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Chapter One

The coronation of the King of Gondor had been beautiful and truly an emotional occasion for all present. It had been long since such peace had been promised, or even possible. People from realms all over Arda had come to see the new King crowned. The festivities were very entertaining and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, the next day the royal wedding of Aragorn and the Evenstar followed, almost a more joyous occasion. It certainly was for the couple.

Many rulers stayed longer than the festivities lasted for political purposes, and why not? There were peace alliances to be made. There were people from everywhere and it would be wise to make peace with as many as possible, to start fresh so rulers would have less to worry about.

My own father was to take part in these peaceful proceedings with myself as his bartering tool. He always said nothing secured peace like a young wife. The fact that that statement didn't quite bother me was unsettling in itself, but I had always known that I would not marry for love, but for political gain.

My father was the Prince of Rhudaur, and would help the new King of Gondor rule his entire realm. We were not related to the king, but my father had been appointed since he had been a trusted advisor to Aragorn's father. There were many trusted advisors who had been placed in these posts of importance and my father really did serve Rhudaur well.

I was left alone to do my own bidding while these meetings took place and found I had a little companion, as usual. My very young half-brother, Idrahil, was almost constantly at my side. He knew no mother besides me and it was not because, like me, his had passed away, but because my step-mother cared nothing for the child.

The woman was barely older than I, my senior by only four years. My father's junior by thirty years. It did not matter to her as long as she got the beautiful clothes and stunning gems she was fine. Soon after she married my father, almost too soon, a son was born to the couple. She had taken no interest him, but I had fallen in love with the child. She never raised any objections to his time spent with me, so we became a pair.

We wondered the corridors of Minas Tirith, which were basically deserted. We would come across a servant here and there, but other than that it was the two of us. We walked to the gardens and sat by a fountain, trailing our fingers through the water, not knowing that my fate was being decided as I idly played with a toddler in a fountain.

As dinnertime approached Idrahil got restless so we began walking again. I figured the meetings were over, as the halls were full of people heading to dinner.

"Are you hungry?" I asked Idrahil. He wordlessly nodded and we followed the people to the dining hall. Our father was already sitting down with his wife and we joined him, taking the two seats on his left.

"Dera, you will be most pleased with the news I have," he said. He took a sip of wine before he continued. "I have just come from arranging your marriage." He smiled broadly and looked overjoyed.

"It is a good match I presume?" I asked as I filled Idrahil's plate with all of his favorite foods.

"Only the best for you, of course, Daughter."

I didn't make my own plate. The people around our table must think the women of Rhudaur very strange indeed. We were never seen eating. In Rhudaur women were decorations, meant only to look good, in the most extreme sense. Women in Rhudaur were taught to charm men and to please them and to look good for them always. If that meant wearing a corset and eating a mouse's rations it was expected.

"It shall be the King of Rohan for you," my father exclaimed.

"A most noble match, Father," I praised, as I had been taught to always do.

"I thought you would enjoy that."

"Very much, Father. You have truly outdone yourself with this." I smiled charmingly at him.

"I knew you would be pleased."

"I am extremely pleased. It shall be a perfect match, I am sure." I acted confident, but I knew how royal marriages went. I had seen them at their best.

I scooted Idrahil's cup of water toward him, as he struggled to reach it.

"He would like to meet you before he leaves for Rohan. As the new King he has many duties to attend to." My father finished his heaping plate of food and looked over at me. "Tomorrow evening in the garden is what he wished."

"I will be there. I am most anxious and excited, Father."

Idrahil yawned and leaned against my side. "I think we shall retire for the evening. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me, Father." I curtsied before him and took Idrahil's chubby hand. As I left the hall I could feel eyes on me and I turned to see the King of Rohan himself staring at me. I bowed my head slightly and batted my eyelashes. We hadn't spoken yet, but I was already using my charm lessons on him. I then escorted Idrahil from the hall.

Even though Idrahil and I were constantly together, he was still a royal child, an Heir Apparent, and still had a brigade of nurses to attend him. I kissed his chubby cheeks and sent him with his nurse so he could go to bed. I then retired to my own bed.

The next day passed with no excitement and as sun down drew nearer my father came to my room. He stepped inside and smiled at me, shooing my ladies away.

"You should begin to get ready, Daughter," he said coming ever closer to me.

"I was just about to, Father." I smiled, but I could see the dangerous look in his eyes.

Luckily he turned to leave and just when I thought I was in the clear he turned around and grabbed my upper arm in a vice-like grip. "Do not ruin this, Dera." His grip tightened with every word.

I could only nod; I did not have the words. He threw my arm away from him and left quickly. I rubbed my sore arm. There would surely be bruises the next day. My ladies filed in, not making eye contact with me, but knowing perfectly well what had just happened.

I was helped into my corset and was laced tight as I held on to the bedpost. With the corset my waist would become unnaturally thin. A was put into a low cut, curve hugging, blue dress and sat in front of the mirror. I stared straight ahead as a little bit of natural was put on and my long blonde curls were brushed and pinned.

"You look perfect," one of my ladies told me. "I believe you are ready."

"Thank you," I said politely. One of the more matronly of my ladies was to accompany me for propriety's sake. I made my way to the gardens, my lady-in-waiting keeping a respectable distance. I could see the King of Rohan sitting on a stone bench in front of the same fountain Idrahil and I had played in the previous day.

I walked around to him and curtsied low, at an angle to show just a few of my charms. "Your Grace," I said in the sweetest voice I could muster.

He stood and for the first time I realized just how big of a man he actually was. He was easily two and half heads taller than me; I was quite the petite maiden. He was well built with a sturdy frame and a strong build.

"Eomer, your highness, please call me Eomer."

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