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The Cullen's have been gone for about two months, and I am devastated. All of them were gone even edw… him. That's how bad it's gotten I can't even think his name. There were so many things that I wished I told them, though that wouldn't change the fact that he didn't want me. But I still wished I had told him that I wasn't exactly human. I am a demigod. Renee is still my mom, but Charlie isn't my dad I'm a daughter of Poseidon the Greek god of the sea, water, earthquakes, and horses. I found out what I was when I was thirteen. Don't get me wrong I love Charlie as if he was my real father, and he loves me as if I was his real daughter but he's just my step dad. He even knows what I am. Most of the demigods or half-bloods live or go for the summer to camp half-blood in Long Island, New York. It's one of my favorite places to be. Though I haven't been there for about more then a year and I miss everyone there.

"Bella you have been miserable for the last two months. You need to do something to get you out of your depression." Charlie told me when were eating dinner.

"Like what?" I asked him

"I don't know you could go visit your mom. Or camp half-blood I know that's one of your favorite places."

Going to camp would probably be better then going to Renee's. If I were to go to Renee's she would probably ask for every small detail on what happened. If I go to camp I can see my friends and my brother.

"I think I would rather go to camp."

"Good, when do you want to go?"

"I don't know, as soon as possibly."

"I think I can get you a ticket for tomorrow at night. I'll tell the school that you are going to visit your mom."

"Ok, I'll go pack."

After dinner my dad got me a ticket and I called my brother who was at camp to come pick me up.

After I got off the plane and got my luggage, I saw my brother, Percy and his girlfriend for five years Annabeth.

"Hey Bella, I've missed you so much." He said while pulling me into a big hug.

"I missed you too." I finished hugging Percy and hugged Annabeth

We go everything in the car, and started driving back to the camp.

"So you guys, what happened while I was gone."

"Well, we got a lot of new people at the camp." Annabeth said

"Percy, is there any more of us." I asked

"No it's me, you, and Tyson."

"How is Tyson doing, is he still with dad."

"Yeah, but he still comes to visit sometimes."

By the time we got to camp it was already eleven thirty, so we started going to the cabins. Annabeth and Percy did their lovey-dovey good-byes, and I started feeling the hole in my chest get bigger it's going to be like this forever. After we left Annabeth at the Athena cabin we started walking over to our cabin.

"So, way did you decide now to come back?" Percy asked as we were walking.

If he knew the truth it would keep coming back into my mind. He would try to ask me about it. If he knew it would make me even sadder

"I just thought that it was time come a visit for awhile. Why did you not want you dear sister to come back." I said hoping he would believe it.

"Ok," he said giving me a skeptical look.

When we finally got to our cabin, and opened the door there was a huge colorful sign that said "welcome back, Bella".

"Thank," I said giving him a hug be for we went to sleep.

The next day right when we got up a dressed we went over to the arena to sword fight with Annabeth. I learn almost everything I know about sword fighting from Percy and Annabeth. Sometimes I can beat them, and sometimes they can beat me. I fought Annabeth eleven times and won her six times. I fought Percy nine times and won four times. All through this I barely thought about the Cullen's this made it a little bit better.

"I can't fight again," Percy said after we fought for the ninth time.


"I have to pick up seven camp visitors. I'll be back at dinner."

Wow I guess I came at visiting days.

"Really what are you a taxi, and who are you picking up?"

"You'll find out at dinner Chiron is going to tell everyone."

Oh my god he just reminded me that I haven't even said hello to Chiron. How did I forget to do that? I feel so horrible, he is like a third dad to me. First was my real dad, then Charlie, and lastly Chiron. So I bye to Percy and Annabeth. I ran over to were Chiron was teaching an archery class. When I finally got over there I ran and gave him a hug. When he noticed it was me he told them to take a five minute break.

"So are you enjoying being back?"

"I am enjoying it very much."

"So how is it living with your step dad, you find any potential half-bloods?"

"It was going great I made lots of new friends, and no I didn't find any." I said looking down in a some what sad tone.

After that I had to say good-bye to him because he had to get back to the archery class. For most of the day I went back to the arena and fought with my friends Hannah and Sara from Athena's cabin. Savanna and Zach from Hermes. Kayle and Daren from Aphrodite. Dan from Ares. After we finished we talked about the past when we first met each other. After I went down to the horse stable. After that I went down by the lake until it was time for dinner.

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