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Sara sat at her desk kept looking over to Nikole, "So, we're got." she looked through the file, her heart sunk, she jumped to her feet looking out of the window, she could see Michael Scofield taking the walk to be transferred, her heart felt like it was stopping in her chest while she kept looking to the window, her eyes fixed on Michael making the long walk, her hand holding the files being completely lost.

Nikole glanced out the window, casually, before seeing Lincoln separated from the other inmates. "Oh..." She watched as Michael's walk was slow, taking each step carefully the Y-Cuffs around him.
She stood up; putting the clipboard she was holding down, peering out the window as The Pope made his way outside. "Speaking words they could not here from the closed barred windows.

Sara Tancredi kept looking to Nikole Wilson, her eyes focused on the scene, "There is a new inmate," she kept looking to the file, "What kind of parents name their Son Olivia?" Sara kept looking as the Transfer van pulling into the yard catching her attention.

Nikole narrowed her eyes to Sara, "And I thought blondes were suppose to be stupid, not gingers." She exhaled. "Olivia." She took the file from Sara's hands. "It's a girls name!" She snapped quickly. "Because we are getting a girl!" Her voice was raised, how stupid could one person possibly get.

For a fraction of a second Sara felt frozen on the spot, her eyes going to Nikole, warm brown on ice blue, she couldn't help but feel slightly intimidated by the other woman. "I didn't know that we could have female inmates." She kept looking to the file while looking to the window, it seemed that Michael wasn't going to be transferred. Her eyes kept focused on the daylight, "I mean, it must be some kind of mistake," she pointed out glancing over Nikole feeling confused.

"No, its not... Apparently you weren't awake during the meeting with the DOC - Cherry Hill doesn't do executions... However Fox River does and Olivia Hart is on death row to be executed in... A few months." She thought about Lincoln for a minute, at least he'd have a friend now.

"Well, isn't there a female prison somewhere in the united states of America that can have her?" Sara for a moment kept looking to Nikole, finally looking to the window seeing the bus.

"Well, no because she committed the crime in the state of Illinois, therefore she is the states issue..." Nikole looked down at the female keeping the sun from her eyes. "Didn't they teach you anything at rich people school?"

With a look of distaste, Sara inhaled, "Well it just mean," she was avoiding the conversation of school and money. Sara was new, the fact that Nikole was working here before her. "So what do they need here in here for?" she asked trying to keep everything calm, the fact she didn't like conflict with Nikole.
Flipping across the chart, Nikole looked back to Sara, "Like I said, Cherry Hill Prison doesn't do execution, Fox River does and Olivia in on Death Row soon to be executed, they moved her here to adjust her to the place before executing her." Nikole put the file about Olivia down. "Poor thing." She exhaled, Nikole didn't approve of the Death Penalty.

Sara reached over taking the file again, she glanced over the writing, "She murdered her husband." Sara placed the file back down, "Nothing poor about a woman turning into a violent killer." her voice stiff while looking to the note, "and we have to put her on the pill." she placed the file back on Nikole's desk, "you can deal with her."

"I planned on it." Nikole laughed softly to herself, "If you want, you can deal with; Marcus Flack - the broken leg, needs his cast off." She looked to the black man in the bed beside the office.

Sara walked from the Office now, she kept looking back to Nikole in the office, part of her didn't like the woman, but it was no secret Nikole didn't like her either. Mainly cos Nurse Katie would say to her, "you shouldn't piss her off, she'll make you suffer..." Sara looked up to see Nurse Katie standing behind her. "I mean really, makes life a lot easier off you play nice in her house..."

Nikole looked out of the office, seeing Katie. "Hey, Katie do you want to get me an insulin veil ready for Mister Scofield?" She jiggled her keys out to her. "I need to go downstairs for a minute." Her voice was nice.

Katie nodded, "I'll be right on that," she tapped Sara's arm, "Just..."
"I know you're trying to be nice, and look out for me, but I'm a big girl." Sara put some rubber gloves on looking to the man she needed to examine feeling nervous.

Olivia walked off the bus, the Y cuffs making her movement limited, but while she stepped into the sun blazed down onto her face making her hold her hands up to guard her eyes from the rays of lights.

Bradley had never looked more excited about arriving inmates, making his way across the pavement, toward the line up of all transfers and arrivals. He smirked. "Well, well... Looky at what Cherry Hill sent over." His eyes were looking up and down Olivia.

Olivia kept looking away from the sun, her eyes going to the CO that kept looking at her like she was a candy bar, and he wanted to open her up and eat her all in one go, it kind of intimidated her. "Charming..." she muttered while trying to keep herself together.

"Right this way, missy." Bradley opened a large blue door, leading to the room where they would take her personal clothes, change her into Death Row gear and bring her to her cell. "So, Olivia, that's a pretty name."

Walking beside the CO, she kept looking to her Cherry Hill issued clothes, back to Bellick, "All I ask if I can have my daughter's photo with me," she kept her voice soft, "Also, I was aloud one phone call to her a week..."

"Photo no problem." Brad stopped walking, picking up the standard ugly tan outfit for Death Row inmates. "Phone call - you'll have to take up with The Warden. Strip down..." His eyes glittered excitedly.

"I'll," Olivia kept looking to Bellick, "I know my rights, and I'd have a female CO watch me," her voice kept calm, but you could tell that she was nervous with the way that Bellick was watching her.

"We don't have any female CO's on duty right now." Brads voice was tormenting her. "You have squat for rights, you committed murder." He glared.

Olivia inhaled, her hands still Y cuffed, her eyes focused on the man. "I know, I am tired of CO's telling me, what I know happened." she kept feeling scared. "A female nurse, a doctor, a secretary," she kept still. "But you won't be seeing me naked when I'm dead, cold on a slab."

Bradley glared, darkly again before seeing the bleach blonde hair of Doctor Wilson descending the medical bay stairs, her cell phone up to her ear. "Female Doctor, you are in luck." He barked darkly. "Waiting for Nikole to close her cell phone. "Nikole!" He said catching her attention.

"Yes. Bradley?" She said darkly.
"This con, is demanding a female for her strip search, you get that pleasure." He looked annoyed.
Nikole looked over the other woman, "If that is what she wants, that is her right." She took the uniform from Brad. "If you'd like... Come with me." She smiled soft, opening a privet room to make it less awkward with all the staring male eyes.

For a second Olivia smiled, it was more of a grin to Bellick that she wasn't going to let him see her naked, not ever.
She followed the Doctor, "I'm not normally so forward, but Cherry Hill, female prison, and mainly female CO's," she kept following feeling the knot in her stomach, the same knot that had been there since her sentencing ten years ago.

"That's fine, male prison mostly all male staff." She set the uniform down, taking the silver key she'd taken from Bradley to, unlocking the Y-Cuffs. "I'm Doctor Wilson by the way." Her voice was polite.

"Olivia Morris," she paused, "On my record, they keep insisting it's Hart." she kept looking to Doctor Wilson while flexing her wrists out, her eyes looking to the horrible ugly tan. "Thank you," she took the uniform starting to strip off, she was used people seeing her naked, her body was clean of piercing and tattoos, her eyes focused on Doctor Wilson, "do what you gotta do..." her tone had no life to it, her eyes kept focused on the clock.

Pulling on a pair of white gloves, Nikole made sure the check was quick but not rushed. "Clear; you can get dressed, Olivia." She removed the gloves with an exhale. "If you ever - need anything or want to talk; if you're into that talking stuff, you can always request me." Nikole averted her eyes from Olivia's naked body, she wasn't awkward about the naked body but she wanted to give some kind of privacy.

Getting Dressed Olivia inhaled trying to calm herself, she brushed her hands under her eyes while trying to breathe, but got dressed feeling her knees shake, "I can't do this..." she whispered lightly. Her eyes were starting to well up as she kept looking to the floor her feet.

Nikole watched Olivia for a minute, before walking over, placing her hand carefully on her shoulder. "It'll be okay." She spoke soft now, watching the other woman, who looked so innocent of the world.

"Sorry," Olivia wiped her eyes, her face turned to look at Doctor Wilson, "Last thing you want, is to listen to a dead woman, crying about." she exhaled. "I just need to take the last month, and be strong for my little Elle May." she showed Doctor Wilson the photo. "She'll turn twelve, next year..." she kept looking to the little blonde girl.

Nikole looked down to the photo, carefully. "She's beautiful." She commented, before looking at Olivia. "Don't worry, if you wanna cry, cry, if you wanna yell, yell. I'm not judging you." She kept looking to the photo.

"I've cried, yelled," Her hands brushed her hair back, "I've gone through appeal, each one." she looked to Doctor Wilson. "I just don't get it, I went to church, I got good grades, I had a best friend who was the biggest dork," she laughed, "then I went got knocked up and everything went down hill from there..." she then got her shoes on, standing up. "I just going to sail my last month over, and hopefully, be happy, that for everything I did," she pointed to the photo, "I did for her..."

Nikole felt a tiny bit awkward now, her life seemed so perfect but none the less, fucked up. "Well." She started but saw Bradley opening the door. "Lets go Con!" He snapped darkly. Nikole glared at Bradley. "We were talking!" She hissed.
"Sorry, Nikole, but we've gotta take her to The Mile and your Insulin appointment is waiting!"

Olivia nodded, "It's okay," her eyes looking to Bellick, "I guess this is it, going to see my home for the next month or so." she rubbed her hands together, "Hope it smell better than my last one." she tried to lighten the situation, "Who ever is the diabetic, sucks to be them..." her hands out for the cuffs.

"Doesn't it just." Bellick cuffed her, putting his hand around her upper shoulder, leaving with Olivia toward the Death Row building.
Nikole turned leaving after them, headed upstairs toward the medical area again, she glanced back to Olivia.

Olivia kept looking to Bellick, "So," she kept looking to the man walking her down the corridor. Her eyes kept focusing on the details. "Can you tell me, what I plan to do for the last moments of my life?"

"What do you mean?" Bradley asked unsure of what she meant, carefully moving down the hall, still holding her upper arm. "Fry?" He suggested. Buzzing open the small building doors, the lights were dimmed.

The door buzzing made Olivia jump out of her skin, but she kept looking forward. In her mind, she kept telling herself she shouldn't be here. For the past ten years nearly, it was all she kept telling herself, but she kept focused on knowing she only did it to save her own life, but the courts didn't see it that way, so here she was. "I was thinking, more, I was at Cherry Hill, I got PI, I got time to have visits with my daughter, I got time to write down, my thoughts."

"Like I said, you'll have to speak to the Warden about it." Bradley walked down a narrow hallway; the footsteps were like a creepy movie. "Fox River ain't Cherry Hill." His voice was rough, unlocking the door to cell seventeen. "Home sweet home." He opened the door.

Olivia stepped into the cell; she turned around waiting for the cuffs to come off, her eyes looking to Bellick. "Would it ever cross your mind, that a little kindness can go a long way." she kept her voice soft, "Cos you never know when a bit of good nature, will save you in a tight spot." she kept her voice level.

"No, mainly because - I run this prison." Bradley uncuffed her, looking annoyed. "You'll eat dinner in your cell, tomorrow morning you can see the Warden, yard time is in a few hours." He snapped, before slamming the door.
Lincoln in Cell eighteen thought he was going crazy, was that a females voice?

Michael was sitting in the office, he was waiting for his shot, his eyes looked to an open folder on the desk, some reason the woman looked familiar, but he just saw a face. Katie walked in with a tray, "Doctor Wilson won't be too long, dealing with a new death row inmate." she placed the tray down looking to Sara finishing up the exam, hoping Nikole got here soon.

Nikole came back upstairs, seeing Sara and Katie, before seeing Michael in the office. "Good Job Sara." She said being nice for a minute, before walking into the room. "Mister Scofield - good morning." She closed the door behind her.

Sara stepped back taking the file, but kept looking to Michael, finally back to Nikole, "Sorry, I'll just be out of your way." Katie walked away from the office, but kept looking to Sara.
Michael kept looking to Nikole, "So, what was more important to you than me?" he asked being smug, he knew that Nikole didn't take his flirtatious nature serious, but knew Sara always looked hurt when he was alone with Nikole.

"Boobs, Mister Scofield, Boobs." She nodded while watching her hands, drying them carefully. "How are you feeling today?" She pulled on some white gloves.

Michael laughed, "Boobs," he turned to the file, "So the rumours in the yard is true," he spoke smooth, not focused on Nikole putting her gloves on. "A woman transfer to Fox River, too butch for the female prison?"

"Completely true." Nikole looked over Michael. "Roll up your sleeve for me." She said while pulling open a cleaning pad, while she was looked to the blue sky behind the barred windows.

Michael laughed, "So a butch woman," he nodded, "Got to admit, a lot of inmates are acting like." he started to roll his sleeve up, he glanced to Sara out of the office checking on inmates. He kept his cool looking to the drain, "They all acting like Christmas come early." he finished off with a smile.

"Well, they can think that if they like I suppose." Nikole brushed the cleaning pad against his upper arm carefully. "She'll be in the Death Row box, its not like they'll get to touch." Her eyes scanned the fresh tattoos on his arm, but they interested her.

Michael looked up to Nikole, "Female death row," he paused for the moment, "Never thought I'd ever hear them together." he kept looking to where her eyes were looking, but it didn't bother him, to the staff, it was just tattoos. "So, can I get the inside scoop, I'll be the man in the yard..." he wiggled his eyebrows.

Nikole laughed slightly, looking over the closed file on her desk as she shook the bottle on insulin. "Her name is Olivia, in for murder and that is ALL you get, because I don't want to get fired." She put the needle into the insulin veil.

Michael froze for a moment, his eyes looking dead on hers trying to keep himself together, "Olivia Morris?" he kept thinking it was stupid, there was no way on earth that he kept looking to her, hoping it wasn't the same person he was thinking.

Nikole looked at him curiously, "Yeah, Morris... You know her?" She wondered, watching the look in Michael's eyes - the eyes she could never understand.

Michael kept quiet watching her do his injection, but he couldn't really think, it wasn't really fair, it must have been another Olivia Morris. "I had a friend in High School." he spoke while looking to Nikole, "She wouldn't say boo to a ghost, she was on the honour society." he laughed shaking it off, "Must be another Olivia..."

While cleaning the injection site again Nikole nodded slowly. "Must be." She pulled a band-aid out before putting it over the place of injection. "Here we go."

Michael got to his feet, for a second looking over Nikole's eyes, then glanced where Sara was, "Gotta love when I get you," he smiled, "I feel like I'm here forever with her." he pointed over to Sara, but didn't want to sound too mean.

Nikole snickered, "I know what you mean, everyone loves Doctor Wilson." She pulled out three different sugar free lollipops. "Cheery, Apple or Blueberry?" She grinned at him.

Michael kept looking, "Hmm I'll have," he pulled the red one, "Cherry," he smiled to, "you spoil me really..." he pointed out while looking back to Sara pretending to do work.

"Well don't tell any of the other inmates but - you are my favourite." She laughed softly, seeing Lewis standing outside the office, cuffs waiting for Michael to finish up as Nikole opened the door.

While Michael was being lead out into the yard, he kept his head up, mostly he knew that everyone was going to be asking what the fuck was going on. That he was happy he narrowly missed a big kink in the escape plan. For now, he kept thinking of the cherry flavoured candy in his pocket, best to keep until being in the cell.
While Abruzzi was waiting for Michael, he kept his eyes focused, waiting to have a moment alone so he could see what the hell was wrong with him, but then also about the plan, he kept getting a feeling he needed to closely watch Michael.
Fernando who was hanging with his Latino friends, before seeing Michael, "Fish." He nodded in a half serious half you better not fuck me over kind of way. Glad to see he wasn't transferred away from Fox River.

Michael kept still as the CO uncuffed him and left him in the yard. He kept looking around as Abruzzi approached him. "So Fish, you try to give me a heart failure?" he leaned against the fence trying to ignore the other inmates around him.
Michael looked to Abruzzi, "I had a small snag in the plan," he kept his eyes around the yard, "But I figured out the right road." he kept serious, "now, it's just a matter or getting the second point of the plan." his eyes looking serious.

Michael walked over to Fernando, "So guess you're stuck with me again." he leaned against the fence looking to the man. He placed his hands into his pockets. "Still in?" he asked hoping he got it.

Fernando sharply nodded. "Of course, Papi... " He noticed T-bag sitting back on the bleachers.

Abruzzi kept looking to the two men from his corner, with his crew. He didn't know weather to trust this smart guy type, but kept focused on the plan.
Michael looked away from Abruzzi to Sucre, "Well, tonight," he kept calm; "I've got to go into the tunnels again." he kept focused on his brother and the woman. "Also, I found out the female name." he looked to Fernando, "Olivia." he kept looking at his cell mate, "you ow me now..."

Fernando smirked slightly, looking over Michael to the female wearing the Death Row Tans. "Olivia." He said the name rolled off his tongue in his luring Spanish accent. "Oh Papi, you are the man." He grinned.

"A mixed dance with one piece of cherry candy while the rest is that nasty salt water shit." Fernando looked at Michael with his swimming brown eyes. "How can you not... Check that out!" He pointed in such a way it wasn't obvious who he was pointing at.

Michael lightly slapped the back of his head, "Mariecruz, remember her?" he then looked over to where Sucre pointed, but then sighed, "I sometimes worry that I just don't get it..."

"Don't get it? Are you sure it isn't because you like ... Penis?" Fernando shifted his eyes looking over Michael again.

"I like," he shook his head, "I'm a guy, who likes girls," he then looked around the yard, but keep feeling odd, "I'm just saying you shouldn't focus on getting a death row inmate, when you want to focus getting back to your woman." he nodded to himself.

"I am focusing on getting back to my woman, Papi, but if something is nice looking..." He whispered before clearing his throat as a CO walked by the fence.

Michael laughed, "Well," he patted his arm while looking over to the place Lincoln was, it seemed like Sucre only had one thing on his mind right now, she he just kept looking over to who was with his brother.

Olivia kept looking to the person she was sharing yard time with, but her eyes kept watching him. For a reason, she kept getting a Déjà vu from him, but didn't speak as she walked for the basketball in the middle of the space they had starting to attempt at playing.

Lincoln kept still, leaning against the brick wall like he usually did, his fingers laced together tightly, watching the other inmates.

Olivia bouncing the ball, she aimed for the hoop, throwing the ball before it missing and going the other side of the small fenced in area.

Lincoln hoping the ball wouldn't roll his way as it bounced across the cracked pavement, watched as the ball did just that, rolling toward him directly. He watched it getting closer and close, he reached out his hands, taking the ball, picking it up, he started walking over toward Olivia.

For a second Olivia looked to the guy with her in the small area, she held her hand out, "Thanks." she took it before starting to bounce the ball again, she aimed for the hoop, but again misses.

Watching, Lincoln exhaled calmly while catching the Basketball again, with one hand, he tossed it toward the net-less hoop and the almost flat Basketball landed in the net. Olivia watched, "You know, showing off," she waved her finger. She waited for a few moments, "Strong silent type," she walked over to the ball picking it up again, she wasn't used to much social iteration with other inmates.

"No, just... Observant." Lincoln finally spoke, watching her with the ball in her hands. "I like to know my surroundings before entering them." Lair.

"Right," she kept looking to the guy. She went for another shot getting this time, "third time charm," she turned around looking at him. "sorry, but do I know you from somewhere?"

Lincoln shifted halfway catching the ball, looking over her. "Uhm." He paused for a short minute. "How would I know?" He kept casual about it, though she did look like someone he'd seen before.

"Hmm," Olivia looked more serious, "Can you say?" she asked looking serious now, "Cut that out, your smart talk is giving me a headache..." her voice light trying to hope she didn't sound completely crazy.

Lincoln raised his eyebrow, tossing the ball into the net again. "What ever." He slide his hands into his pockets

Olivia shrugged, "Just you reminded me of," she kept focused on the man throwing hoops, "My friend in High School, had this dead beat brother, you kinda remind me of him..." she folded her arms.

"Oh well, thanks very much." Lincoln half glared, before leaving to walk back to his wall, leaning against it. His eyes were looking up, toward the General population yard.

"Jesus," Olivia picked the ball up bouncing it again, "You've still not got a sense of Humour Lincoln," her voice cool while trying to play about with the basketball, "But then you was never famous for your funny side..."

Lincoln's eyes were still narrowed. "What can I say, I don't enjoy jokes." His finger still couldn't place this girl.

Standing still Olivia looked over the older man; she didn't really spend a lot of quality time with him, her hands moved to her pockets. "Add about thirty pounds, glasses and a retainer," she kept her voice serious, "Also, a very annoying snort to a laugh..." she was hoping he'd get it.

Lincoln stared, his eyebrows knitting together, his mind adding on the weight, the glasses, before his eyes went wide. "Olivia Morris!" He remembered the nerd herd Michael would bring home.

"Mmm could say the same about you." Lincoln kept looking over her, remembering her and Michael yamming on in the kitchen. "Weren't you voted most likely to become a billionaire?" He remembered the stupid things they did at graduation, the only graduation he ever attended to see Michael.

"Nobel peace prize," her hands played with her pockets, "I was going to go study science, mathematics and my goal was to find an alternative fuel source." she nodded, "Funny old world we live in," she laughed, "All Michael wanted to do was build stuff." she kept feeling awkward, "Bet he's a big CO for some high class business."

"Structural Engineer." Lincoln corrected before walking over to the fence, keeping them apart from the generals. Looking over their different blues and whites. "Currently twenty feet away from us."

"Twenty feet from us," she looked around, "No!" she turned and looked to the general population, her eyes looking to where Lincoln was pointing, "What, they put people in prison for being anal about cleanliness?" she found herself staring at Lincoln. "What did he do, steal candy from a baby, sneezed in a library, It's Michael, I never got a parking ticket Scofield," she nodded, "I had that printed on a t shirt for him."

Lincoln kept watching Olivia she was an odd one, deep down - he could tell. "He robbed a bank actually... " His voice was very calm about it, but inside he wanted to slap his brother for getting involved.

Olivia bit her lip, "Last person I'd expect to do that," her hands moved out her pocket now, she looked to her watch, "But, hey doesn't matter really," she kept looking around all the men watching her, "I mean, Michael, he's smart, but then we all do dumb things." her eyes looking to CO approaching.
"Yard times up ladies," he spoke opening up the only entrance and exit, he kept looking from Lincoln to Olivia, "Not much intimidating when you really are a lady." he joked.

"Hey Lewis." Lincoln said lightly, walking toward the fence, holding his arms out, to be cuffed - to dangerous to be free walking from the yard, down a caged hallway into the cells.

"Well," Olivia followed, "Guess we're going to be fun pals," she spoke openly; she didn't direct her voice at anyone, but kept looking forward.
Lewis watched Lincoln, then Olivia, "That, I gotta get you two back to cells," he kept his voice serious while getting this over with.