Ok, sorry it took me a little while to update this. But most of the endings are, rather depressing. But after what had been going on with Meg and if you think about her rationality during this whole thing, it probably isn't going to turn out well whatever you do.

But then! A MIRACLE HAPPENED! Ok Just kidding, it's not really a miracle just a, happier ending. We'll go back to the depressing endings after this ;)

So this ending is, what if Meg didn't shoot anybody and they all lived happily ever after? Yea, most fanfictions elaborate on this, but I'm just gonna keep it on the pier and leave it at that. If anyone WANTS to elaborate more on these endings, feel free! Go ahead and twist them aroud even, whatever floats your boat. Unless your Meg, or Christine, then your boat kinda sinks...

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"The world is coarse and cold and mean it's hard to keep your conscience clean" Meg said, almost eerily calm. Gustave twisted around and tried to break her grip "Please your hurting me!" he cried.

She didn't listen and pulled him farther down the pier "The sea is calm the sea is grey, it washed everything away" she told him. He froze, and stared at her in terror "I can't swim!" he told her. She shook her head "Don't worry it's almost over" she told him, almost gently.

Meg began leading him down the pier farther "Sail across the sea, blue and cool and kind. Then drift off to sleep, Let the past unwind. Leave the Hurt behind" she said. Suddenly there was shouting as Christine, Madame Giry, and Mr. Y ran up the pier "GUSTAVE!" Christine cried.

Gustave ran to his mother and Meg pulled out a pistol, making everyone freeze "Not another step!" she told them, her eyes dark. Mr. Y tried to speak but she pointed the gun at him angrily "Not another word!". He stopped and held up his hands as her eyes narrowed "Always wondered how to make you watch, well watch me now!".

Mist began to roll in as she spoke shakily "I took a little trip to Coney Island. I took a little Trip because of YOU! I did as Mother said, and followed where you lead. And tried to do what little I could do". Mr. Y tried to take another step forward, Madame Giry right behind him but Meg held the gun up again.

Her eyes were dark as she spoke again "Now here's the way it works on Coney Island. They make you PAY for every little crumb. I gave what they would take, I gave if for YOUR sake. Now look at me and see what I've become" her voic wavered and she looked out over the distance.

"Bathing Beauty, On the beach. Bathing Beauty in her dressing room. Bathing Beauty, in the dark. On their laps in their arms in their beds" she let out a couple sobs and Madame Giry turned away "Meg my little Meg" she whimpered. She went and stood next to Christine as Meg continued.

She swallowed and got her voice back before going on "Who helped you raise the Money? Who helps the permits come through? Who greased the wheels of your high flying deals? Bought you time when the bills came due?" she asked. Madame Giry attempted to come forward again.

Meg looked at her mother angrily "Who swayed the local bosses? Curried favor with the press? No, Not HER" she said bitterly, poiting the gun at her mother. Madame Giry and Mr. Y looked at each other before looking back at Meg, who's eyes were almost pleading.

"And who kept singing? Desperate for your favor? Who kept dancing? Hoping you would save her? Who kept dying? And THIS is all you gave her?" she stopped and the pier was quiet. She spoke again in a low voice "Now that I've got, your attention at last. Here's the big finish and THEN you can go".

The gun came up and she pointed it under her chin, trembling. Madame Giry attempted to run forward to her daughter but Mr. Y held his arm out and stopped her. Christine's eyes widened in horror and she pushed Gustave behind her protectively. Mr. Y stepped forward cautiously "Give me the gun Meg" he told her.

He stopped as her finger found the trigger "Give me the hurt and the pain and the gun Meg. Give me the gun Meg" he repeated "Give me the blame for not seeing the things that you've done, Meg". She looked at him pleadingly "Give me the gun Meg, Give me the chance to see you clear at last.

Her hand trembled slightly "See me clear at last" she echoed. He began walking towards her slowly "You feel ugly you feel used, you feel broken you feel bruised. Ah but me, I can see, all the beauty underneath". Tears began rolling down her cheeks as she whispered "Yes".

Mr. Y continued "You've been robbed of love and pride, been ignored and pushed aside. Even so, I still know, there is beauty underneath". Meg began to lower the gun as he got closer and she nodded "Yes". He was so close to her now they were almost touching, and he began singing comfortingly.

"Diamonds never sparkle bright, if they aren't set just right" he told her, gently putting his hands on her shoulders to comfort her "Beauty sometimes goes unseen. But my dear you can come clean" he told her. She nodded and choked, wanting to say yes, but she didn't believe she could come clean after what she'd just done.

Brokenly Meg began to cry and Mr. Y gently turned her so she was facing him and pulled her into a hug. She sobbed into his chest, "Please forgive me Master" she cried through her sobs. He rubbed her back and hushed her before Madame Giry tried to approach.

Meg looked away from her mother "I hate you Mother! I hate what you did to me!" told her. Mr. Y looked up and Madame Giry stood there shocked before Mr. Y motioned for her to leave. He would calm Meg down and she'd be going back to her mother in no time.

Before Madame left them she looked up at Meg "I'm sorry for what I did to you as well my dear" she said before turning and walking off the pier. This only made Meg cry harder and Christine approached her upset friend. "Meg" she said quietly.

She couldn't even look at her best friend and she buried her face in Mr. Y's shoulder "I'm sorry I took him! I didn't mean to hurt him!" she sobbed. Christine took her friend's hand "It's alright Meg, I forgive you" she told her. Meg looked up "Y... You do?" she asked.

Christine nodded "Of course I do! You were always like a sister to me!" she told her honestly. Meg sniffled "You were always like a sister to me too" she replied, almost smiling. Gustave looked over warily at them before walking over and tugging at his mother's dress "Mother? Where's Father? Shouldn't he be here too?" he asked.

His mother swallowed before looking down at him "Your father, your REAL father, is Mr. Y" she admitted. Gustave looked up at his true father with wide eyes for a moment. Mr. Y looked back at him, and then Gustave smiled "I'm glad mother. Because he still has to show me the rest of Coney Island" he told them.

At this they all laughed lightly and Meg closed her eyes for a moment, letting herself relax. After a long while she pulled away, Mr. Y giving her a cloth to clean her face. He then took Christine's hand in his left, and Gustave's in his right, and began walking back down the pier.

Christine gently took Meg's hand in her free hand and the four began to walk down the pier "Will you be alright?" Christine asked Meg. Meg nodded "Yes. I'll use the time during the off season to recover" she replied, then she blinked "I suppose I have to make up with my mother now?" she asked.

Mr. Y nodded "That's correct my dear" he told her. Meg sighed sadly but Christine squeezed her hand reassuringly "You can come visit me and Mr. Y whenever you'd like" she told her. She nodded, a smile lighting her face "I would like that" she replied.

Gustave bounced happily as if nothing had happened "So what are we going to do tomorrow?" he asked. As they began walking back through Phantasma he began pointing at things "What does that do? Oh how bout that one? What's that?". Christine and Meg couldn't help but laugh as he continued tugged at Mr. Y pointing at random things.

Finally they reached the Ayrie where Fleck, Squelch, and Gangle were waiting. They looked up and a look of relief passed through all of them "Oh good you found him!" Fleck sighed. They all looked exhausted from scouting the entire park looking for the boy.

He told the trio to escort Christine and Gustave upstairs into his workshop to wait for him while he escorted Meg home, because he was a little worried she wouldn't make it back safely. Gently he took her hand and they began heading back to the flat where Madame Giry and Meg had lived since they had first arrived in Coney.

When they got to the door Meg stopped "Wait! I don't think I can do this!" she told him. He sighed and waited for a moment, letting her get up her nerve, before he knocked on the door. The door opened and Madame Giry stood there, her face streaked with tears.

Meg was almost caught offguard as her mother pulled her into an embrace "Oh Meg, My poor little Meg! I'm so sorry!" she said. Meg looked back at Mr. Y, who simply stood waiting. Finally Meg managed to wriggle free from her mother's tight grasp and Madame Giry sighed "Can you ever forgive me Meg darling?" she asked.

She nodded "Yes Mother, I forgive you. But please, do I have to work anymore?" she asked. Before Madame Giry could open her mouth Mr. Y answered sharply "No! You will never have to work like that again" he told her. Meg smiled and bowed slightly to Mr. Y "Thank you Master" she told him.

He nodded "I heard Christine saying you were welcome anytime" he told her "So I suppose, knowing the two of you, that won't be very long from now". Meg couldn't help but smile broadly and he bowed his head "Good Night Madame" he replied. He took Meg's hand and kissed it lightly "Good Night Meg" he replied before turning and leaving.

Christine and Mr. Y were soon married, and poor Mr. Y's time was almost always consumed by Gustave. Which was fine by Christine and Meg, who spent most of their off season and free time shopping in New York and exploring.

Christine was given an act to sing, and Meg was given a proper dance routine, but she still did a daily performance or two of the Ooh La La Girl. Meg had decided it was alright, because 2 shows was better than 5. And she never had to perform 'Bathing Beauty' again, nor was she subject to work in between performances.

Madame Giry was still the producer, but she went back to ballet instructing, which the chorus girls did NOT like at all. Still, everyone was happy. Even the Freaks, who were very busy now that Mr. Y's time was always taken by Gustave. Somebody had to run Phantasma after all!

So they ALL lived happily ever after! THE END!