over his shoulder, she stirred and Zuko looked back to the guard, "Thank you, you're dismissed."

Katara stirred in the bed, mumbling to herself as she sat up. When she realized where she was and how intensely Zuko was looking at her, she leapt up saying, "You should be laying down! Why did you get up?"

Katara walked over to him quickly and went to help him to the bed when he yelled, "Katara! We did it! It's over!" He picked her up in a fit of joy and spun her around before planting her back on the floor.

"What?" asked Katara, not understanding yet. Zuko hunched over to look her in the eyes, his hands coming up to cup her face, "Katara, the war's over, it's finally over! Aang did it!"

"He did? Is he okay? Where are the-" Zuko cut her worries off by bringing his lips to hers.

The kiss surprised them both at first, and their eyes shot open. But feeling the electricity between them ebb into the kiss, they deepened it and their eyes slowly fell shut.

Katara's heart thudded in her chest as her lips moved with Zuko's, she felt her hands snake up into his hair and take grip there. She raised herself up on her toes so he didn't have to hunch down so far. Zuko's hands went from her jaw, down her sides, to her waist, where he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up higher. The air around them seemed charged, as if someone was drawing lightening from it. The electricity zapped between their lips, shocking them.

The power ripping through them eventually calmed enough for them to come up for air. When they opened their eyes again, and saw just what happened, they jumped apart.

But as soon as Zuko did, he clutched his chest and fell to the floor, "Zuko!" screamed Katara. She ran over to him, rolling him over onto his back. His new scar looked raw, like something had been rubbing up against it, then she realized with a blush that it had been her who was rubbing against it.

She gloved her hand in water and pressed it against the pink star shaped scar, her hand glowed blue as she healed him again. When she has done as much as she could, she slipped her arms under his shoulders and the back of his knees and attempted to lift him off the floor. Somehow, she managed it and got him into to bed again.

When she made sure that he was safe in the bed, she popped her head out the door and asked the guard there for a supply of bandages. When he returned with them, she returned to Zuko and began wrapping it around his torso.

When finished, she sat by his side and waited for him to wake.


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