Nihao!This is Syaoran no Hime,who's going to give a brief word about this fanfic.

First off,this is my birthday tribute to one of the most kawaii bishounens of anime world who will celebrate his special day on March 23.

The epilogue of Bijin to Obake is actually the prologue of Veils,Laces and Cords.How the Obake ties in with Veils shall be revealed in the chapter.

Lastly,while I'm writing this chapter,I wasn't feeling too well.Forgive my grammar and typing errors.My blood pressure is stil under observation..stress and sleeping problems took its toll on me.If ever I find it hard to update as fast as I used to do,I'm saying sorry in advance.

I hope you still enjoy my offering.

Chapter 1

Tomoyo Daidouji was eagerly waiting for her "Big Brother".He had promised earlier that if Kaho Mizuki,the Math teacher that he likes.turns him down,he would buy her a box of her pizza.

True enough,Eriol entered the gates of the Daidouji mansion,his face a visual interpretation of a thousand Napoleon defeats.He wearily sat down the front steps of the mansion beside her."Here."He handed her a box of her favorite pizza.

She gave him a triumphant I-told-you-so smirk before she opened the box excitedly.

"I don't get it.She's single and I'm single..I just happened to be born a few years late.Why can't she like me?"

She took a slice of pizza and offered it to him.He smiled."Thanks,but no thanks.You know I hate anchovies."

"That's why I'm offering you some.I know you won't take it."she smirked some more."I guess this is all mine."She bit on her slice she intended originally for her buddy.

He laughed and wiped the catsup on the corner of her mouth with his hanky.

"But kidding aside,I myself can't get it too.Why,despite of her endless rejections of your affection,kept on pursuing her?You just won't quit!"
she said.

"Quitters never win."he replied."I must persevere-"

"Persevere?"She cocked a quizzical eyebrow."Maybe persist is a more appropriate word."She thought for a second."Or being a major nuisance."

He sighed."What can I do?I'm in love!"

"You're obssessed."She shot back."Now there's a difference."

"You wouldn't understand."he said.

"I don't think so,Mr.Know-it-all.Just because I haven't fallen in love yet with someone doesn't mean I don't understand human attitudes and behaviors.I'm sure that's just infatuation.You'll get over her someday,when the right person comes for you."she said.

He laughed."How corny."

"Well excuuuuuse me!I just happen to believe in destiny."she said.

"You've been out under the sun for way too long,young lady.Too much basketball is frying your senses."he kidded.

"Speaking of basketball,I'm late for the practice."She stood up."Care to drop me off?"

He frowned."IS your sprain ok?"

She smiled innocently."What sprain?"

He groaned."To_mo_yo!!"

She patted his shoulder soothingly."I'm ok,Big Bro.I'm ready to break my bones again."

"Oh Tomoyo,have mercy on me and your mother!Daidouji-sama and I were traumatized by your last accident!"He begged.

"I survived,didn't I?"she said coyly."Besides,I'm a big girl now."Here they go again.Ever since her mother assigned Eriol to be her "big brother" and guardian while she was away on a business trip to supervise their growing toy company,he began acting worse than her bodyguards.He created those curfew laws and was always guarding her closely."Nah,he's much worse than my mother!"she thought.

"You're a big girl alright,but nevertheless immature."he retorted.

"Well at least I'm not pig-headed!"She stuck her tounge out at him."Oink!"

He laughed and took out his car keys."Come on,I'll drop you off,but be careful.Remember,you're playing against boys.Don't make too many physical contacts-"

"Basketball is a game of physical contact."she countered."You should have just suggested that I wear an armor instead."

"Fine,fine!"Eriol sighed.The girl can be so cute and witty sometimes.SOMETIMES.he repeated to himself silenlty.

She burst into laughter."My big bro,you might as well have been my real Big brother in the flesh.You worry too much about me."

He smiled tenderly and messed her hair fondly.

"Uh,what will you do with the ring you bought for Kaho?"she asked curiously.

He grimaced."Sell it."

She shook her head vigorously."No keep it.Give that to the girl you will exchange vows with in front of the altar someday.You made a lot of sacrifices for that ring,right?"

He nodded."I guess you're right."He stared at the ring."The saleslady told me that this same ring was once given by an Englishman to a Japanese lady back at the end of the Tokugawa era.He married her and lived happily in his country despite their nationality gap."

"Really?"she said with interest.

He wrapped a brotherly arm around her."Let's go,kiddo."

"Right,Big bro!"She said enthusiastically.

To bE Continued...