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The room was quiet for a bit after Allen relayed his story to the fellow two men sitting with him. Lavi wasn't able to blink for a minute, trying his best to fully grasp what had happened. It seemed that Tyki had led Allen on, making him think they were friends so that Allen could get taken advantage of. It made his stomach curl a bit. How was it that Allen had even opened up to him? He was glad the younger had, though. The dull lack of spark that had been making up his life for a majority of almost nineteen years had certainly been enlightened with the introduction to this white haired sociopath. After hearing all the details pertaining to Tyki and what he had done, he wished even more fervently to bring the twisted therapist to a certified justice. He looked over to Bak, who was sitting there calmly and appearing to be stirring all the contents he had been given around in that blond head of his until he found some sort of solution.

Allen was sitting completely soundless now, both hands shoved in his lap and his dull gray eyes observing the floor with more intensity than ever before. No one was speaking, so the awkward atmosphere was allowed to grow and accumulate into a dreadful cloud most likely causing no comfort to the smallest room member. Lavi softly stroked the soft strands hanging around his counterpart's face. Was it safe to say they were lovers? They had never slept together (That was still something Lavi wasn't ready to do, which probably worked for Allen too what with all his past experiences in that department), but they were most certainly close. He felt Allen lean into his hand and rub a little, the act so subtle it didn't even catch the eye of Bak. Still silence. It felt heavy and troublesome, but the red head was simply finding it impossible to say anything after all the information that had just passed his ears. What if he said the wrong thing? They were dealing with sexual assault, and it as no matter to be taken lightly.

"Have you told Komuii since then?" Bak spoke up.

Allen shook his head. He had moved a hand to grasp Lavi's gently, but still kept himself occupied with the floor.

"Have you ever told anyone else?"

Another shake of the head.

Bak sighed and leaned back, but a thumb and forefinger against his chin. "Well this may be difficult…"

"Are you saying it's hopeless?" Lavi blurted out without thinking. Even if this adult wasn't willing to try to find a way out for Allen, he still would. Allen was his. He'd do anything for him.

The oldest smirked and threw the eye patched delinquent a smoldering look. "I didn't say it was hopeless, now did I? It may take a while, but I assure you I will work my way around this one. I am brilliant after all."

Did he just call himself brilliant? What a cocky bastard…

"Well as long as you think you can help…" There was a slight bit of skepticism as to whether or not their new team add-on would actually be able to do anything, but any help was good help at this point. If he wanted to save Allen as he had promised, he wouldn't be able to do it alone. He had already experienced the outcome of his working alone first hand, and it had been an utter disaster. His leg twitched instinctively at the horrendous memory. Although… now that he though about it… This wasn't just Allen's fight anymore, was it? The man had laughed over him while he had been bleeding profusely, threatening to mock him until his last breath passed through formerly bluish lips. A heat of anger rose to his head. Tyki wanted him dead. That way he could get to Allen with no objections to fight him. He felt a little smug at the thought of how he was now an obstacle to the perverted man, and with Bak he would soon be able to put up supporting obstacles. Little by little, they would build a team and keep Tyki out.

Allen squeezed his hand a little on Lavi's, and the older squeezed back. Even if something happened to him, there was now another in the background who could take over after. Sure, if it was just them or just Bak alone against their therapist rival, chances would be quite slim, but as a combined unit situated in separated levels of the prison caste system fate was looking down a bit more brightly on Lavi and his quirky partner.

"Listen," Lavi addressed Bak with a serious tone.


"Make sure Tyki doesn't know anyone else is in on this other than me. Go and get other help, but do it so he doesn't notice until the last minute."

Bak Chan raised a questioning eyebrow. "Any particular reason?"

The oldest teen nodded slowly, then proceeded to cover Allen's ears. The younger tried to knock his hands off and look back, but the red head held on securely until Allen gave in and accepted he wasn't allowed to hear this bit. "If or when something happens to me, I want there to be a good fighting chance that Allen will be safe. If too many of us give up the fact that we are part of this operation, I fear he may make a drastic move and any progress we may make will be for nothing."

"Are you insinuating that something will happen to you?" Bak replied darkly.

"He's already made it clear he wants me gone." Lavi paused for a minute, making sure his palms were correctly placed so Allen couldn't eavesdrop. "If worst comes to worst, I am willing to go down fighting, whether that keeps me in here for life, or sends me to my execution. That man would have no trouble with killing me if he was able to get away with it properly, which as a therapist may be easily accomplished. I realize that by sticking with Allen I'm putting my life in danger, but I'm serious enough about his protection to take that risk. So, no matter what happens to me, make sure Tyki thinks I'm the only one siding with Allen. He can't suspect anyone else at any given time. Can you do this?"

The oldest male kept his normal vague expression and nodded sagely. "Am I hearing the finals words of a teenager's untimely death? Or the promises of an unsung hero?" He seemed to be saying it more to himself, so Lavi let it go.

He released Allen's head and immediately got a light smack on his right cheek. He was greeted by an angry looking Allen painted with confusion.

"Why wouldn't you let me listen?"

"It was just something I didn't want you to hear." The older of the two put on a light smile, trying to seem cheerful despite the grave details he had just relayed to Bak.

"Why not?" The snow cap didn't seem to be letting this one go.

"Just because."

"Lavi, tell me!"

"No, it's not important."

"We're together right?" Allen raised his voice and gripped both of Lavi's hands. "Then why won't you share things with me?"

"It was something he wanted to ask me personally," Bak cut in. "so if you're feeling a bit left out I apologize, but we can't afford to tell you."

Lavi watched as Allen grimaced and put his hands down softly. Beaten spoon colored eyes shifted in his direction and he felt like he was going to be swallowed up by the younger male's depths. He was leaving Allen in good hands on the likely chance of his demise. Was he really willing to die for him? A little twinge of regret pulled at the back of his brain, but it was overpowered by his determination for Allen. He was already this involved, and no matter what there was no way out. He had read stories where this kind of thing would happen, and he always wondered why the character would be so annoyingly devoted to their loved one. Now he felt he could relate though… Tyki was an evil man. Evil needed to be stamped out. In books and movies, the good guys always won, but this wasn't some kind of film or fable. This was his life, and it seemed relatively insignificant to the greater cause he had found in the one place he thought he would never find anything.

This was where he marked the true beginning of his personal battle against Tyki Mikk.


It took a couple of days for him to recover from the knife wound he had obtained in Tyki's closet enough to be brought back to Juvie Hall. A little over a week spent with Allen wasn't all bad though, in fact it was pretty relaxing and laid back. Bak had given his permission for Allen to visit the hospital on a regular basis with him, even going so far as to step out for some "fresh air" leaving the two with short periods of alone time. Those times were usually spent with Allen climbing into the white sheets with Lavi and whispering odd conversation topics into his boyfriend's ear. And by odd, he really meant it. Lenalee had dropped by at one point and gotten a book for Allen at some used shop, the topic of it being about dinosaurs (apparently the white haired wonder really loved dinosaurs). The gaining of this book had inspired a thirty minute conversation about how weird it was that pterodactyls had wings connected to their back legs. Lavi had given up trying to understand the exact nature of this topic and why it was so intriguing, but as per usual Allen wasn't one to let things he thoroughly enjoyed slip away from his mind.

"Lavi, did pterodactyls have feathers?"


"Did they have feathers? You know… Like chickens."

"How would I know? You're the one with the book."

"But this book is outdated…" Allen frowned at the cover and leaned on an open palm glumly. "I wish I had a better book… I like this one, but I want to know if pterodactyls have feathers…"

Lavi ruffled white hair none too gently. "We'll see if there's any way to Google it."

"Google?" Allen gave Lavi the most deadpan expression the red head had ever seen. "You sound like a dying fish."

How did he know what dying fish even sounded like? "No… It's a search engine… Like Bing…"

"That's a bell noise. Now you're just being dumb."

Trying to explain all these technology names was certainly a harsh pain in the rear. Apple, Blackberry, Windows…. Allen thought he was just talking about food or random household objects most of the time.

"How does music 'Shuffle'?"

"It just does…"

There was no hope in successfully describing these things, so on most occasions he just let Allen lead the conversation, despite how it usually lead to dinosaurs having feathers…

They weren't especially touchy, even when Bak would leave the room. Lavi liked to keep things kind of simple, and Allen seemed to be perfectly fine with it, or he didn't complain otherwise. A holding of hands here and there, sharing a blanket, rarely a kiss or too. The fact that Allen was a boy still made Lavi a bit uncomfortable. Yes, he loved Allen and everything about him, he just wasn't ready to touch everything on him. Initially he was straight, so having a relationship with a guy was going to take a lot more time to sink in all the way. He was willing to give everything up to Allen to make sure the young boy was happy, but unless he was asked specifically, he wasn't too keen on anything more than friendly company. It got scary where, on the rare occasions they WOULD end up making out, he'd feel a familiar tautness stir and he'd push Allen off of him for some space. It was definitely awkward, being in love with someone you didn't want to be with physically. It felt like something from that 'Twilight" bullshit… All this cuddly goop and not an ounce of pure rancid passion… He wasn't used to it. As long as Allen was wearing a smile, then he'd put up with these conflicting emotions and deal with them in their own time.

These times of peace wouldn't last forever as it would happen. Eventually Lavi had to return to the prison, and Allen full time along with him. He had almost been looking forward to it though, for being forced to stay in a hospital bed was far less than pleasant. Allen didn't seem entirely happy about such happy reunions with their cell and Kanda; he kept up a sour exterior and flinched at every sudden movement that would occur around him. Finally Lavi thought it appropriate the vocally notice the rather squeamish behavior.

"Al, you ok?"

"Huh? Uh… yes…"

"You don't look like it." He removed the hospital jammy bottoms he had been given and replaced his undressed (with the exception of his boxers, Allen was in the room after all) form with the awaiting jumpsuit he had come to be impartial to. "Come on, just tell me what's bugging you."

"You have to go back…" The younger boy slumped against the wall and frowned deeply. "Back to where Tyki is…"

Lavi smiled as best he could, trying to provide a stable comfort ground for his friend. "You worried about that? I'll be fine."

"But last time-" Allen started but shut his mouth and looked away. "What if something happens…? What if Tyki… I don't want you to get hurt for me, please…"

The red head zipped up the remainder of his suit and walked over to Allen, gripping his left shoulder and rubbing the arm gently. The white headed male blushed and seemed to melt a bit. "Why are you touching this arm…?"

"Because I can." Lavi stated. He had come to realize that any touch he applied to Allen's left arm was followed up by this cute reaction.

"But you've seen it… You know…" Allen brushed the hand still on his arm with care. "You know what it looks like… Why are you…?"

"Got you distracted, didn't I?" The older grinned and patted his partner's cheek good naturedly before resuming to put the socks he had gotten from the hospital in a little satchel thing. Good socks were hard to come by in prison, that's what the tabloids don't tell you. Allen blushed deeper and gave Lavi a right good punch in the shoulder.

"You're mean!"

"You're gullible."


Allen stuck out his tongue and ran out of the room, only to bump into Bak.

"What's going on here, some kind of lover's quarrel?"

"Lavi's just a meanie." Allen muttered before returning to the room and huffily seating himself in a chair beside the bed. He opened up his dinosaur book again and read with a pout.

Lavi zipped up the little pack and stretched luxuriously. "Time to leave I guess?"

"Pretty much." The blond man propped the door open before leaning against it. "Komuii's back in the building now, and I think it's only fair to warn you, but I told him what's been going on."

There was a durable pause between the two teens. Now that Komuii knew… was there anything he could do? It was going to be a bit strange to return to the prison and have to talk to the eccentric Chinese man about the year and a half long turmoil Allen had been fighting. The younger's hands fumbled with a button to the point where the center one popped off. He jumped in surprise at the little plastic piece's upsetting betrayal.

"So we should probably head out to your car now, right?" Lavi did his best to cut through the thick tension condensing around them.

Bak nodded and stepped away, expecting the other two to follow in his footsteps. Allen pushed off from the wall and grabbed onto Lavi's sleeve, walking along the taller red head in near perfect sync.

"I don't wanna go back…" He whispered shakily.

"It's ok, Al. We won't let anything happen to you."

"It's not me…" He stopped, letting go of his counterpart. "Lavi…"

"Nothing's gonna happen. Come on, Bak's waiting." He tugged the smaller male along so that they could make it to the car without any more distractions. There was definitely a weird premise surrounding the two boys now, each one not sure what to say to comfort or convince the other. The red head slipped his hand into Allen's like always, except this time Allen seemed pretty much dull to the touch. Why was he being like this? Lavi let out a sigh, not knowing how to get Allen to be sure he'd be fine.

Things weren't much better in the car either. Bak wasn't much for conversation. When he did talk it was mostly to brag or reminisce about some chick he kept talking about name Fou or something… Really it made no sense. Allen kept his gaze out the window, Lavi kept his on Allen. They had made their first move, and now word would get around about Tyki hopefully… But there was still such a long way to go. Who knew if they would even be able to get any others on their side? Would Bak and Komuii be enough? Grimacing, Lavi suddenly thought about whether or not Lenalee would know since her brother knew. He was kind of hoping that the ridiculous girl would just stay out of it. Seeing how he didn't want Tyki finding out other people knew and Lenalee was a bit of a blabber mouth… There would just be no good outcome to her being in on it.

It was only about a ten minute drive from the hospital back to the Hall, but the overall silence between Lavi and Allen made it seem quite a bit longer. Bak yacking away didn't help in the least, but there was no point in telling him to shut up since he came off as the kind who would just keep going with it. Lavi felt a heavy stone-like aura dwelling in the pit of his stomach. Was this fear? He had never been around someone who had legitimately wanted to kill him before… Sure when he first came to this place, he was fairly certain someone would eventually want him dead. But he figured that they would get haggled before being able to get to him. Now he was dealing with a well-respected adult who liked little kids… The whole situation was, in its own right, kind of fucked up. Ok, really fucked up. Therapists weren't supposed to go around and emotionally damage their patients. In fact that was the complete opposite of their use… Would Allen be ok? Seeing how if they won and Allen was let free, they'd probably send him to a therapist… It seemed a bit counter productive in this case.

His thoughts scrambled when he saw where they were heading. It wasn't to the cell as he had hoped, but instead directly to Komuii's office. Shit… So soon? Allen grabbed the back of his shirt, and he could sense the tremors going through the younger boy's body. He plucked the smaller hand off and grasped it in his own, learning from experience that it helped in scenes like this one. His own heart was barreling into his rib cage consistently at a rate he didn't even fathom imaginable. Would Komuii actually help? Would he blow them off? Would he even believe them?

He held his breath subconsciously as Bak opened the door and stood aside so the two troubled teens could walk in. On the opposite side of the wall sat the Supervisor himself, and next to him the regiment force guard, Howard Link. Link had his usual blank military expression, and the taller Chinese man was wearing one of an unreadable script. He could feel the sweat dripping from Allen's hand into his own… The tension was wiring itself into a thick, tight spring ready to snap at the drop of a hat.

They stood there awkwardly, not sure whether to sit down or start the topic at hand. Komuii stood up and walked over to them, looking from one to the other and then letting out a huge sigh.

"You two are more trouble than you're worth."

Lavi laughed nervously and Allen (probably taking it literally) hung his head. It helped make things a bit less strict in the room, the red head being thankful to the older man's sense of humor.

"You ok?" Komuii turned to Lavi, taking him in from head to two.

"My leg's still stiff and a bit sore, but other than that I'm ok…" He shifted so there was more weight on his good leg than the injured one.

"How about you?" He turned to Allen and put a hand on his shoulder.

"I-I was only at the hospital to visit Lavi…" The shaky kid was looking like something similar to a fluffy haired Pomeranian. Being the shortest person in the room was probably no help.

"No…" Komuii twisted his mouth in an irked expression. "I mean… about Tyki…"

"Oh!" Allen turned tomato red and fidgeted with the area where his button had fallen off from. "Uh… well.. I don't… It's… um…"

The boy had his shoulder pat before the Supervisor moved to a file cabinet and removed a choice folder colored a fainted manila. He walked back and waved it in front of Lavi's nose. "Do you know what this is?"

"Tyki's file?" It was just a guess, but he was pretty good at guessing.

"Exactly." The man's face was serious as he opened it and looked through. "It's pretty much clean with the exception of a molestation charge that was won in his favor. If we open a case about him with similar charges, we may have a bit of a chance here. Especially with me and Bak working together, one therapist's word may be worth less to two Supervisors."

Lavi nodded understandable. He noted on how Komuii used the words "may" and "maybe" a lot… Obviously they were biting off a little more than they could chew. He grit his teeth slightly. Even if these adults wouldn't help, he had already decided to go through with this. There had to be some way out of this…

"If my word is worth anything," Link stepped in, raising a polite hand, "But I happened to see a bit of the turmoil from when Bookman Jr. and Mikk were fighting over Walker. Perhaps I could offer my position as a witness."

"Kanda offered something similar, along with a few other prisoners." Bak chimed in.

Lavi looked up and his throat constricted a little in disbelief. How many people were aware of what had happened? How many were willing to help them? He thought this prison was just filled with pricks and bullies… "Why are so many people willing to jump into this?" he inquired.

Komuii leaned against his desk and rubbed his neck. "According to them, they've always felt that Tyki was a little too 'rapey' for comfort. They're afraid one of them might be next if something isn't done about it."

The red head clicked his tongue. Of course. They didn't really care about Allen, they were just worried about their own hides. Oh well, as long as people were willing to make a statement…

"Perhaps we should start putting up some form of security cameras in the therapist's room and Walker's sector, therefore getting some form of evidence…" Link scratched his temple apprehensively.

"That would mean putting Walker up to bait," Bak put a hand up for Lavi, who had started bristling a the remark, "Hold it, Junior. We're not gonna do it. But cameras wouldn't be a bad idea, in case he gets a hold of Walker again."

"You're insinuating he's going to get Allen again." Lavi grounded out. "We should put up some kind of better defense for him, that way Tyki can't get to him at all!"

"But then we would come off as suspicious." Bak retorted briskly, "And if I recall, you're the one who wanted Tyki not to know about any of this until the defining moment."

The eye patched delinquent's head filled with a heavy heat and he glared at the ground. In one case, he was putting Allen in danger of being assaulted again. In the other case, he'd have to risk giving up their plan and giving Tyki a head start to go and speak out against them. The whole time the four older men were debating, Allen was hiding behind his boyfriend's back, keeping his face buried between the shoulder blades. Lavi grimaced. This must be hard on Allen… Finally a step of hope to get him out of this dilemma and outside to the real world, but the shot were slim and having people know about something that personal may be coming off as a bit embarrassing for the boy. If he wasn't so actively engaged with the current discussion, he would have turned around and hugged Allen as tightly as humanely possible, telling him everything would be ok and that they'd get through this. But for now, Allen would have to be pleased with the protective back of his partner.

"Alright, so are we in agreement for installing cameras?" Komuii looked up from whatever deep consultations he was having with himself.

"Sounds good." Bak agreed.

"Who are we going to have install them though?" The taller of the two blonds in the room, in this case Link, ran a hand over his outdated braid.

"Oh…" the stand-in Supervisor put a thumb and forefinger to his face again, this appearing to be his way of signaling he was in deep thought.

"If we want to stay under cover, we won't be able to have anyone professional put them in…" Komuii stated.

The official red head of the group grinned and jabbed his thumb into his chest like an overexcited moron. "Guys, I got in here for hacking an FBI server. You really think I won't be able to hook up some cameras?"

"That would be perfect actually!" Komuii beamed at the idea. "The fact is, Tyki thinks you're still in the hospital right now, and while you were gone we let Allen stay in here so he wouldn't have to go back to being by himself… That way we can keep Allen safe and keep you out of view for the most part while you secretly install them!"

Bak snapped out of his daze and looked up to Lavi, eyeing him carefully. "You may be even more brilliant than myself…"

Allen peered out from behind Lavi's back, nervously looking at each taller individual. "So I can stay here still?"

"Certainly." Komuii responded.

Link headed for the door, calling back on his way out: "I'll alert the other guards to be on the watch for Mikk when I'm not around. I'll tell them to keep to themselves, and just call me, therefore keeping his attention away."

Lavi could feel the adrenaline start to pump through his veins. So far it was five against one, and whichever inmates were willing to speak out against the madman causing this grouping. When the time was right, they would strike and put Tyki Mikk behind some bars of his own.


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