Title: Toys.
Author: Heiwajima Shizuo.
Rating: M.
Warning: Swearing and sex, duh d:
Summary: In which Shizuo decides to use the interesting things he finds in Izaya's closet in bed. YAOI. PWP.

As two tongues clashed in a heated battle that Shizuo won dominance over easily, his hands began to wander the naked, pale, lithe body beneath him. When his finger brushed over the informant's nipple, Izaya gasped into the heated kiss, arching his back for more contact.

Soon, air became low in supply and the two broke away panting and flushed.

"Someone's eager." Shizuo said with a smirk that Izaya copied and showed off in return.

"I can say the same about you, Shizu-chan~" Izaya replied, his hands wandering the blonde's built chest before hooking his arms around Shizuo's neck and pulling him down once more for another long, hot, searing kiss.

Nibbling on the blonde's lower lip, Izaya was quickly granted entrance and his tongue shot in to playfully tease Shizuo's. While the two tongues moved, and swirled with one another, the informant began to grind his hips upwards, rubbing his erection against Shizuo's boxers creating amazing friction.

After breaking away, Izaya groaned when Shizuo unhooked the arms he had around his neck. Straddling his waist, Shizuo eyed the raven haired man hungrily before moving down to capture one of his nipples with his mouth, now straddling the smaller male's thighs.

"Ahh! Sh-Shizu-chaann…" Izaya moaned wantonly as he felt a tongue flick and suck, causing Shizuo's growing erection to twitch to life.

As his tongue nipped, licked, and played with Izaya's hardening nub, Shizuo brought a hand up to flick and squeeze the other.

Switching to suck on the other nipple as his other hand moved to play with Izaya's saliva coated nipple, Shizuo felt the male beneath him rock and grind his hips upward. With his erection rubbing against the blonde's ripped stomach, Izaya moaned loudly and Shizuo moved up to press his lips to Izaya's once more.

But only a second after their lips met, Shizuo pulled away and sat up straight, causing an undignified whimper to escape from Izaya's lips embarrassingly. Though he thought the small noise went unnoticed, the amused look on Shizuo's face said otherwise.

"Someone is really eager today." Shizuo said, enjoying the way Izaya's face flushed not only from arousal but from embarrassment. It was pretty cute, actually.

Izaya's eyes shot to the side as he refused to look at the blonde on top of him before he quickly regained confidence a second later. Moving a hand down south, he wrapped it around Shizuo's cock and gave it a light squeeze before pumping it slowly.

Shizuo's breath hitched instantly and he stopped himself from bucking upwards into the hand. Like he was going to give the reaction Izaya wanted!

"Fucking t-tease…" With a smirk, Izaya brought his other hand to tease the blonde's slit as the other hand continued to pump agonizingly slow.

"I'm sorry, what did you say~?" Izaya purred, an evil smirk on his face telling Shizuo he had him right where he wanted him.

"Y-You're a fucking—ahh—tease…!" Shizuo repeated himself, moaning halfway through his sentence before continuing.

The smirk the informant had on his face deepened before he stopped all movement and shifted his hands upward to push Shizuo off of him. With a surprised yelp, Shizuo fell onto his back and watched as Izaya spread his legs for him before position his face above the blonde's erection.

As the blonde's cock stood up tall and fully erect, Izaya opened his mouth. With his tongue, he licked the tip as if testing Shizuo for a reaction. After hearing the blonde gasp, Izaya began to lick up and down the shaft, then up to the head. Moaning, Izaya collected the pre cum that had been oozing out of Shizuo's cock shamelessly.

After making eye contact with Shizuo, Izaya eyed him with lustfully as he teased Shizuo's cock. Lick up and down the length before ghosting over the blonde's head.

It was times like this Shizuo regretted Izaya being a tease.

Izaya then opened his mouth and stuck in only the head, teasing the slit with his tongue as he moaned hotly.


Shizuo really regretted Izaya being a huge tease.

With a loud pop and suggestive slurp noise that made Shizuo's mind race, Izaya moved and began to kiss the insides of Shizuo's thighs. Using on hand to pump Shizuo length, he used the other hand to rub Shizuo's other thigh.

"It's funny how fast I can make you cum, Shizu-chan~" Izaya purred against Shizuo's thigh.

The blonde grunted in return, "Who says I'm gonna c-cum?" He said back challengingly as his hair begun to stick to the side of his face.

Though Shizuo was pretty sure if Izaya kept pumping him like that, considering the fact that the blonde was really close, he was sure he would cum soon. But he couldn't let that flea know. He had way too much pride to admit it.

As he continued to stroke the blonde, his speed picking up quickly, Izaya moved to tease the head with his hot tongue, moaning blatantly as he teased the slit. And within a few strokes and flicks of his expert tongue Shizuo came, releasing his seed into the raven hair's mouth. With ease, Izaya swallowed before letting the now limp cock fall from his mouth and hand.

"How was that—?" Before Izaya could even finish, he was pinned beneath Shizuo who panted heavily as sweat began to run down his temples.

Now was his turn.

With thoughts in mind of the interesting things he had found in a little box in Izaya's closet, the fun was only starting on his part.

A/N: Since I don't know a lot about sex toys, sorry if a lot of the things in this fic are off. And as weird as this is, if you have a suggestion as to something I should add into this fic, tell me. I only know what a dildo is but after googling 'sex toys' apparently there are various types of dildos. To be honest, I thought there were only two, ones that vibrated and ones that didn't OTL LOLOL. I only made this chapter short since I wasn't sure if anyone would find this interesting, that and my mind needs to adjust to the things I have found on wikipedia *~*

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