As the group exited the building, there was a much different atmosphere then when they had gone in. A happier atmosphere. But it was time for them to all go their separate ways. Sarah-Jane was the first to leave.

"I have to get back to Luke! He's only 15!"

"Who's Luke?" The Doctor asked her, confused.

"He's my son!" Sarah-Jane said as she was getting into her car. "It's a long story!" she explained, seeing The Doctor's confused look. With one final wave, Sarah-Jane shut the door and drove away. Jack, Martha and the rest of the Torchwood team left next.

"Good to have you back Rose." Jack said, giving her another hug. As he did, he leaned in close and whispered in her ear, "He needs you." Rose looked up into Jack's eyes.

"And I need him." She told him with a smile.

"Doctor." Jack saluted him, snapping to attention. The Doctor gave him a two-finger salute with a small smile. Martha was hugging Donna, saying goodbye, then she walked over to The Doctor and straightened his tie.

"Take care of yourself." She told him.

"Always do." He told her, then gave then gave her a hug. Rose couldn't help the small bit of jealousy that rose up within her when she saw that.

"Don't be upset." Donna told her, coming up behind her. "It's you he wants. I was with him right after he lost you. He needed someone to stop him. He destroyed a whole species and would have died himself if I hadn't been thereā€¦" Donna trailed off thinking of that parallel universe she had been too. Rose nodded, also remembering what would have happened if it hadn't been for Donna.

"Thank you." She told Donna, meaning it with all sincerity. Donna smiled at her. "Are you going to stay?" Rose asked her, and Donna hesitated. "There's plenty of room." Rose told her, then smiled. "It's bigger on the inside." Donna smiled back.

"You sure you won't mind?" Donna asked.

"Positive." Rose assured her. "Besides, with you on board, The Doctor will be outnumbered!" Both Rose and Donna looked over at The Doctor and started laughing. The Doctor looked over at them, already afraid. He figured he would find out soon enough what they were up to. Shaking his head, The Doctor walked back to the TARDIS, Rose and Donna following already whispering and making plans. They shut the door behind them, and soon the air was filled with a groaning, wheezing sound as the TARDIS dematerialized, off to its next adventure.


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