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Normal POV

Ayden's eyes suddenly shot open when she felt her house shake and heard a dragon roar above her. She turned her head from the pillow and looked up at the ceiling as dust fell from the beams. She groaned and pulled the covers back over her head. The roaring and shakes persistently continued before Ayden reluctantly sat up in defeat.

"Ok, ok, ok! I'm up!" she groaned. She sleepily reached out for her helmet, grabbing thin air with her hand several times before finally landing her fingers on the cool metal that once was the breastplate of her mother's armor. She placed the helmet on her head before swinging her feet off her bed and heading downstairs.

She opened her front door and was greeted by a brush of chilly air. She shivered in response before yawning, her exhaust clearly evident. She heard a groan above her and looked up to see Toothless with big wide eyes sitting comfortably on her rooftop.

"Well good morning Mr. Bossy," she greeted. Toothless climbed along the roof giving her a gurgling groan in response. Ayden mimicked his noise in response, as he slowly climbed down the side of her house. "Do you always have to wake me up so early to go flying?" She suddenly slipped on the ice that formed over the pathway. She nearly fell on her face, but Toothless suddenly stepped up and supported her weight with his head, putting her safely back onto the ground.

"Stupid ice," she said, kicking the ice with her foot, almost slipping again. Ayden never really liked the cold. She was completely used to it and she liked snow, she just didn't like the ice part of it. The only good thing was that Snoggletog was around the corner. It was Berk's annual holiday celebration where families and friend would give each other gifts and feast together and this year would be the first time they would celebrate with the dragons and Ayden was ever so excited to show Toothless her favorite holiday of the year.

"Thanks, buddy. I'm ok. We can go flying now," she said, brushing her hand on the side of his face. Toothless suddenly burped in her face, causing her to recoil and wave her arms. "Ew, ew, what? Ew, Toothless! Ugh, you're worse than Ash!" Toothless ignored her comments and nuzzled his nose in her hand, which she had used to fan away his fumes.

Nevertheless, they took to the air with as much grace and speed as they did on their first flight. All her injuries from the battle with the Red Death were long healed. The burn scars still remained but her hair was starting to grow longer. She couldn't help but think of what other injuries she could have sustained if Toothless had not gotten to her when he did. Everyday, she was thankful for him saving her life, but she still felt the guilt of causing the injury that rendered him flightless without her aid. Toothless deserved to be able to fly without her help, to be able to fly on his own again.

They dove down to the surface of the water before coming up to a thin rock platform. "Ok, ready sweetie?" She unbuckled her belt from the saddle and removed her feet from the peddles, causing Toothless' prosthetic tail to flap closed. Toothless grew with worry as they neared the rock and he felt control of his flight slipping. She jumped over the rock, their speed carrying her over the rock and landing securely back into the saddle.

"Yes!" she exclaimed. "Finally!"

"Here?" cried a Viking mounted on a Gronckle carrying a decoration to be placed on one of the dragon nesting huts.

"No, a little higher!" cried Gobber from down below.

"Here?" she asked again, moving up the beam a bit.

"Yes, that's perfect!" cried Gobber, as Stoic came up behind him and placed his hand on Gobber's shoulder.

"You ready girl?" asked Ash, holding up a few shields. Stormfly raised her tail and brought her spikes out. Ash threw the shields into the air and Stormfly whipped her tail, firing the spikes right into the shields and pinning them into the giant wooden tree set up in the middle of town. Since they were no longer fighting with the dragons, all the weapons and shields they made to fight them were relatively useless now and were instead being used as decorations for Snoggletog.

"Who would have thought is Gobber? Viking spending the holidays with dragon!" exclaimed Stoic, almost not believing what he was saying. "What would our fathers say if they saw us now?"

"They'd probably say we're mad!"

Stoic bellowed out in laughter. "Well done, well done everyone!" he cried out to the Vikings and dragons gathered in front of him. "I never thought I'd live to see this day: peace and happiness in Berk." Stormfly nuzzled Ash's face as Stoic spoke as Ash lightly patted her snout. "I think this will be the best Snoggletog we've ever seen." As he finished, the Vikings cheered but an echoing roar through the sky suddenly cut them off. Everyone looked up to see flocks of dragons all over the sky. Every dragon in Berk reared its head up and widened their eyes at the flying herds.

"What in Thor's name?" started Stoic. He wasn't able to finish his sentence with Hookfang, Snotlout's Nightmare, gave out a ferocious roared from a rooftop and took to the sky to join the other dragons, quickly followed by every other dragon in Berk. Vikings gave shouts of worry, trying to keep their dragons from leaving and convincing them to stay.

"Come back!" cried Snotlout.

"Meatlug!" shouted Fishlegs in worry.

"What's happening?" cried one of the Vikings.

"Where's Ayden?" Ash silently whispered.

"What do you think? Should we go again?" asked Ayden, as they started turning back to Berk. Toothless nodded in agreement but they were suddenly caught off guard when a whole flock of dragons were flying towards them. They ducked out of the way of the oncoming dragons when a tail knocked Ayden's helmet off her head.

"Oh no, my helmet!" she cried, putting her hand on her head. Toothless saw the helmet fall and dove to go after it.

"Toothless, no, no, no, no!" she cried, trying to pull Toothless back up out from his dive. "Whoa, whoa wait, Toothless, stop." Toothless looked back to her and opened his wings to stop. "We can get it later, sweetie. Right now we have to get back to Berk and figure out what's going on," she said, looking at the dragons flying overhead while Toothless scanned the surface of the water for any sign of Ayden's helmet.

"What's the matter? Where are you going?" cried a Viking to a Nightmare that flew off.

"No, no, don't leave Stormfly. Please don't go! Please…" Ash pleaded as his beloved Nadder flew off along with the other dragons.

Ayden and Toothless arrived back and landed on the snow. Ayden jumped off her saddle and ran over to Ash as Toothless looked up at the sky in confusion. "Ash!"

"Ayden, what's going on?" he cried. "Where are they going?" he asked, motioning towards the fleeing dragons.

Before Ayden could answer Ash's question, the rest of the Vikings ran up to them and began bombarding Ayden with questions.

"Why did they leave?"

"What's happening?"

"What if they never come back?"

"Calm down!" Stoic's voice echoed through the village and silenced the worried voices. He pushed people aside to get to his daughter. "Ayden, where are all of our dragons going?" he asked.

"Dad… I don't know," she said. She was used to being asked questions about dragons and how to look after them, which she usually always had an answer for. But for the first time, she had no answer. She turned back to look at the dragons leaving and saw Stormfly speaking with Toothless, likely trying to get him to come too, but Toothless was unable to.

Later that night, the Vikings were all gathered in the main hall, each and every one of them worried about whether or not the dragons would return. Ayden and the others grew tired of Stoic's words of false hope and left the meeting early.

"That was depressing," said Ruffnut.

"I know! I was looking forward to spending the holidays with Stormfly," as said sadly.

"What are you so happy about?" Tuffnut asked a whistling Fishlegs. "Don't you miss Meatlug?"

Fishlegs suddenly stopped whistling and his eyes widened. "Uh, yeah. I just miss him so much!" he whimpered, wiping his eyes. "Well goodnight!" he quickly said before dashing off.

"Ok… that was weird," said Snotlout.

"Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't we come up with a bunch of new holiday traditions? You know, to bury the sadness?" suggested Ash with a fake smile.

Snotlout and the twins sighed in annoyance, causing Ash to look to Ayden for support in his idea. Since they started dating, Ash had become far more sensitive and kind, which was likely contributed to the fact that they were no longer fighting the dragons. "You know, I think Ash might be on to something."

"Easy for you to say, your dragon can't go anywhere without you," remarked Tuffnut.

"Must be nice," added Ruffnut. The others left as Ayden looked over to the cliff Toothless stood on. He carefully looked at the horizon and the edge he stood on, as if he were ready but nervous to take off.

The next morning, Ayden was up early in her workshop, building something for Toothless.

"Ayden? Ayden?" She heard Ash's voice calling out for her in the workshop.

"Yeah, I'm in here, Ash!" she called back. Ash walked up to her while she stood by her workbench and held up a shield she used as a tray holding a pitcher and two mugs.

"Here, happy holidays from me to you," he said.

"Ooooh, thank you, Ash," she said, taking the mug. "What is it?"

"It's a new drink I invented, you know as part of the new holiday traditions?"

"To bury the sadness?"

"Exactly. I call it yaknog!"

Just as she was about to take a sip, Ash began asking what she was doing. "Well, I couldn't stop thinking about what Tuffnut said the other night. Toothless can't come and go like the other dragons and that's just not fair. When I shot him down all those months ago, it was my fault he couldn't fly on his own anymore. I was so desperate to redeem what I had done to him so I built the flight gear, but that's just made him dependent on me now. It's not right for a dragon to depend on a human just to be able to fly straight. He should be able to flight around without me whenever he wants and I think I found a way to do just that," she said, pulling out a metal bar that opened a tail fan on the opposite side in response.

"So how does it work?" Ash asked.

"Well, this rod here goes on the tail wing he still has and whenever that tail moves, this one will move the same way," Ayden replied, pointing to the prosthetic tail. She took a sip of the drink Ash had brought her. Once the sludge touched her tongue, she immediately felt the need to spit the drink out. She couldn't bring herself to swallow the foul concoction Ash had created, but she also couldn't bring herself to spit up something that he must have worked so hard on to make.

"Wow, you built him a new tail? So he's gonna be able to fly without you," Ash said, while Ayden simply held the sludge in her mouth and nodded to Ash, giving him a grunt in response. "Wow, what a great gift," Ash said, looking at the tail while Ayden casually set the mug aside, never wanting to see the disgusting drink again. "What if he never comes back?" Ayden snapped her head at Ash's question, but since the gross drink was still in her mouth, she couldn't quite concentrate on what he was saying. She was just hoping he would leave soon so she could spit this abomination out. "What am I saying, of course he will. Well, I'm gonna go spread some more holiday cheer," he said, kissing her on the cheek, which was still filled with Ash's yaknog. "You're amazing!" he cried, running off.

As soon as he was out of sight, Ayden opened her mouth and spat the yaknog out all over the ground, nearly throwing up as she did. She turned to look back at the tail, truly thinking about what Ash said about Toothless possibly never coming back.

He wouldn't abandon her, would he? Not after everything they've been through? She gave him back his flight and he saved her life, not once but twice! If not for Toothless, her injuries could have been far worse than just a burn and a few broken bones. But… the idea of Toothless leaving her. It nearly broke her heart just thinking about it. Perhaps she could just destroy this tail and keep her regular flight gear with Toothless.


She couldn't do that to him. That would be such a selfish thing to do. If she really loved Toothless, she would give him the freedom he deserved, the freedom she had taken from him. And if Toothless really loved her, then he would come back. She would just have to trust him. She buried all her worries and fears deep before wrapping her arms around the tail and heading off to her home.

Right away, she saw Toothless on her roof, jumping up and down as a few of the shingles came loose. No doubt Toothless thought that she was still inside and was trying to get her to come out to fly. "Toothless!" she called out. "Come down here for a minute," she said, as Toothless swiftly appeared in front of her before carefully inspecting the package in her arms.

"Yeah, what do you think of that? Let's get this on you," she said, walking over to Toothless' tail. He followed her as she walked, taking his tail with him as he moved. "Would you just settle down? Toothless, let me get this on you," she said with a laugh. She finally got Toothless to stay still and sat on his tail, put on the prosthetic fin as Toothless looked back to her with anticipation and excitement. "You're just going to love this…" she said sadly. She patted Toothless' tail, signaling to him that she was done.

Toothless pulled his tail into view, but began swinging his tail around furiously while growling. "Toothless, no stop! Just wait!" she cried, trying to calm him down. He whipped his tail and the fins suddenly opened, causing his eyes to widen in shock as he saw the prosthetic open and stay open strong. He moved his only tail fin and was marveled to see the one his human made mimic its movements in response. A few more movements and Toothless realized what it mean.

"There you go, see? I, uh, I made this for you Toothless," Ayden said with a smile and worried look on her face. Toothless only stared at her with his wide, unblinking eyes. But they weren't the round black orbs that she knew meant happiness, they were slits. Scared of what may happen, Ayden slowly stepped up to him, "Toothless, I-"

Toothless suddenly backed away and took off into the air, his wings just sweeping over Ayden's head as she ducked. She looked back up into the sky to see the black bolt disappear into the clouds as his cry echoed ghostly through the sky. She couldn't help but feel a sting in her heart as she lost sight of her beloved dragon. Some part of her felt heartbroken, that Toothless would never come back to her. But the other part told her that she had done the right thing and that Toothless would come back… He had to…

Sleep did not come easy to Ayden for three days. Four days since the dragons all left Berk for reasons that even she did not know… And three days since Toothless took off into the skies. Every morning she hoped to wake up to the black-scaled beast at her bedside like she had many months ago. Every night she's stare up at the ceiling before finally falling asleep and every morning she would do the same, just waiting to hear Toothless jumping on the roof, before turning over onto her side in defeat.

But this morning, she heard a creak echo across the ceiling. She snapped her head and looked up, fearing that she was just dreaming what she had been begging for. When the ceiling creaked again, this time louder and stronger since dust fell off the beams like it had when Toothless would just on the roof, she casually and slowly sat up with eyes wide.

Could it be? Was it really him?

She heard the creak again, this time more powerful before she leapt out of her bed exclaiming "Toothless!" She ran out the front door to the side of her house. "I knew you'd come bac-" Ayden was suddenly cut off when she slipped on the ice and landed roughly on her back. "Ow…" she groaned.

"Oh, morning darling!" bellowed Stoic from the roof.

"Oh… hey dad. Morning," she answered disappointed. Of course it was Toothless. If he was really there, he could have saved her from slipping on the ice. Toothless was always there saving her, and now he was gone, probably forever.

"Just fixing the shingles and putting the Snoggletog decorations up. I'm glad you're up; I was actually looking for your helmet," he said, climbing down the ladder from the roof.

Ayden suddenly froze. Her helmet! She lost it over the ocean several days ago and without Toothless, let alone any dragon, she wasn't able to search for it. "M-my helmet?" she asked meekly.

"Odin needs a place to put your goodies!"

"Y-yeah, I'll get right on that…" She sighed and turned to leave.

"Wait, hold on," Stoic said, seeing the trouble in his daughter's face and stance. "Out with it, Ayden. What's on your mind?" he asked as Ayden turned back to face him.

"It's been three days, dad! I-I just thought he would be back by now…"

"Oh, I'm sure he's with the other dragons," said Stoic.

"Yeah? I just wish I could be that sure…"

Stoic sighed and placed his large hand on Ayden's shoulder. "Look, I know what it's like to miss someone you love this time of year. Every year I think about how proud your mother would be if she could see you now," he said, causing Ayden to smile slightly. "But what do we do when they can't be here with us? We celebrate them and we celebrate all the good times and good memories we had with them. And I'm sure that's what Toothless would want you to do, right?"

"Yeah… you're right. Thanks dad," she said, hugging him tightly. Stoic pulled his large arms around his daughter's tiny frame and returned the hug with as much love and care he could muster.

"Good, now go get that helmet! We've had enough disappointment around here," Stoic said, lightly and affectionately hitting her shoulder. "Oh and could you take those oars back down to the boathouse for me?"

Ayden looked to her right and saw to oars propped up against the side of the house. "Yeah, sure thing dad." She grabbed the oars and held them over her shoulder before making her way down to the boathouse. Just as she was almost there, Fishlegs suddenly appeared from around the corner with a large basket of fish in his arms.

"Oh, hey Fishlegs. You hungry? There's enough fish in there to feed a dragon!" Ayden joked. Fishlegs laughed loudly with a nervous look on his face.

"Oh, a dragon! Ha, that-that's really funny, Ayden," he said, slipping away with such speed that you wouldn't think a guy like Fishlegs would have.

"Wait a minute…" Ayden muttered to herself, silently remembering when Ash caught her in a similar situation back before anyone else knew about Toothless. She propped the oars against the closest wall before silently following after Fishlegs. He went all the way down to one of the storage barns and disappeared inside before quickly exiting without the basket or any fish. Once Fishlegs was out of sight, Ayden opened the doors as a Gronckle suddenly leapt towards her in a fury. Ayden screamed as the Gronckle flew right up to her. She lay plastered against the Gronckle's face and pushed herself off to look at the dragon.

"Meatlug?" she cried in surprise. Meatlug stared back at Ayden with wide eyes, before returning to his flight.

"Ayden? Where are you going?" cried Ash from the ground below.

"I have no idea!" Ayden shouted back. Meatlug flew straight towards Helheim's Gate. "Meatlug, where are you taking me?" she asked, but the Gronckle provided no answer, not that Ayden would be able to understand his answer to begin with. The thick fog made it hard to see and Ayden barely pulled Meatlug out of the way from crashing into an old Viking ship, taking them above the clouds. After what felt like another hour, the clouds disappeared and a crescent shaped island came into view. Meatlug landed as Ayden slid off.

All around her were Nadders, Gronckles, Nightmares and Zipplebacks. She had never seen so many dragons before and that wasn't even the part that shocked her the most. Among the dragons, she saw several little tiny dragons. It was a beautiful sight to see the side of dragons she and the Vikings never knew existed.

"You guys come here to have babies," she whispered, watching the marvelous sight of a Nadder feeding her young. She looked down and saw a Gronckle moving her eggs before sliding down the ledge to investigate, nearly running into a baby Gronckle and baby Nadder in the process. The Gronckle pushed all her eggs into a large pool of water, which were numerous around the island. She heard a small sound from the pool of water before a tiny green Gronckle emerged from the water.

"Awww," she couldn't help but squeal at the sight of the baby dragon. Two more Gronckles followed after when Ayden noticed a lone egg a few feet away. "Hey, look over here, you missed one," she said, walking over to pick up the egg. All of a sudden, an explosion burst form the egg, sending Ayden flying back.

"Whoa!" she exclaimed. She slowly sat up as a baby Gronckle fell out of the sky, uninjured. "Man, it's a good thing those don't hatch on Berk," she said, brushing the dust off her singed clothes. She stood up and began scanning the island for any sign of her black beauty.

"Toothless! Toothless!" she called out, hoping to hear his familiar cry. "Toothless, where are you?" she whispered sadly. As she climbed over another large rock formation, a Nightmare's head suddenly shot up at her presence.

"Hookfang!" she cried, running over to the Nightmare and hugging his large jaw. "Stormfly! Man, am I glad to see you guys," Ayden said, running over to Stormfly, who quickly nuzzled her hands. "And you have… babies?" she cried in amazement. Stormfly stood up and motioned her head to the three baby Nadders beside her. "Aw, look at you guys. You're all so adorable and happy. Now, you guys eat healthy and exercise. Then you'll be just as strong as your mother!" Ayden exclaimed as Stormfly gave a proud look.

"Who knew you guys were leaving to celebrate your own holiday? I guess I should get back to mine," she said, turning to Hookfang. "What do you say Hookfang, think you can give me a lift back to Berk?" Hookfang nodded as Ayden climbed onto his neck and Hookfang took off into the air. "I'll see you all back on Berk when you're good and ready," she called out.

Stormfly looked up at her on Hookfang and leapt into the air as several other dragons followed suit. "Oh no, no, no! Well Hookfang, looks like I just started the return migration," she said with a laugh.

The babies eagerly gathered at the edge of the island, watching their parents flying above them. A few quickly dove off the end and although they managed to stay airborne, the powerful wind pushed them back onto the island.

"Oh great, this is never going to work. Wait, hold on! I've got just the thing!" she exclaimed.

"Oh Gobber, this is a disaster!" cried Stoic as he marched through the wrecked house, which was easily ripped apart by the destructive force of a hatching egg.

"It's not that bad," remarked Gobber, as Ash fixed the roof above them.

"Not that bad? Half the village is destroyed, the dragons have gone and left us and my daughter is nowhere to be found. Let's face it, this holiday is a disas-what are these people looking at?" Stoic cried, seeing all the Viking staring up into the sky. "What is that?" he asked, squinting his eyes as he spotted some movement in the dark sky above. "It's Ayden!" he cried with a smile spread wide across his face as he saw the face of his daughter among the flock of approaching dragons.

"And our dragons!" added Ash.

An old, damaged Viking ship suddenly crashed into the ground and slowly skidded to a stop before the dragons released the ropes they were using to haul the load. As the Vikings slowly crept up to the ship, several little heads poked out causing the Vikings to gasp in surprise and marvel. The rest of the dragons landed as the Vikings praised Ayden and her return.

"Stormfly! You're back!" cried Ash as he ran up to an eager Stormfly who warmly greeted him by nuzzling her human. When Ash pulled away, she saw three little babies. "And you have babies!" he nearly squealed at the sight before him as the babies quickly ganged up on him in play.

Stoic's laughter bellowed out as he tightly embraced his daughter. "Ah, well done Ayden! I'm so proud of you! Everyone!" he shouted, addressing the crowd, "Grab your dragons! Dragons, grab your humans!" he joked, "And head over to the Great Hall! We finally have something to celebrate!"

Within minutes, everyone and their dragons were gathered in the great hall with the new dragon babies.

"This is the best holiday ever!" Ayden heard Fishlegs squeal as he held two of Meatlug's babies.

Ayden looked around the Great Hall, seeing everyone tightly embracing their dragons and playing with the new babies. The sight brought a warm feeling to her heart, but it also brought a hollow feeling of emptiness. Everything just felt incomplete, and she knew what was missing.

"Ayden," Ayden looked over and saw Ash approaching her, "I know this must be really hard for you to see everyone with their dragons. But you really did a wonderful and amazing thing!" he said, lifting her face to his with his fingers. "Thank you," he said, pulling her into a quick kiss.

Ayden stared at Ash as her eyes watered before she quickly embraced him tightly, trying desperately the fight back the tears that threatened to escape. "Ash, wh-where did T-toothless go?" she asked, desperate for an answer.

"I… I don't know, Ayden. I'm so sorry," he said, hugging her tightly, trying to give her some comfort.

Ash looked up when he heard the doors of the Great Hall open as a familiar black creature suddenly slipped in. Ash's face lit up like a Snoggletog tree as Toothless scanned the Hall before he finally spotted Ayden. Ash grinned mischievously and pulled away from Ayden.

"Man, wouldn't want to be you right now. You brought back everyone's dragon except your own," he said, trying to hide the joy in his face.

"Yeah, Ash, you're not being a very good boyfriend right now. This is not helping… like, at all." Ash suddenly pushed Ayden towards the door. When she looked up, Ayden saw a pair of bright green eyes rushing towards her. "TOOTHLESS!" she exclaimed, running up to meet him. "Hey bud!" she cried as Toothless sat up straight in front of her with a big smile on his face.

Ayden stopped for a moment, worrying that she was dreaming, before wrapping her arms tightly around Toothless' thick neck. She cried into his scales before pushing off him and wiping away her tears. "Bad dragon, very bad dragon!" she tearfully scolded. "You scared me half to death, I was so worried you would never come back. Don't you ever dare stay away from me that long away and for Thor's sake Toothless, what is in your mouth?" she rambled on.

Toothless grinned excitedly opening his mouth over her head, placing something on top of her, drenching her in his thick and sticky saliva. Toothless stepped back as his ears perked up, awaiting her reaction. Ayden reached up with her hands and wiped the thick layer of dragon spit off cool metal.

"Yeah, yeah you found my helmet… Hey! You found my helmet!" she exclaimed. Toothless nuzzled towards her. "That's why you were gone to so long? Toothless…" she said, looking tenderly into his eyes, "thank you. You are just so amazing, Toothless." Ayden stepped into him and hugged him tightly. Toothless was taken aback by this hug but quickly wrapped his neck around her back, pulling her closer to him.

"Happy Snoggletog!" Ash excitedly cheered as the other Vikings joined in with him.

Ayden sharply sat up when she heard the familiar creak shake her ceiling. She yawned and quickly stepped out of bed, grabbing her helmet and holding it in her arms. When she stepped outside, she looked at the snow covered Berk and felt an extreme peace within herself. But her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar groan of impatience.

"I'm coming Toothless!" she cried, hoping to ease the Night Fury. "All right, sweetie, come on down, I was just-" Ayden stopped speaking when she already saw Toothless sitting on the ground waiting for her with his saddle and flight equipment sprawled out on the ground around him.

"Toothless, why did you pull this out? You don't need this anymore, come on, let's get going," she said, lightly kicking aside the saddle. She reached forward to climb onto Toothless' back, but he stopped her by standing up and walking to the opposite side of the equipment. She walked back up to him saying, "Would you quit fooling around? You have your new tail now…" she said, as Toothless once again diverted away from her and returned to his original spot. "Toothless...?"

Toothless stared at her before standing up and looking at the gift Ayden had given him. He opened his fin, causing the other to open in response in a perfect sync. He looked back at Ayden before snapping his tail into the ground.

"Toothless, stop! What are you doing?" Ayden cried, as Toothless flung the fin off his tail. Ayden looked at him in shock as he pulled the saddle over to his feet with big black eyes. Ayden stared at him with wide eyes before Toothless lightly nudged the saddle with his front claw, causing Ayden to smile.

The feel of the wind brushing through her hair couldn't be more familiar to her as it was comfortable. She was right where she belonged, on the back of her beloved Night Fury as he soared through the skies, putting his trust in her to guide him through the sky.

'Winter in Berk lasts most of the year,' Ayden thought, 'It hangs on with both hands and won't let go. And the only comforts against the cold are those you keep close to your heart.' She looked down at Toothless and unbuckled her herself from the saddle. "You ready sweetie?" she asked, as Toothless gave an arrogant roar in response. Ayden removed her feet from the stirrups and crouched on the saddle before jumping up and out in front of Toothless, who dove down alongside her as she fell.

She looked at Toothless, who smiled at her, before gleefully pushing her shoulder, causing her to rotate in a circle. 'It turns out, this year was the best Snoggletog ever. I gave my friend a pretty great gift,' she thought, as she maneuvered back into Toothless' saddle, gave out a wild yell as they glided past some pine trees and shook loose the snow.

'He gave me a better one.'

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