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CHAPTER TWO: ...Finding

At first it was amusing.


Perfect, neat, uptight, never a hair askew, Malfoy was pissed off his ass. Harry actually believed him when the blonde said he could have been a house elf for all he knew. He'd never been that drunk, but he did have a blurry night which lead to a confused morning, a broken broom and very wet shoe that he had no memory of. It wasn't even his size.

So, he understood that people did stupid things when they got drunk. But twice in a row. And that last one was something else. When Malfoy leaned in Harry couldn't stay silent. He got the feeling Malfoy was going to... No. It was too absurd to even think.

Harry hadn't mentioned it to Ron or Hermione. At first it was because Harry thought maybe he and Malfoy could use this to put the past behind them. After they spoke in the hall and Malfoy accepted Harry's teasing without overreacting and sending a curse his way, Harry had begun entertaining the idea of them finally getting along. The war was over. There were no more sides and while they had never been amicable with each other, Harry didn't see why they couldn't try now.

The more he thought about it the more it sounded like a good idea. It would be a challenge, but at least it would be something to do besides sulk around the castle.

But he knew if he ran off and told his friends about the other man's drunken episode, the blonde might not be open to Harry's idea. So he didn't say anything right away.

And then Saturday night had happened.

Did Malfoy even remember it? He didn't know about the first time until Harry told him, so it was possible he had the same lack of memory this last time. Harry couldn't tell just by watching the blonde. He wasn't acting any different then he had before all this started.

That was until, after potions when Malfoy asked to speak with him.

" Potter, a word?"

Ron and Hermione hesitated and only left when Harry nodded.

Maybe Malfoy had noticed Harry staring.

Probably wants to make sure I don't start spreading rumors. Harry snorted to himself. Even drunk Malfoy protects his reputation.

When the last student left the room, Malfoy spoke.

" I would appreciate it if you kept our encounters to yourself. I hope I can assume recent events have reigned in your brut rashness and taught you some more discretion. Perhaps even a willingness to put the past behind us. Either way, I don't see the point in exposing what I do in my free time to the entire school. Despite, what you think, I am entitled to a private life."

Harry didn't answer right away.

" Potter?"

" Give me a sec. I'm still trying to sift through all that defensiveness."

" Never mind. I should have known you wouldn't respond to logic."

" What's with all the insults? I'm not going to tell any one or I would have done it by now. Really, all you had to do was ask."

Then Harry left.

He smiled as soon as he turned his back on the confused Slytherin. He was certain now trying to befriend Malfoy was the right way to go. However, years of experience told him he couldn't outright say that to the blonde. It would only push Malfoy away. Words didn't have much meaning after the years of actions they had between them. He needed to prove what he meant. And he knew just how to do that.

The corridor wasn't that dark so he really had no excuse for tripping. Except for the fact that he was a little tipsy.

He toppled down the stairs with a grunt. There were only three but they still stung and he landed at the bottom, on his bottom. His knees bunched up into his chest. His feet slammed onto the ground in front of him.

After deciding nothing was broken Malfoy stood, but one step later he was back on the floor. He looked around to see what caused the fall this time. He stared dumbly at his right foot. It was stuck in the ground, cut off at the ankle like some sort of bizarre amputation. He wiggled his toes in his shoe, which was buried in the castle ground.

He knew right away what had happened. He'd been caught in one of Filches newest attempts to thwart students from wandering the corridors after hours.

He was trapped.

Now what was he supposed to do? He worked his leg, turning and using all his strength. It didn't budge. He was stuck in the stupid trap.

He giggled despite himself. His leg did look rather odd.

He needed some help, though. Blaise was too gone to be of any use, if his last memory of the boy stealing a kiss from the hot Glang sister and then barfing on the ugly one, was any thing to go by. And he'd be damned if he was going to give Pansy any leverage over him. Crabbe couldn't be sneaky to save his life. Most of the Slytherin student body that he could go to were too pissed to help.

Besides he didn't have a way of getting his message of distress to them.

He'd have to wait for someone to come around. Hopefully it would be a student, but even a teacher would be all right. He was of age after all. His punishment wouldn't be as drastic as an underage student's would have. Perhaps a teacher would be better. They would be less likely to start rumors. He didn't really care who came along, just as long as it wasn't...

" Malfoy?"

Bloody hell.

It was like Potter a had a secret map or something.

Really, he didn't need the stupid ponce to come to his rescue. In the past two weeks he'd had more than enough Potter to last a life time. It was like the man was on a mission to torture him. Some how the Gryffindor took Malfoy's words in the potions room that one day and found some secret meaning in them, because his behavior changed radically after that.

He didn't start to scowl or send evil glares Malfoy's way, like the blonde thought he might have after the insults. Instead, Potter started making unnecessary small talk with him and in the halls he would smile and in class he made it a point to make sure Draco saw him. Draco also noticed Weasley's lack of insults and Granger's calculating, but not hate-filled stare. And once Potter followed him for two minutes just to return a quill Draco had dropped.

Draco was so put off by all this attention that he started actively avoiding the other man. However, that only seemed to make things worse. Potter doubled his efforts. This morning he was fleeing a particularly avid Potter when he mistakenly entered to girl's lavatory and caught a side of Hannah Abbott he could have done without.

It was enough to drive anyone looney and the reason he was in this mess tonight. He needed to forget Potter's lame attempts to engage him in conversation and his idiotic idea that they could be friends and the way his smile made Draco's stomach squrim.

"Go away."

" Are you stuck?"

" No."

Draco turned to stare at the wall, trying to look like it was his choice to be sitting on the cold dirty castle floor. Suddenly two hands were around his middle. He yelped and tried to shake Potter off.

" Will you quit moving. Ow."

Draco smirked as his elbow connected with Potter's chin. Good. That'll teach the man to listen. Draco didn't need his help. He could get out by himself and if not then he would take the punishment.

Potter yanked him again.

" Let go! Don't you think I've already tried that."

" Oh. Well, maybe with the two of us trying..."

" Potter, your lack of sense never ceases to amaze me."

Potter dropped him back to the ground. It hurt, but it was satisfying knowing he got to the Gryffindor. Now if only he'd leave, Draco could start forgetting the way Potter's hands felt around him.

" If it were that simple there wouldn't be any point to having it here in the first place. It's meant to trap people in."

" Right... Hang on, I just remembered something."

Potter took out his wand. Even in his drunk state Malfoy wasn't going to sit there quietly and let the other man preforming magic on him.

" Wait!"

But Potter never did listen to him. He waved his wand and mumbled something and Draco felt his foot loosen, but he was afraid to look down. Most likley, Potter's crap magic had just cut off his foot.

Laughter made him look up. But something was blocking his view. He panicked for a minute before he realized it was his own pale hands. He quickly removed them from the front of his eyes and stood up. Potter was still laughing at him.

Draco ignored him and examined his foot. Nothing seemed wrong.

" Potter if you knew the spell all along, why didn't you do it first?"

" I didn't think of it."

Draco couldn't resist teasing the other man. Isn't that what Potter wanted anyway? He wanted to be friends. He teased Malfoy earlier, so he could take it.

" Or maybe you just couldn't resist the urge to put your hands on me?"

Draco doubted Potter returned his own twisted desires, but it was still an nice thought. And the face Potter pulled was priceless. He recovered quickly and smiled that smile Draco had come to hate so much.

This wasn't good. He should stop before Potter thinks they're bonding or something. He didn't want to give the man any more reason to pursue him. But he couldn't resist leaning into him just a bit. He could blame it on his poor balance if Potter called him out on it.

" Bullocks, I thought I was playing it cool."

So, Potter wanted to continue with the joke.

Draco snorted.

" You have all the subtlety of a Hipogriff, Potter."

" Makes you wonder what other aspects I share, doesn't it?"

Potter had everything down to make that sentence anything but innocent, from the emphasis to the leer.

Draco's heart stuttered in his chest.

It was clear Potter was joking. It was game to make the other more uncomfortable. Draco knew the man didn't know what affect those words had on him and he didn't delude himself into thinking Potter meant any of them, but it didn't stop his body from thinking they were just for him.

" Careful Potter, one might think you were trying to flirt."

Potter didn't hide the shock that passed over his face. He tried to recover and Draco let him step away, bring back the distance between them.

" Do you have a drinking problem, Malfoy?"

Potter was changing the subject, but Draco let him. He accepted his victory, took note of the other man's reaction and moved on.

" I'm young and free. It's this what you're supposed to do at our age. What normal people do?"

He hadn't meant for it to sound so depressing or have such a bitter tone to it. But it was out there now and he could only wait for Potter's response.

" I wouldn't know. It's not like either of us have ever really been normal."

Potter mirrored his thoughts?

It wasn't as much a shock as he was expecting it to be, to find out he and Potter had something in common. It was only too recently that he discovered the dark haired man secretly harboring thoughts of self condemnation.

Which was complete rubbish. No one person was responsible for all the decisions hundreds of other made, most before he was even born. But, Potter had grown up in a world that expecting something important from him. They both had.

Another thread that connected them. Much like the acknowledgment of Potter's unnecessary guilt, Draco was sure his friends weren't aware of it. Only he knew the Gryffindor well enough to notice it. Draco felt on odd sort of pride knowing he could recognize Potter's moods better than Granger and Weasley.

" Why are you smiling?"

Potter's question only made him smile wider.

" No reason."

Draco examined his finger nail.

" It wouldn't have anything to do with a secret would it?"

" Back to that agian?" Didn't Potter remember where this went last time?

" So you do remember."

" Of course. I don't have brain damage."

" Well, you didn't remember the first time."

"I'm still not convinced there was a first time. How do I know you didn't make the whole thing up, so you could start following me around again? Since I'm not doing anything else to warrant such behavior."

Draco knew Potter wasn't lying. He couldn't recall everything, but he did have flashes of memories. Enough, at least, to know he spoke with the Gryffindor that night. But he didn't need to tell Potter that.

" Why would I do that?"

" I don't know Potter. You couldn't think of anything else to do? Maybe you were bored. Or lonely. I don't know. The point is you can't just let it go, can you?"

" I want to know what the secret is."

Now Draco had him. He knew Potter's curiosity was too strong for the man's own good. There was no way Draco was giving that power up. Potter needed something from him.

" What are you willing to do for it?"

Potter made another face Draco couldn't decipher and for the first time that night he wished he wasn't so drunk.

" What do you want?"

Such a loaded question. Everything. Nothing. Draco refrained from saying all the things that came to his head.

"What are you willing to give?"

They were closer for some reason and Draco wondered what Potter was doing, before the other man closed the distance and pressed his lips to Draco's.

Well, damn. That was a surprise.

Draco was slow to react, equally from the shock and the alcohol running in his veins. He hesitated just enough to have Potter's doubt take over. Potter pulled away and Draco's hand met air.

Potter was standing across from him, breathing far too deeply for a man who'd been standing still for the past five minutes. Was he scared? Ashamed? Turned on?

Draco took it as a good sign that he hadn't run away yet. His head was throbbing and he felt much more sobber than he had moments before. But he wanted to do that again and much more. Potter had no idea what door he just opened.

And he was just standing there looking at Draco with no expression on his face. When did he learn to do that? Draco could always read Potter, but now the Gryffindor could be thinking about naked dancing nymphs for all Draco could tell.

He was supposed to be blushing and embarrassed. He was supposed to run away and avoid Draco's eyes for at least a week and blush every time he saw him. And he defiantly wasn't supposed to kiss him first. What the hell was Potter thinking? He couldn't just stand there and act like nothing happened, when he just changed everything. Draco wasn't going to let the cocky prick get away with this.

He met green eyes, that only stared back un-readable and Draco snapped. He shoved Potter into the wall. He'd show him what was supposed to happen.

He fused his lips to Potter's, pushing his tongue in immediately, but he only grew angrier when the man didn't fight for control and allowed Draco to taste his warm mouth. The only sign he gave that anything was happening was the moan that vibrated Draco's hand, as it cupped Potter's cheek.

Draco didn't stop with the kiss, however. Potter already showed his lack of care about that. He needed to do more. So Draco pressed his body fully against Potter's and set his other hand on the man's hip. He slipped his fingers under the clothing in his way and traced his thumb across Potter's hip bone. His skin was warm and Draco felt a thrill when the other man gasped into his mouth.

It still wasn't enough though. Now that he was here, he was going to get what he wanted.

He shoved apart Potter's legs and slid his own knee up Potter's thigh. Draco barley registered Potter's hands going to his hair as he pushed his knee closer to Potter's groin. His own want was throbbing against his trousers, but he was focused on the man in front of him. Draco stopped working circles into Potter's hip so he could pull him closer.

Potter gasped again when his hardness met Draco's strong thigh. He moved forward, seeking more friction and Draco broke the kiss when the action caused his own dick to press against Potter's firm stomach. He allowed his head to fall on Potter's shoulder.

Potter's hands left his hair and clutched at the back of Draco's shirt. He thrust his hips forward, rocking on Draco's thigh and making them both moan. Draco wanted to kiss Potter again, but every time he thought he could lift his head, Potter would push against him and send tingles down his spine that made him forget how to move.

Draco yelled out when Potter grabbed his erection and squeezed. The blonde had just enough thought left to remember he was supposed to be in control and did the same for Potter. He couldn't let the Gryffindor out do him. His anger flared for a minute as he realized Potter beat him to something yet again, but was gone just as quickly when Potter whispered a curse word against his mouth before kissing him and moving his hand faster.

" Fuck."

This time Potter ran his tongue over Draco's. He kissed dirty, like this was the last kiss he'd ever get and he was going to fuck you senseless afterward, just to make it really counted. It promised naughty things and dark desires and Draco was certain no hero should kiss this wickedly. Draco came with one last push into Potter's warm hand and Potter's teeth nipping his bottom lip.

Draco was dimly aware that Potter came just after him. At least he got the man off, even if it wasn't first. He consoled himself with the fact that he was drunk. He rested on Potter's shoulder once more until the man stopped shaking and then pulled away.

" Wow."

Draco snorted, feeling drunk all over again. Leave it to Potter to be a complete dork after debauchery sex. Draco rolled his eyes and focused them on green. Potter held his gaze.

" Stop doing that."

Potter was smiling now. That same stupid smile that haunted Draco's dreams.

" Doing what?"

" Looking at me like that."

" And smiling." Draco added as an after thought.

Potter just smiled wider.

" No."

Draco gave an exasperated sound and frowned at Potter for old times sake.

" Well at least refrain from doing it in class. Or the Great Hall. Or when you fly. Or when you watch Quidditch. Or when you laugh. Or walk. Or talk. Or ..."

Potter was staring at him with an entirely different look now and he wasn't smiling any more. Draco once again wished he was sober. He didn't babble as much when he wasn't drunk. Shit, now Potter knew he'd been watching him.

" Only if you stop biting your quill when you're taking an exam. Or leaving the top button of your shirt undone. Or throwing your head all the way back when you laugh."

Draco was going to argue that he would never bite his quill, but Potter's words caught up to him before he could. What did that mean? Potter was watching him too?

" I can't make any promises." Draco spoke slowly, testing the unsaid meaning.

Potter smiled again.

" Then I guess I can't either."

There was a moment of silence during which a thought fought it's way past Draco's wall of incoherantness.

" Are you still going to follow me around?"

" Do you want me too?"

Potter was smirking now. A look Draco found as irritating as the smile and even more sexy.

" Of course, I don't want you to. I don't need people thinking were friends."

" Would that be such a bad thing?"

Yes, was on the tip of his tongue. What was Potter thinking? It would be a horrible, awful, very bad thing.

He looked across at Potter. Stupid Gryffindor, wanting everything to be equal. Life wasn't like that. He would never understand.

" Yes."

Draco answered, sure it was the correct answer.

Potter just hmmed.

" What? What does that mean?"

" You're drunk."

" So?"

" It doesn't count."

" What doesn't count?"

" Your answer. It doesn't count. You're drunk."

" Potter, It's not going to change in the morning."

" We'll see."

" No. Well, I mean yes. Yes, you will see. That it won't change."

" Okay."

Draco could see he wasn't going to get any where with the other man so he changed the subject.

" So, what else doesn't count when you're drunk, Potter?"

Potter smirked again.

" Lots of things."

" Oh yeah? Does it matter how many times you do them?"

Draco saw the hitch in Potter's breath and stepped closer.

Potter shook his head.

" Hmmm."

Draco mimicked Potter's noise from earlier.

As he was shoving Potter into the empty classroom down the hall and Potter's legs wrapped around his middle, Draco realized he was probably going to become friends with the stupid dolt.

It would mean befriending the weasel and Granger as well, but if it also meant getting to feel Potter move like that then Draco figured it was worth it.

After they collapsed onto each other in a sweaty gasping mess, Draco thought he heard Potter mutter something about the she-weasel and happy endings. He cringed at the image and hoped it didn't mean what he thought it did. Either way he was going to watch Potter very carefully around her from now on.

Because he knew even sober, in the light of day he'd still want the man and he wasn't going to let go any time soon.

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