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Chapter 1: The Last First Day:

So I lay here in my bed after a night of no sleep and waking up in the middle of the night sweating you would lay here if it was your last first day at forks high school. Its been a hole summer since I've seen him and every once in a while this past summer that I've thought of Edward Cullen, I have a night mare of him telling me that he hates me and that I just have a silly high school crush. Well its more than that I am madly in love with Edward Cullen. Oh sorry I forgot to tell you who I am.

I am Isabella Marie Swan, one of three girls and we are triplets. Mom (Renee) almost didn't make it, they delivered us are 33 weeks, but odd thing was we were all healthy and breathing on our own with no help being on 7 weeks early. Our dad (Charlie) is a c/o chief surgeon at forks medical along with his best friend Carlisle Cullen whom dad met their first year of medical school.

Then there is our mom, she is a labor and delivery nurse excuse me c/o head of labor and delivery along with her best friend Esme Cullen whom she met in college as well. Their story's are so cute, but I don't have time for the long version so here is the short, mom, dad, Carlisle and Esme were all married after high school and on the same day, even thought the Cullen's are from Chicago.

They meet at Harvard and became fast friends, after graduation they all moved back to Forks and that is where we are today. Oh and besides the fact that mom and Esme got pregnant at the same time, pregs with triplets mom with girls Esme with boys, and ironically born all on the same day September 13,1987. So every year we had to share our party with those boys ughhh.

That was until we were 13 and Alice through a fit protesting, lucky for us they gave in. So that is where we are today. The first last day of high school.

The alarm sounds again so I reach over and turn it off because I am going to drag my butt out of bed, " ISABELLA MARIE SWAN GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED OR ELSE WE WILL BE LATE!" I hear Alice scream from her room. "I'm up I'm Up." I yell back.

Just then my door is flung open and I am laying back on the bed with Rose and Alice on top of me. "Get. Off. Me" I get out with each breath I can barely take. After Rose helped me off the bed, I went to my closet to get my clothes.

" Come on I want to see my Jazzy before class." Alice wines at me. "Ali you just saw him yesterday." I say with a roll of my eyes.

Alice has been dating Jasper Cullen since the 8th grad as well as Rosalie with Emmett Cullen. So that just left me and their brother Edward. I've been in love with Edward since the 8th grad but he wouldn't give me a look in return. Then the day we were all at the Cullen's that summer after 8th grad year, when out of no where Edward gets in my face screaming at me that just because his brothers were dating my sisters there would never be anything between me and him, I went home crying that day. (Psst we just lived next door), I ran out and home and locked myself in my room, word from my sisters that he got grounded for a month.

He never apologized but I wasn't expecting him to either. Then this summer he went to stay with his grandfather in Chicago so there was no trouble there. "EARTH TO BEL-LA" I hear from my sister bringing me back to reality, "uh, sorry guys. I'm I'm just worried about today is all, we only have one class that ain't together and I heard from Em, that I share that one class with Edward, I just don't want to deal with him." I say with a sigh. " Oh honey we know we know, well maybe he wont get a seat next to you, its just an hour long so you will be out in no time." Alice reassures me. With a sigh I get my things and head out the door to my explorer.

We decided to take our own vehicles today since dad would let us get until this past summer so we wanted to show them off. Rose got her red BMW convertible she is the car girl and wanted a lot of flash, on a rare occasion she got to put the top down, its Forks again the city that lives under a constant cover of cloud and rain. Alice has her a canary yellow Porsche she likes how its fast and flashy. Then there is me I have the new 2005 ford Explorer in the color blue of course I got it for going off road that was a favorite past time for me and my sisters.

As I pull into school leading the way with Rose and Alice in tow, everyone stopped to stare, it was so funny, because of Rose and Alice, we were consider the poplar crew over everyone. They were gorgeous. Me on the other hand I was average skin with nothing to show, but over the summer, I gained a nice rack and a very nice ass, so now I fit in with my sisters don't get me wrong I wasn't ugly I just wish I had everything they did well now I do.

Rose was a beautiful blond that went down to middle of her back beautiful blue eyes she was and still is model material, Alice was a little shorter than I standing an 5'3" short spiky brown hair with hazel eyes her bubble domineer gained her the nick name pixie. Then there is me I have brown hair that reaches middle of my back like Rose's with chocolate brown eyes like our father and I stand at 5'7" with Rose capping us off at and even 6'.

I climb out of my explorer to stand with my sisters to walk in school . Getting all the looks from everyone, I walk over to my sister's who are now standing with their respective boy friends. When out of the corner of my eye I see that familiar silver Volvo, as I look up my eyes meet the most beautiful pair of emerald green eyes that I know who they belonged to. They were Edward Cullen's. After tearing away from his glance I walk into the school with my sister's and the rest of our friends. This was going to be an interesting first day.

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