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It stared out easily enough.

Mirkou had once again asked for the nearest available women to bear his child. For once Sango didn't do anything. She simply nodded smiling.

Mirkou grinned before turning to Inuyasha, "Well, it seems I have finally brought my string of refusals to an end." He Laughed.

Inuyasha snorted "Keh." Pointing out, "It doesn't matter you still keep asking the same women."

"Now now." Miroku admonished, "My streak of victories cannot be denied."

"It's another of your habits like groping Sango."

Miroku simply grinned. Old habits were hard to break, but asking Sango to bear his child brought an unparallel thrill.

It just went to show that Mirkou's habits never died.

They just changed targets.

After all those times of asking women to bear his child you didn't think he would stop did you?

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