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Chapter Nine

My pregnancy was smooth and I had no complaints. How could I complain when I had nearly made if full term? Eomer was very supportive and complied with my every wish without being asked. Another very helpful person had proved to be Eomer's sister, Eowyn, whom had stayed after Eomer's birthday with her husband to await the birth of her niece or nephew.

Eowyn and I had become very good friends during her stay in Meduseld and she had proven to be great company whenever Eomer was not around. We talked nearly every day and she helped me with my redecoration of the palace.

As the last months of my pregnancy went by I couldn't believe how big I was. My whole body seemed to be swollen and I could hardly recognize myself when I passed a mirror. Eomer assured me that I was still the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen, but that was truly hard to believe.

One night as I walked unsteadily to our bed, Eomer held his hand out and helped me into bed. He promptly moved to the foot of the bed and began rubbing my feet. It felt fantastic and I let my head loll back onto the pillows.

"You know, I hadn't seen my feet in so long, that I was beginning to think they weren't there," I said.

"They're still here. They're a bit swollen though." Eomer smiled up at me.

After he thoroughly rubbed my feet he crawled back up to the head of bed, pausing to place a kiss on my distended stomach. He situated me so that I was sitting in between his long legs.

Pressing a kiss to my neck, he put his massive hands on both sides of my stomach and felt the baby moving around.

"It shouldn't be long. Any day now would be fine with me." I covered his hands with my much smaller ones.

"I cannot wait much longer, little one," Eomer whispered.

After a staying like that for a while longer we moved, slowly and carefully, into our sleeping positions.

A little bit later that night I woke up to pressure in my stomach. It was a strange feeling; there was no pain, just a lot of pressure. I tried to go back to sleep, but as the night wore on the pressure slowly became pain. Without waking my husband I slowly got out of bed and went into the bathroom.

Tamina must have heard me moving around because she had followed me into the bathroom.

"Are you alright?" She asked quietly.

"Oh yes. Just going to the bathroom." I placed a hand on my stomach and smiled. "As I do all the time now."

Tamina didn't smile and left the room. I had a feeling she knew I was lying and that she hadn't gone very far. I ran myself a bath and slowly got out of my nightgown and slipped into the tub carefully.

I stayed there for almost an hour and a half, the pain progressing. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I had hardly had a scratch my whole life and now it felt as if my whole body was rebelling against me. I tried to relax, but the pain was intense. It felt like a wave, slowly building as an ache and then peaking and crashing over me in sharp pain.

The creaked open and I didn't open my eyes to look at the intruder. I had finally gotten to a place where the contractions had become manageable.

"Dera? What are you doing? Are you alright?" Eomer asked groggily, shielding his eyes from the light in the room.

I put a finger to my lips as another contraction washed over me. When it had subsided I cracked one eye open and looked at him. "I think your little one would like to meet you soon," I whispered.

Eomer didn't look immediately happy at the news, even though he had pleaded with his child to appear soon, he looked panicked. "You have to get out of there and we'll go the infirmary." He grabbed a fluffy towel and walked over to the tub.

I reached a hand up and he gently pulled me to my feet and began to dry me off slowly. He helped me put my nightgown on and we walked into our bedroom.

"It feels good to walk," I murmured as another contraction passed. "Let's not go just yet."

Eomer became more panicked. "You can't have the baby here, Dera. Let me get someone at least!"

"I'm not going to have the baby yet, just walk with me," I pleaded.

Eomer looked down at me and I think he realized that I should be comfortable before it got worse. He obliged, and walked around the bedroom a few times, letting me squeeze his hand when the waves of contractions washed over me.

If I had thought the contractions were bad before, I didn't have a word to describe what came next. It felt as if a knife was slicing across my distended stomach and it nearly brought me to my knees a few times. Eomer held me tightly and tried to comfort me as best he could.

"I think we should go now," I said, finally realizing that the baby was coming very soon.

"Send for Eowyn," Eomer instructed Tamina as she came in the room.

We walked slowly to the infirmary and just before we got to the door a horrible contraction ran me over like a team of horses. I held on tightly to Eomer's arm and he held me close to him. I pressed my face into his chest and moaned through the pain. His rough hand stroked though my hair and rubbed my back.

Eowyn caught up with us then, followed by Faramir who looked tired and disgruntled. The door was opened and Eowyn helped me in, Eomer trying to follow.

"Eomer, what are you doing? You can't come in here," Eowyn said, exasperated.

Eomer looked at his sister furiously. "Of course I can."

"You cannot handle this, brother. No man can."

Faramir put a restraining hand on Eomer's arm and Eowyn closed the door in his face.

There was a resonating boom as one of his huge fists collided with the door.

I was put on the bed and the midwife came over to me.

"Let's take a look at what's going on, shall we?" I closed my eyes against the intrusion of privacy when my nightgown was pushed to my hips and the older woman's probing hands began to examine me. "Well, your highness, you seem to have gotten yourself pretty far already. The next royal child should be here within the hour."

It was my turn to panic now. I had no idea to get the child into the world and I had never been so frightened in my life. The midwife got her things situated at the foot of the bed and Eowyn came to one side, while Tamina took the other.

One of my feet was placed in Eowyn's hand and the other was in Tamina's. "Now, your Highness, when you feel the need, you must push," the midwife instructed.

I waited for the next contraction, not having to wait long, and bore down. The pain finally felt productive, though it was still pain. I took a few breaths and then bore down again, crying out. I continued to do this for what seemed an eternity, not making any progress.

The midwife told me to wait a moment and took a small silver knife from her bag. I opened my mouth to protest, but Eowyn was in my ear before I could. "It will help." And as she murmured into my ear there was a brief stinging before I felt the need to push again.

I gave a few more pushes and as I got more tired I began to cry out and moan into the pushes. "Your child is nearly here, I can see the head," Eowyn said excitedly. "Only a few more, Dera!"

I bore down with everything I had left and soon there was a great release from my body. There was shrill screaming and Eowyn and Tamina left me to look over my child. "A son, Dera! You have a son!" I became elated through my exhaustion and had never felt so accomplished in my life. I had finally done what I was supposed to and more.

In the next few moments the baby was taken away to be cleaned and swaddled and Tamina helped me to clean myself and put a fresh slip on, while the bed clothes were changed. After that I gingerly got into the bed and arranged myself. My son was placed into my arms and I studied him, hoping to remember how perfect he looked forever.

As I looked over his light blonde hair, small perfect nose, blue eyes, and rosebud mouth the door opened and Eomer came flying to my side. Everyone left the room to give the royal couple and their new son some privacy.

"Dera," he breathed, stroking my hair and my cheeks.

"You have a son, Your Grace." I smiled up at him and he kissed me sweetly on the mouth before turning his attention to his child.

"He is perfect. He looks like his mother." Eomer kissed my temple and stoked the soft cheek of the baby. "What are we going to call him?"

"I was thinking Eoman." I unlaced the top of my shift as the baby began to fuss.

"Eoman," Eomer tried it out as the baby began to suckle for the first time. "Eoman, Prince of Rohan."

The End

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