A/N: Yup, another Fuinn ficlet. One-shots aren't something I've done much of, and they are fun for little conversations or missing scenes, without any need for continuity or independent plots. This was written for the most part before the Superbowl Episode aired, based on the released promos and those incredibly garish things on the heads of the Cheerios. In hindsight, it doesn't need to be considered AU, strictly speaking. Think of it as taking place the morning before the Cheerios bore Sue with their California Gurls routine. I may write more after the V-Day episode, but we'll see. I'm working ever-so-slowly on GMS 19. Sorry for the delays - I just turned in a draft of my senior thesis, so that's sort of dominated life.

There's a slight reference to the events of 'Journey's End.' There's no real reason to believe that Finn and Quinn ever discussed why she'd lied to him in canon, sadly. I hope that will happen soon.


Finn Hudson closed his locker door, possibly with more force than necessary, though it was unintentional. His Mom always said he didn't know his own strength.

Now where was he supposed to go next? Oh right, he had about ten minutes before history. He struggled to remember what he had read the previous night in between games of Call of Duty, while he waited for Kurt to stop hogging so much of the internet connection. That had been annoying – he'd just fragged his twentieth Nazi when his screen froze. Blaine and Mercedes had been over, so he guessed Kurt had probably been streaming more episodes of Project…Runway, or something like that. Kurt was weird and impatient when it came to shows that he liked. Not that Finn had ever seen any of them. Not really his thing. At all.

Right, it was something about…Jeff…Jefferson? And the Constitution…no, that Declaration thing…

Then he saw blue. Bright blue. Blindingly bright blue.

He blinked. Yup, still there. And more disconcertingly, this bright blue was framing a pretty face that he knew quite well. "Uh…Quinn, why are you wearing that? You look like a smurf."

McKinley High's Head Cheerleader rolled her eyes in that way only she could. "Hi Finn. Nice to see you too."

"Oh, hi…yeah, I was just wondering, you know." He paused, thinking for a moment. He squinted. "I don't think it really works on you."

Quinn raised her eyebrows, and he realized that he was missing something.

"Is this a Cheerios thing?"

She nodded.


She made a face. An adorable, disgusted face. "Coach Sylvester has us all wearing these ridiculous things. And apparently, there are going to be fire-breathers. And a whole bunch of guys she hired to do bike stunts behind us. It's insane."

Finn was still confused, although he was somewhat relieved to know that Quinn wasn't wearing the bright blue wig by choice. "Fire-breathers? Doesn't that seem a bit, you know, dangerous?"

Quinn nodded. "She's losing it, I swear. One of these days, she is just going to go too far."

Finn privately thought that time had come and gone, but didn't let on. "Have you talked to her about it?"

Quinn raised her eyebrow again.

"Oh…yeah, I suppose this is Coach Sylvester we're talking about," Finn said. Desperate to change the subject, he asked, "so, how have you been this week? I haven't seen you much. You missed the last couple of Glee rehearsals."

Quinn frowned. "I know. Coach has been running us ragged. We have Regionals in a week, and I think she's determined that it isn't enough to just win. We have to dominate. Which, I would normally be fine with, but when we're running triple practices…"

Finn tried to think about how he'd stand up to three times as many practices with Coach Beiste, and then decided he would rather not. His muscles hurt just thinking about it. "But you aren't leaving Glee, right? I mean, you're happy there. You know, I'm there, and…"

"and Sam…you know, my boyfriend?" she asked. Finn felt himself go red. What the hell had just come out of his mouth? Since when was Finn Hudson's presence something that Quinn would look forward to?

"Well, yeah, him too. I just…I sorta thought he wasn't worth mentioning."

Another eyebrow raise. Uh oh. Then her expression became more pained. "I'm trying, Finn. I really want to stay in Glee. I'm really happy when I'm singing, and dancing, and just having fun with everyone. But Coach Sylvester keeps hinting that she's going to make us choose."

"But Glee makes you happy, so why wouldn't you..?"

Quinn nodded, then shook her head. "Yes…no, it's more complicated than that. I'm trying to do both. I need to do both."

"Why?" Quinn looked away, and he decided not to ask again. "Oh, okay. Well, you're really good in Glee. I'm not sure I ever said, but you were great at Regionals…and Sam wasn't bad either," he said with a half-smile.

She laughed. "Oh, I didn't mean to make you feel self-conscious with that comment about Sam earlier. But thank you."

"He did seem really into it…and into you, I mean," Finn blurted. He recalled feeling something unpleasant when he saw them on stage. Seeing that smile of Quinn's, the one he had been so happy to get on occasion back when they were dating…he'd had to think of Rachel to keep his hands from balling into fists. And now he didn't have Rachel, because another girlfriend of his had gone to Puck to…what? Get back at him? Sure, that was the case with Rachel but with Quinn? No. He realized that she'd never told him why she'd done that. Last year, she'd finally told him why she'd lied. She was scared. That was okay. Finn had been scared too. Well, it wasn't okay, because he shouldn't have been scared, because it wasn't his kid…but Quinn had said he would have been a better father, and she'd chosen him.

To lie to, he reminded himself.

Some of this inner turmoil most have shown on his face, because Quinn's expression had turned from amused to a bit concerned. "Are you okay, Finn?"

"Yeah, fine. Just, you know, remembering stuff."

A bit of the color drained from her cheeks. Yeah, she knew what he was remembering, alright. "Right. Finn, we need to be in class in two minutes."

"Huh?" Time had completely escaped him. It did that, when Quinn was around. But it seemed to drag on forever around Rachel. Well, most of the time. When she was talking, really. It just went on…and on….and on…. That was one thing he didn't miss. Well, sort of. He did kind of miss it, because it was Rachel being Rachel. Rachel being his girlfriend, specifically.

He'd felt weird about turning her down when she asked to get back together over Christmas. I mean, she liked him. A lot. And he loved…had loved…kinda loved Rachel. Right?


"I'll see you around, Finn," she said softly as she turned to leave.

"See you," he almost whispered.

Then she was gone. And Finn was all alone. Again.

He stood there for a moment, and then the bell rang. Damn, he was late.

His long strides took him down the hallway, and away from his thoughts of Quinn Fabray.