Author's Note:

This one takes place at the very end of Episode 11: When the Levee Breaks. So it basically has spoilers for all of Season 1. I'm thinking it will have specific spoilers for Ep 11 and for Ep 7 Communication Breakdown.

I'm sorry for any resemblance to anyone else's fan fictions, it's completely unintentional. There are some really great fics out there I can't help it if any awesomeness leaks into my brain.

I have a plan for this, (rating is for later chapters) but I'm not sure how long it will end up being. Here's the prologue. I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: Obviously, if I'm on fanfiction, I don't own this stuff.

"Ben!" she shouted his name repeatedly to no avail. All she could do was hold him while he died. Time slowed and nothing made sense. She couldn't hear anything; she could barely breath. The world around her was blurry, not real. He was all that existed. She felt his grip on her arm loosen and she knew that they couldn't save him.

This was the man she loved, and all she could do was hold him in her arms while he died. She stayed there frozen as the helicopter landed. Everything was a blur as someone tried to take Ben away from her. She screamed and clawed and fought with them to keep him, until she realized they were doctors trying to help him. But she knew that there would be no help.

Ben was dead. She had finally let him back into her heart only to have him ripped away so suddenly. Someone wrapped a blanket around her shoulders as she heard one of the doctors state "time of death…" she didn't even register the time. Icicles stabbed through her chest.

What did the time matter anyway? He was dead, gone, never to return. This time he didn't just leave her in the middle of the night. He was gone for good. Her heart still pounded in her ears and someone was shouting at her. She didn't respond. She just sat there until they pulled her to her feet.

There was someone in her face shaking her.

"Annie! You have to snap out of it! We need to get Sabine out of here." It was Jai. Something clicked in her. She literally snapped out of it. She pushed Jai away from her. He was the last person she felt like talking to at the moment.

"You take him." She said firmly. I'll find my own way home." He gave her a skeptical look, but her death glare prevented him from asking any more questions.

With that she turned and walked away confidently pulling her cell phone out of her pocket and throwing it at the ground hard enough to smash it.

"Oh and tell Joan I'm taking the rest of the week off." She shouted back to him without turning around.

I hope that grabbed your attention. I know it's short but I already have more written and it will be up soon.