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Summary: If only Sally had been there...

Friends in Need

Part I

Sara Wilcox, Sally to her friends, was rude. She was condescending, aggravating, and self-centered. She wasn't the easiest person to get along with, but she had her good points. She was smart, honest (sometimes too honest), and she genuinely cared for her friends. It was too bad that all of her good points were generally overshadowed by her prickly personality and insulting voice.

Adam Freeman had always thought of her as a foul-mouth Robin Hood. A person who would steal from the rich, keep most of it for herself, but would be kind enough to share a bit of it with those she cared about.

Underneath all that selfishness, Sally had a heart of gold.

She was the voice of reason that had, on more than one occasion, saved their lives. What would Spooksville be without Sally? Adam couldn't fathom it, even when they stood around the car as Sally's parents loaded the last of the boxes and bags.

Sally was moving away.

"We'll miss you," Tira said warmly.

Sally's lips tugged downward and she looked glum. She couldn't muster up a smile. To be truthful, no one could. Not even Cindy.

"I guess this is it," she said. Her finger curled around a strand of hair as her eyes studied them closely. "You guys will write to me?"

She sounded insecure.

"All the time," Adam assured her. He knew what it was like to move to a strange new place. Inwardly though, he didn't think Eerie, Indiana, despite its name, could be any weirder than Spooksville.

Sally looked pleased when they all promised to mail her.

Her face peering out from the back of the car window stuck with him as he watched the car take off, dust waffling up.

"We'll see her again...right?" George asked. His eyes were wide behind his glasses and he looked around half afraid. Without Sally for him to huddle next to for protection, he seemed to shrink into himself.

"Don't worry, we'll watch out for you," Bryce said. He placed an arm around George in comfort.

When they turned to trudge back home, Adam noticed Watch adjusting his wrist where a new watch laid.

Adam placed a comforting hand on Watch's shoulder. Watch had known Sally the longest. It was probably more difficult for him then the rest of them.

"Things will be ok," he said. "We'll definitely write to her everyday."

Watch nudged his glasses up and nodded.

They would be fine without Sally.

A month later, when they were caught in an avalanche from the freak snow storm that hit Spooksville, Adam found himself missing her as he glanced around the cave they were trapped in.

Cindy was pale and shivering next to Bryce. Tira tried to comfort George. Watch was on his knees trying his best to make a fire and Adam...he sat with his back to the cold, cave wall, desperately trying to think.

If Sally had been with them, she would have whipped out her trusty lighter. She would have lifted her chin up in pride and snorted.

'What would you do without me?'

Even if she didn't have the lighter, Sally would've sat there and grumbled as she thought of a hair-brain scheme to get them out of this mess. Adam could almost see her, sitting there a few yards away, wracking her brains out.

Why was his vision getting dark?

Watch frantically shook his shoulders and Adam jerked awake.

"Stay awake!" Watch said to everyone. "We can't go to sleep."

Outside the cave, the wind howled as the blizzard grew more powerful.

"I'm so tired, though," Cindy said sleepily.

Adam couldn't blame her. He felt his own eyelids grow heavy.

'If you sleep, you might not wake up,' Sally's voice warned.

Adam wondered if he was hallucinating. He heard Sally's voice in his head as clear as if she was right there.

'You need to keep moving. Keep the blood circulating.'

Adam got to his feet and asked everyone to do the same. He had everyone march around the cave. They did that for over three hours until their legs gave out.

'Get together in a group,' Sally ordered.

"Let's huddle together," Watch said at the same time. "For body warmth."

Adam wondered if Watch was also getting advice from the Sally in his head.

He found himself squashed between George and Cindy.

"Do you think we're going to die?" Cindy whispered to him. Her blue eyes were large and fearful. Adam reached out and held her hand.

"We'll be fine."

'Yeah. Help will be arriving soon,' Sally said. 'Hey! Why are you holding her hand?'

Sally sounded pissed.

Adam was comforted by the outrage in his imaginary Sally's voice. It distracted him from how cold he felt.

Watch never could get that fire started. He kept trying and trying until his fingers froze and he couldn't move them. He reluctantly took a seat next to Tira.

"Sorry," he apologized.

"You tried," Adam said.

'He should have tried harder,' Sally muttered. 'How hard is it to rub two sticks together?'

Adam mentally chided Sally.

Five more hours passed.

When Adam turned his glaze he noticed that everyone was slumped with their eyes closed. He was the only one awake.

"Watch! Cindy!" He tried to move. Adam wanted to reach out and shake them, but his entire body had gone numb. He couldn't even lift his hand to check and see if they had a pulse.

Everyone was so blue.

He found himself praying. 'Please God, save them.'

Even if he didn't survive, he wanted everyone else to make it out alive.

'Don't think like that,' Sally protested. 'Help is on the way. Keep your eyes open!'

'I don't think I can,' Adam thought. His eyes closed. 'I'm sorry, Sally.'

That was his last thought before he blacked out.