Author's Note: Ryudo's point of view, before he killed Elena in chapter one.... by the way, this is quite short…so yeah.

Also, the first few quotes are actually from the game...

Oh yes, and I know I said "The End" in Chapter One and Two, but I couldn't resist doing a chapter three to this...

-Fall Of An Angel-
-By Brian Marcelo-
Rated R for angst and death.

-Ryudo's Point of View-

"What's wrong, Elena?" I asked, wondering what she was looking at through the window.

"It's Valmar's Moon. It's so eerie... I wonder if it always stares down on us like that..." she said, shivering a bit as the sight of the moon.

"No use getting worked up about something you can't do anything about. Besides, we're pretty damn far enough away from it." I said while smirking, hoping that would make her laugh a bit or something.

" ... I suppose... but what of the presence of Valmar... inside of me?" she said, breaking her gaze off the moon and on to me.

She has beautiful eyes...

"... Oh, Millenia..." I said, remembering that she didn't like the other girl inside her.

She looked at me in silence, her pain evident in her beautiful features.

"C'mon, lighten up. Millenia's not all that bad..." I said, trying to lighten her up a little bit. Besides, Millenia was pretty nice to have around...not to mention a little sexy...

"Ryudo! How can you be so... cavalier about such thing? We speak of the power of Darkness itself! Who knows when... Millenia will do something like Gadan did - or worse? What if her purpose is to restore Valmar to life?" she said sharply, probably disgusted with me.

"Again, we can't do anything about it. Right now, at least. But isn't this why we're going to the Cathedral?" I said, shrugging a bit.

"Valmar prepares a dwelling place within the souls of the wicked...I am sure that Millenia is the evil inside of me; she is the blackness in my soul!" she cried, wanting to be absolutely pure.

"Hey, don't let it get you down. What happened to your happy face? C'mon, we'll knock on the doors of the Cathedral, Zera will get off his porcelain throne, and he'll make everything okay." I said, attempting to make her feel better.

"Stop it, Ryudo! This is serious! Must you always be so... flippant?!" she screamed at me.

I was trying to make her feel better.

I was trying my hardest to make her feel better...

All she does is care about herself and the high and mighty Granas...

Maybe I should scare her. Teach her a damn lesson. That'll show her.

Yes...that'll show her.

"I- I was just trying to cheer you up... Blazes! Fine, fine. I GET IT...As expected of the Wings of Valmar, it is difficult to visit injury upon Millenia. You, on the other hand..." I said coldly, taking out my Geoblade and pointing it threateningly at Elena.

"Ryu-Ryudo!?" she cried out in surprise, as she slowly backed away.

Good. I scared her really good.

"Look, you're not giving me a choice here. You can keep crying about Valmar this and Valmar that, or we can settle this now..." he said, with a rather big hint of coldness in his voice, "You calmed down yet? Hey, what's gotten into you? What happened to the almost-stereotypical determination and pluck that I know so well? What's wrong, Elena?" I said, putting my sword ever so slightly down.

" ... All right, Ryudo. Kill me! If that will destroy Valmar..." she whispered softly, as she kneeled down in front of me.

"What!?" I shouted.

Did I make a big mistake?

"What's wrong, Ryudo? Do it quickly! I'm a little... please, make it as painless as you are able..." she said, tears streaming out of her eyes as she knelt.


Kill Elena?

I'm paid to protect her...

Kill Elena?

"Yes...kill Elena. You'll be doing her a favor." said a voice in my head.

A voice in my head...and you are...?

"Valmar. Now kill her. She'll thank you later." said the voice in my head.

Kill Elena...?

"Yes...kill her. She won't last much longer anyways, with myself inside of her. You'd be doing her a favor" said a voice in my head. I guess he must've taken residence when I tried to help Elena when the sealing near her town failed. Heh heh.


"Please Ryu-Ryudo...make it as painless as you are able..." she cried out softly.

She'd never see it coming...heh heh...I'm being controlled by Valmar...but that means I get to kill sweet, sweet Elena...

"Elena..." I whispered quietly, my cold blade in hand.

Yes, I'll act innocent so she won't see it coming till it's too late.

"Ryudo...?" she whispered quietly back. It's as if she thinks I have wonderful news to tell her. wrong she is.

Good...she sounds hesitant, thinking I'll just tell her to go to her room or something.

How ignorant of her.

How blissfully ignorant...

"You...deserve this...." I whispered slowly, and, before she could fully register those words in her head, I swiftly impaled my sword into her abdomen, trying my best to make it as painful as I possibly could, twisting the sword and putting it in deeper and deeper.

"Ryudo...!!!" she shrieked in pain and surprise, looking obviously shocked.

She looks so beautiful when she's in unbearable pain...

"Ryu-Ryudo..." she whispered quietly to me, the pain too much to bear as she slumped to the ground, blood trickling slowly down to the ground.

What a beautiful sight for sore eyes.

I kneeled down to her and met her at eye level, looking deep into her eyes, wanting to see how much pain I caused her, emotionally and physically.

"Ryudo...? What...happened to my protector....?" she said softly to, tears flowing from her eyes.

Yes...I caused a lot of pain in her...

"He just become your executioner." I replied coldly, as I raised my sword above my head.

And I struck her again...

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again, until she went limp, her eyes still looking softly at me...

So beautiful when she's like that.

I started to laugh quietly, amused by the sight before me.

"Heh, being possessed by Valmar isn't so damn bad..." I mused darkly to myself, as I stopped laughing and left the room quietly, not wanting to be caught by Mareg and Roan.

I killed the one I loved, but God...

It felt good...

-The End-

This is truly finished this time, heh heh. Hope y'all enjoyed this...heh heh...