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Last time.

"Bella do you honestly think that I would want to leave after telling you millions of times I love you." he asked

"Yes I do think that, and you did." I said back to him

"No I didn't want to I had to, it was not safe for you to be with me. I wanted you to have a normal life."

"Well as you see now, I can't ever have a normal life."

"Sorry, I didn't know."

"It's ok, you couldn't have known. You did what you thought was right, even if it wasn't" I said not wanting to continue this conversation.

He was about to start talking again, when I interrupted him.

"It Wednesday I have to go to the Arena, can we talk about this more later?" I asked awkwardly.


I grabbed my bag with all my stuff in it, and opened the door to my cabin and me and Edward walked out. When I got to the Arena all my friends were already there, laughing and sparring. Kayle and Darren were off to the side watching, like most of the Aphrodite kids.

"Aw, Darren are you afraid to ruin you hair?" I asked jokingly, while taking my sword out of my bag. "Hey Zach, do you want to spar?"

He nodded and walked up to me with sword in hand. I was the one that swung first, and it made a clang hitting his sword. This went on for about ten minutes; Zach had the upper hand at this point when we were interrupted. Zach was pushed about five feet back, and I put my weapon to the person who interrupted us neck. When I looked at the person I saw it was Edward.

"What the heck." Zach yelled from the ground.

"What the hack indeed?" I asked Edward in pure annoyance.

"He was attacking you. Why are you mad, I was helping." He said with the most confused look on his face.

"You do know what we do here, right? We train and we spar a lot here."

Zach got up off the ground and walked over to us.

"I thought Chiron said you guys were friendly." Zach said angrily.

"I'm I sorry I thought you were hurting her."

"What, hurting Bella? She is the toughest girl I know." Zach said laughing along with my friends around us.

Edwards face still had a confused look on it.

"Just because I'm clumsy doesn't mean I can't be tough." I said with a small smile.

"Sorry, I'm out of my element. I can't read any of the minds here."

"Oh, so you finally found out why you can't here mine." I said.

Now it was Zach with the confused look on his face.

"What is going on?" Zach asked.

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