Ties That Bind

By Tenshi Chupip

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or its characters

A soft snore escaped the lips of the unconscious, and unsuspecting, blond man stretched out on his bed. From the door frame of his bedroom several sets of young eyes watched him, trying to suppress their mischievous giggles. With a nod from the oldest of them, three children sprinted across the room and dove on the to the bed, startling the slumbering man.

"Daddy, wake up!" squealed one of the children.

"Mummy says your have to get up! Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny have been here for a long time already and everyone else is gonna be here in two hours and the back garden isn't set up yet!" exclaimed another.

"Can we help set up the grill again, Uncle Dudley?" exclaimed the third.

Dudley forced his eyes open to give a half scowl at the three small demons that had ripped him rather unceremoniously from his peaceful sleep. Looking at the clock he groaned loudly and forced himself to sit up while the offending imps all laughed and ran from the room. He could hear them shouting down to his wife and their company that he was now awake. Unable to convince himself it was actually vital to remove himself from the inviting mattress, Dudley flopped back down to the beckoning of his soft pillow.

Last night had been a long one. Not only had he been forced to stay late at the pub but from the moment he got home until the time he crawled into bed, at the god awful hour of 4 am, he had spent helping Rose get the house ready for today's party. The party started several years ago as a way to send Teddy off to Hogwarts in high spirits. It ended up becoming something of a tradition and now served as a mid summer family reunion of sorts when there wasn't a child going to Hogwarts for the first time the following fall. Two years ago they threw one for Alyssa and James. Last year is was for another fleet of Weasley children his exhausted brain was disinclined to remember. This year it was for Harry and Albus. It also just happened that little Harry and Albus' birthdays were two weeks apart in July so their parents decided to kill two birds with one stone by putting up birthday decorations along side the Good Luck decorations. The two boys were very close and down right giddy to have a giant party just for them.

"You know Rose is going to kill you if you don't get up in the next thirty seconds, right?" a far to cheerful voice came from the doorway.

Dudley craned his eyes back open and groaned before pulling the pillow over his head. He hadn't had nearly enough sleep to find the smirk his cousin was giving him amusing. Harry Potter leaned against the door frame, having been ordered up here by both their respective wives, to make sure Dudley actually got up.

A muffled "Go away" came from under the pillow. Harry chuckled and pulled out his wand. A quick flick sent the comforter and pillows flying across the room. Dudley sat up, unamused.

"Ever told you you're a right wanker in the morning?" he said as he got up and dragged himself to the large bathroom that adjoined the bedroom.

"Yes, but seeing as it's actually afternoon I'll let the insult slide," Harry said. "Sorry I wasn't able to give you a hand last night. Would have, but we had an emergency at the ministry and I ended up staying till after midnight sorting through suspect files."

"Oh sure, use a real excuse," Dudley chuckled. "Hand me that will you?"

Harry grabbed the fresh towel from a near by laundry basket and tossed it to his cousin.

"Oh good, was hoping you were going to shower," Harry teased. "You smell like a hippogriff."

"Yeah, yeah, bite me, Four Eyes," Dudley fired back and he closed the door of the bathroom. "Go tell my wife to call off the hounds, I'm up and I'll be down in a bit."

"Will do," came his reply.

Dudley turned on the shower and let the water warm up as he stripped off his night clothes and dump them into a nearby hamper. Testing the temperature, Dudley stepped inside and let the heat from the water beating against his back wake him up. He was soaping up his hair when a heart felt smile broke across his face. So much had changed in the last seven years. He and Harry had become more brothers then cousins and Rose and Ginny practically read each others minds now they spent so much time together. That was of course partly due to Ginny and her sister in law Hermione having made it their personal mission to catch Rose up on the magical education she had been forced to miss out on in her youth. But still, one having grown up with only brothers and the other two having each grown up as only children, Ginny, Rose and Hermione clung to one other as though they really were sisters.

If Harry's forgiveness had been the only thing he had gained over the past several years Dudley could have spent the rest of his life happy. After that night in Godric's Hollow however, their whole lives turned upside down in the best sort of way.

By the time Lily made her grand entrance into the world, the Durlseys had been introduced to and practically adopted by the entire Weasley clan. Molly Weasley had taken one look at little Harry and Alyssa and was hook line and sinker in love. She immediately claimed grandmother rights and engulfed the whole family into her own. Not long after Lily's birth, Rose shared the joyous news that she was pregnant again. Nine months later twins Holly and Hadden made their appearance. Now at five years old, and both having been showing magical ability since the age of two, it was all their parents could do to keep the little imps out of trouble. They were prone to levitating the cat, blowing up the garden or putting things in their older sister's shampoo that made her hair turn a different color every ten minutes for an hour... Dudley had a feeling Fred and George had been behind that one.

Come to think of it those two men were behind most of the interesting things that happened at the Dursley house. They seemed determined to mold Holly and Hadden into miniature versions of themselves. It had gotten so bad that not only were they patted down by their respective wives plus their mother before visiting, but they were also patted down once they got there. Yet still the two men managed to keep sneaking things from their joke shop into the hands of their not so innocent adopted niece and nephew.

According to Harry and Ron it was only a testament to how much the two childish men cared. They saved their worst pranks for the ones they loved. Dudley wasn't sure they were telling the truth or just trying to keep him from killing Fred and George for the time they charmed his car to fly when he shifted into second gear.

The true realization however of just how much the ginger hoard had actually come to view them as part of their family came with the birth of his youngest son, Issak. The youngest Dursley child was brought into the world nine weeks premature through an emergency c-section. At thirty one weeks, the tiny baby only weighed three pounds eleven ounces and his lungs were not fully developed. This meant a long and expensive stay in the hospital. Dudley wanted to stay by Rose and Issak's sides but he was forced back to the pub to make sure he could pay for Issak's care. There was also the pressing matter of taking care of their other four children.

After weeks of trying to balance everything on his own Dudley finally reached his breaking point. One night after a particularly rough time at work, and an even rougher time wrestling the twins into bed, the news came that Issak was having some severe breathing complications and would be lucky to survive the night. He couldn't leave the other children at home alone so Dudley was forced to sit at home and twiddle his thumbs while he wife sat alone by their son's side as he fought for his life. For the first time in many years, Dudley sat down on the floor and wept. He knelt next to his bed and prayed for a miracle.

That miracle showed up an hour later and came in the form of a plump red haired woman toting a hot container of homemade soup and freshly baked biscuits.

Dudley finished rinsing his hair and chuckled remembering the tongue lashing he received that night. The same woman who made him a cup of tea and held him as he cried, had also scolded him like he had never been scolded before.

"Dudley Vernon Dursley, I'd to box your ears if I weren't so furious! If you needed help why didn't you say anything? You know all you had to do is ask and anyone of us would of popped over right away to help. I swear you are just as pig headed and stubborn as that cousin of yours! Spent half his years at Hogwarts nearly getting himself killed just by not asking for help. Is excessive pride a family trait or something? I swear I have half a mind to turn you over my knee, young man!"

Dudley let out a laugh at the memory. If there was a woman alive today that could probably turn him over her knee it was Molly Weasley. He remembered just sitting at the kitchen in utter shock listening to the older woman rant at him while she cleaned his kitchen at the same time. Not once did she take a breath and Dudley couldn't help wondering if she was going to pass out from lack of oxygen. The thought was followed by wondering how in the hell she had even found out they were having trouble in the first place. He hadn't even told Harry how bad things were.

Turned out that Alyssa had been awake when he broke down and not knowing what else to do, the little girl had sneaked out of bed to floo for help. She couldn't stand listening to her daddy be so sad. Dudley smiled fondly as he thought about his oldest daughter. He of course loved all his children equally, but Alyssa was special. She had the biggest heart of anyone he knew, and never hesitated to show her kindness to anyone. A slight mischievous streak in her made her fit right in with the rest of the Potter and Weasley children.

Molly, and later Arthur, had sat with Dudley all night giving him the shoulders he needed to cry on right then. Morning brought the news that Issak had pulled through and would be just fine. He could still remember the feeling of utter relief he felt that following morning.

From that night on, and for the three months it took Issak to get strong enough to come home, Molly was over every single day cooking, cleaning and making sure the other children's needs were met. She sometimes even stayed the night to make sure Dudley could be at the hospital. Whenever he tried to help her she would shoo him away, insisting she missed cooking for a fleet of children since of her's were now grown and gone. When he had to be at work, Harry, Ginny or Hermione would sit with Rose at the hospital. There was never not some member of the Weasley or Potter family present at his house even long after Issak was able to come home. Arthur would often visit as well although Dudley had a hunch it was more because he wanted to tinker with the microwave than anything else.

After Issak was released from the hospital, everyone thought it was a perfect occasion to celebrate. Not wanting to be far from the hospital just in case, they threw the party at the pub, being that it was the only place actually big enough for everyone. It was a huge event, and even Petunia showed up to celebrate her grandson's miraculous recovery.

Fred and George instantly fell in love with the pub, and chastised Harry and Ron for hours over not bringing them here sooner. They loved it so much that not only did they start becoming weekly patrons, but they got the brilliant idea that he needed to expand the pub into a chain and open another two next their shops in Diagon Alley, and Hogsmeade. Dudley wasn't sure a place filled with shelves upon shelves of alcohol should even be in the same zip code as some of the things the twins sold at their shop but he agreed to open one in Hogsmeade to see if it was worth extending the pub further. Dudley learned early on that once the Weasley twins got an idea in their minds, very little will sway them from it. Being successful business men themselves, they offered to help cover the opening costs in the agreement that they got to hire the manager.

It turned out to be a huge success. With the Weasley Twins endorsement, and a little bit of name dropping about the owner's famous cousin, witches and wizards flocked to the pub by the hundreds. With in six months he and Rose had to open two more places just to keep up with demands. To cut down on travel time, all four pubs plus their home were connected by floo. Being non magical Dudley wasn't sure at first if he was going to be able to use it. Once again he turned out to be wrong. Apparently muggles could indeed use the floo network as it was really the powder that made it work. All the pubs fireplaces plus their home were connected, complements of Percy Weasley.

Fred and George handed the job of manager to their old school mate Lee Jordan. This turned out to be an even more brilliant idea then Dudley originally thought. Lee was not only incredibly popular with the customers and an excellent host, but he was a financial genius and quickly got all of the paper work and record books squared away. Something that Dudley and Rose had spent years just trying to keep up with, Lee mastered in two weeks.

A loud banging on the bathroom door pulled Dudley out of his reminiscing.

"Dudley!" Harry's voice came through the wood door. "Your wife sent me to tell you, and I quote, 'If you are not dry, dressed and down stairs in less than five minutes I will kill you with a spoon and hide your body in the woods'."

"I'm done, I'll be down in a second. Tell the mad bloody woman to put the tableware down," Dudley called back as he switched off the water and grabbed the towel.

"Well don't come out until I leave, I don't fancy a peek at mini Dudley," Harry laughed.

"Ain't nothing mini about him, Mate," Dudley smirked.

"And that's my cue to leave. Seriously though Rose is going to murder you if you don't hurry up."

"Two minutes, time me."

"Starting now, Duds," Harry's voice faded as he left the bedroom.

Dudley chuckled and quickly toweled off. Tossing it into the hamper he had thrown his clothes into, Dudley went to the end of the giant bathroom where the custom built walk in closet was. Dudley grinned with pride as he ran his hand over the wood frame that he and Harry had installed not more than a year ago.

The expansion of the pub had made Dudley a rich man... a very rich man as a matter of fact.

Shortly after Issak's first birthday, he and Rose decided it was finally time to find a bigger place. The three bedroom suburban home just wouldn't fit their family of seven anymore. Add to that the fleet of people who were constantly parading through the house, the choice was not a hard one to make. The idea of living where they didn't have to constantly worry about muggle neighbors questioning the strange things that happened around their house was also very appealing. One to many conversations with the cranky lady next door about why her cat kept coming home in various shades of pink and green was more than enough to convince them to leave.

It only took about three weeks before a place just fell into their laps. Harry and Ginny got them in touch with an old acquaintance of theirs who just so happened to be a very successful real estate agent in both wizard and muggle properties. Danco Maloy or something like that. Dudley always did have a hard time remembering his name. He found them a five bedroom, three bathroom farm house located a few hours outside of London. The house came with a barn, four and a half acres of garden, an apple yard, and another four and a half acres of woodlands. Best part: Not a soul around for miles. It was perfect, and the price was too good to pass up. Dudley and Rose signed the papers that same day.

The house however was a little old so before they could move in, it needed a bit of remodeling. Pipes needed fixing, windows had to be replaced and some of the walls would required new insulation. Carpeting would also not go amiss.

What should have taken months and thousands of pounds, paid to a crew of people he didn't know, ended up turning into two extended weekends that only cost him a few hundred in food for the people he loved. Every last Potter and Weasley had come out to help clean put and update the house.

Another project included clearing two acres of the woods. The group divided the wood from the clearing into three parts. The first part they used to patch up the barn, which they now used for parties when the weather did not cooperate. The second part they used to make a guest house. The rest had been chopped and stacked in the barn. All the fireplaces on site would have roaring fires in them for many winters to come. In the furthest part of the clearing, Ron and Harry put in a small quidditch pitch as a surprise. To say all of the children were thrilled would be an understatement. Little Harry had been receiving flying lessons from his cousins and couldn't wait to be taught how to play Quidditch. Dudley inwardly smirked to himself. Being friends with and related to wizards was so much better than he thought it was as a kid.

Dudley pulled on a pair of jeans before choosing a shirt. He smiled to himself, proud of how much work everyone had put into the house and land. Thanks once again to the beauty of magic, in addition to all the fixing up, Harry had found them a wizarding contractor to almost completely remolded the house. The kitchen was expanded and a third floor was added to the house along with three extra bedrooms and four extra bathrooms. Rose had been lamenting for years about no longer having a bathroom attached to their room like she'd had at her parents home in the states. So being the amazing husband that he was, Dudley got them to conjure a large bathroom and attach it to their bedroom.

Originally Dudley had only planned on two additional bathrooms; a private one connecting the guest rooms and a private one for Alyssa. Rose had insisted that a young woman needed her privacy.

However once little Harry found out he demanded a private bathroom of his own. Then the twins wanted one too! In the end they settled on four extra bathrooms, private ones for Alyssa and Harry, and two for the guest rooms. To avoid further argument a promise was made to the twins that once they started Hogwarts they could have a private bathroom as well. It seemed to pacify the youngsters but it was a very long conversation. One that left Dudley cursing Rose's lingering American ideals. The entry way of the house was also expanded and enlarged, as were all of the closets. A decision that also made Alyssa down right giddy. The only thing that topped it was for her was when she discovered they were getting a library. Dudley had no idea his daughter could squeal that loudly. After three weeks of work though everything was done and the Durlseys finally moved into their dream home. A home that they opened up as often as possible to the people that helped give it to them.

Pulling a dark blue t-shirt over his head, Dudley quickly slipped on some trainers before racing down stairs as fast as possible. He had to hurdle over three kids and dodge another two to get to the kitchen, but he made it with time to spare.

"Told you he was still alive," Harry grinned at Rose. Harry sat at the table working on what appeared to be wrapping gifts while Issak played under the table with his boots. The shoe strings were charmed to retie themselves and the two year old was having a grand time pulling them loose and watching them tie themselves back up.

"Cutting it a little close there, Love," she glared at Dudley.

"In my defense I had an incredibly long night. You did too for that matter," Dudley yawned. "How are you so awake right now?"

"A special pepper up potion Ginny brought me from a shop in town," she said. "I believe it's technical term is Triple Shot Espresso with chocolate."

"Where's mine then?" Dudley pouted.

The red head on the other side of his wife put down her knife and handed him a mug full of what smelled like home brewed, albeit fresh, coffee.

"Chocolate sauce is in the fridge," she gave him a cheeky grin and went back to chopping potatoes.

"Your heartless the pair of you, you know that right?" he teased, and made his way over to the refrigerator.

"Oi, be happy we made you coffee at all," Rose teased back. "Only reason we took pity on you at all was because Hermione told us what happened at the London pub last night."

Dudley groaned loudly as he reached for the bottle of chocolate and gave his mug a generous dose. One thing he had learned very early on in his relationship with the Weasleys was never under any circumstance mess with and or challenge Fred and George. Horrible things would befall you. Many years ago he, Harry and Ron decided to pull a muggle prank on the twins. Simple in execution but embarrassingly hysterical none the less. The prank went off with out a hitch and caught the twins completely off guard. It had been perfect!

Until they retaliated that is.

He could say that the two hours of laughter he, Ron and Harry had gotten out of seeing the looks on their faces was worth it, but it would be a lie. A terrible out right lie. To this day Dudley still flinched when ever he saw a flock of geese or jello, and the three men vowed to never speak of it ever again. Not even their wives knew exactly what happened.

Last night Dudley had been working the pub in London when the twins swaggered in to take up their usual seats at the bar. They were tucking into their third drink each when a loud and rude customer started harassing their favorite waitress, Sarah. Pranksters and goof balls the two men may be, but every last Weasley boy was taught one thing above all else; Woman were not to be treated poorly.

Period, end of statement. Ignoring this was the quickest way to get under a Weasley man's skin.

The way the man was talking to Sarah would have made a porn star blush, never mind the naturally shy waitress. She mustered up enough courage to tell him to knock it off or she'd call over the owner. She even told him she was recently engaged, but that only seemed to encourage him. After his eighth drink, his behavior was so out of control that he actually grabbed Sarah and pulled her into his lap. That was the straw that broke the dragons back, and both Fred and George bolted out of their seats to Sarah's defense. It ended in a massive brawl between the twins, the man, and his three friends they hadn't noticed.

Sarah had come running to the back room screaming for help. Dudley had to get every male on staff just to break up the fight, only calming down the twins with the threat of calling their wives. As the rude man and his friends were being hauled off the property he was screaming threats of a law suit. Dudley wasn't worried about it much though. He had the best lawyer in Britain.

The door bell rang and he peeked his head out to look down the hallway.

'Ah, and there she is now,' he smiled and went back to sipping his coffee.

"I got it!" Alyssa came running and opened the door. She squealed with excitement as she launched herself at the bushy haired witch standing there, nearly knocking her over.

"Aunt Hermione!" she hugged the older woman tightly

"Hello, Lyssa," Hermione laughed and hugged back.

"Where's Uncle George?" the curious thirteen year old stuck her head out of the door and looked around.

"Right here!" a grinning red haired man practically bounced up the front steps with a present under each arm. He dropped the brightly wrapped boxes on a bench in the entry way and caught the girl up in a big hug that lifted her off the ground. "How you doing, kiddo?"

"I'm doing great," she said returning his hug. "Oh! Guess what, Uncle George! Remember those cookies you sent me and James at school? They worked! James totally..."

"I uh... I have no idea what you're talking about, Alyssa," the ginger man said, setting the preteen on the ground. He pretended to not notice the venomous glare his wife was giving him. "What cookies?"

"The Critter Cookies you sent us? You said if we..."

"Aw children, they say the silliest things," George laughed nervously and covered Alyssa's mouth with his hand. "Such fun aren't they? We really should have some of our own one day."

George gave his wife a brilliant 'please don't kill me' smile as she rolled her eyes and made her way towards the kitchen.

"Why bother? I already have to take care of the biggest child in existence," she shot over her shoulder.

George let out a sigh of relief, "Phew, dodged that bludger... Alright Squirt, I believe we agreed on ten galleons. But first I want to know if there were any side effects, and would it just be safer to go home now? If my dear baby sister doesn't know what happened, and James was a good sport about the whole thing, I'll be willing to do fourteen galleons if it meant we kept this little experiment just between us."


"No way, Runt, that's theft."

"We have to split the profit, seven galleons a piece is hardly fair for what poor James and I had to endure after eating those cookies. The tail didn't go away for over twelve hours, even after the fur disappeared, and James was molting feathers for days," Alyssa shrugged, a clear blackmail gleam in her eye.

"Well tough, because seven is all you're going to get..."

Alyssa crossed her arms and smirked at the older wizard, "Oh, Aunt Giiinnnny..."

"Alright, alright, how about twenty? What do you say to twenty galleons?"

"Forty and I'll give you written detailed notes on what happened."

"Thirty-five, you give me details and you take an oath to deny you ever saw those cookies."


"You sure you weren't sorted in to Slytherin?" George grumbed and fished out his wallet.

"Ravenclaw isn't just a house of boring eggheads, Uncle George," Alyssa chuckled.

"You're good kid, you're real good," George didn't bother hiding the proud grin he had. "Don't forget, you never saw those cookies."

"What cookies?" Alyssa grinned and pocketed the coin purse he handed her.


Hermione entered the kitchen and flashed smiles to the two men sitting at the table. She hugged Rose and Ginny before holding out her arms to swoop up little Issak.

"Sorry again about last night, Angelina and I made them fix everything after everyone left so no need to worry about repair costs," she said to Dudley.

"I love you two," Dudley sighed in relief. "In all honesty I'm more angry at the bloke for messing with Sarah then them trashing the place in a brawl, but not having to worry about repairs is a huge load off my mind."

"It really was no problem. Oh and don't worry about being sued, the gentleman's attorney and I had already had a small...er chat... and he won't be pressing charges," Hermione gave Dudley a smirk as she sat down. Issak squirmed out of her lap and crawled back under the table to continue playing with Harry's shoe laces.

"Uh oh, I've seen that look," Harry said, laughing into his mug of coffee. "The guy is still in one piece isn't he?"

"Oh course he is, Harry, what do you take me for?"

"A scary, scary woman when you're not happy."

"Fair enough," she laughed, then yawned. Groaning she put her head in her hands and began rubbing her temples.

"You alright, Hermione?" Dudley asked. "You look exhausted."

"I am," she chuckled.

"Want some coffee?" Ginny asked.

"Only if its decaf," she chuckled and looked up. "I swear, between the exhaustion, the nausea and the limit on my caffeine, the next seven months are going to be horrible. I don't know how I'm going to get any work done..."

There was the clatter of cooking utensils being dropped and a loud collective gasp from the two woman at the counter. Hermione realized what she had accidentally let slip and grinned sheepishly at her sister-in-law and friend's slack jawed exspressions.

"Are you serious?" Ginny asked, a look of pure excitement on her face.

"Does George know yet?" Rose asked.

"Yes, and no not yet," Hermione couldn't keep the smile off her face. "Was going to tell him and everyone today if that's alright. Get it out of the way in one fell swoop instead of having to go family by family and tell them."

"Serious about what? What doesn't George know?" Dudley questioned. Harry shot them an equally confused look.

The ladies didn't answer, they only squealed loudly and abandoned their tasks to pull Hermione into a bone crushing hug.

"Still confused," Harry said, sipping his coffee again.

"She's pregnant, you idiots!" Ginny snapped.

Harry choked on his coffee and Dudley let out a whoop of excitement.

"Congratulations!" they cried in union and launched off their chairs to join the hug. Unfortunately by jumping up Harry pulled Issak off his feet, as the small child had still had a firm grip on his shoe laces. Harry swooped up the now fussing toddler and rejoined the hug.

"We're so happy for you!" Rose said, pushing away some happy tears. "How far along?"

"Almost three months, the fatigue is what got me curious enough to check in the first place but I'm just starting to hit the nausea phase...uh speaking of which, pardon me!" Hermione suddenly went green and burst from the room.

There was a thud and second later George entered the kitchen with a slight frown on his face.

"Was the whirlwind of bushy hair I just got knocked over by my wife?" George asked.

"Yes, she wasn't feeling well," Ginny smiled. She and Rose gave him a quick kiss on the both cheeks before returning to their work station.

"That's the third time this week," George frowned and accepted a seat from Harry and a cup of coffee from Dudley. "There's been a stomach bug going around her office and well you know Hermione, she'd never admit being sick. Would you take a look at her, Gin?"

"Sure thing, George."

After Hogwarts, Ginny had become a healer. Something that came in very handy very frequently around the family. Ginny exchanged a secret smile with Rose, "I'll check her out as soon as she comes back."

"Thanks, Sis," he smiled.

"Alright you lazy bums, all of you get outside and set up the grill before the children try to do it up for you. Out of my kitchen, the lot of you!" Rose took Issak from Harry and shooed the men outside, ignoring their protests.

"Ever think we all married incredibly pushy woman?" George asked.

"Every day, Mate, every day," Dudley chuckled.

"Can't say you don't love it though," Harry winked.

"Never said I didn't," George grinned just seconds before he was tackled to the ground by what appeared to be pair of dishwater blond tornadoes.

"Uncle George!" the blonde twins exclaimed, sitting on the older man. "Guess what Uncle George! That fake apple you and Uncle Fred let us have totally worked! Miss Jayson freaked out for days after wards whenever some else brought her another apple!"

"What is it with all your kids and trying to get me into trouble today?" George asked, staring up at Harry and Dudley from the flat of his back.

"You don't need them to get in trouble, Mate," Harry laughed. "You do it all on your own."

George gave them both a mischievous lopsided grin and shrugged.

"Alright you two, off Uncle George, he has to help Dad and Uncle Harry get the grill ready," Dudley said, trying to shoo the kids away.

"OK!" they chirped and took off running.

Harry offered his brother in law a hand up. No sooner was George on his feet when the three men heard a shrill "Uncle Ron!" and another "Oomphf!" as the twin five year olds tackled Ron to the ground in another hug. The men laughed and trotted over to help the youngest Weasley brother. Shooing the kids away Dudley and George helped Ron up.

"Your kids are going to make amazing Beaters one day, Duds," Ron said, rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeah, Hogwarts is in for it once those two turn eleven," Harry laughed.

"Where's Lavender?" Dudley asked.

"Inside with the woman-folk. Sorry it took us some long getting here, she had a bit of a melt down this morning. Have I ever told you how scary a seven months pregnant woman is?" Ron asked.

"Been there," Harry said.

"Done that," Dudley chuckled.

"Just wait till she gives birth," Harry laughed. "I recommend hiding her wand when she starts the contractions. I had to cast a protective shield around my lower half when Ginny had James... twice actually."

Ron paled slightly and Dudley slapped him on the back laughing, "Come gents, lets get this going before our wives come put our heads on spikes."


A/N: I just couldn't let Tomatoes and Lilies to sit still so I have decided to do a squeal. It isn't going to a one shot because I would like to explore this idea a bit more, but its not going to be a huge long story either. I do apologize though, I usually try and stay true to the original story but I just couldn't here. Changes you will see? Well for starters, Fred is not dead. The Weasley Twins never got parted, they both survived and spent the rest of their lives pulling pranks on people together with those cute little grins, got married and had little prank pulling babies along side each other and I am not listening to you J.K. LALALALALALA! *covers ears*

Also in my mind Hermione and Ron were never meant to be anything other than best friends. Personalities are just to different, they would have killed each other. George just seemed kind of perfect for her to me. Makes her laugh but brilliant enough to keep up with her intelligence. Also being married to a lawyer when you own a joke shop like theirs undoubtedly comes in handy. Just my humble opinion. Anyway, stay turned, more to come soon :)