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Chapter 7: Graduation Day

We finally made it Graduation day, I was so happy to finally be here the six of us were graduating and all going of to UW after the summer. Jasper, Edward and Emmett we further up in the line while Alice, Rose and myself were further back. Mom and Dad were sitting with Esme and Carlisle.

The line moves slowly we at least I think it does next thing I know I hear the principle, "Mary Alice Swan, Isabella Swan, Rosalie Swan." Alice dances a crossed the stage, while I follow and try not to trip. I get my diploma and mom stops the three of us at the end of the stage for a picture.

As we filled out to the car's after the ceremony we all head back to the Cullen's for a family party.

"So Alice are you excited about your wedding next month?" Esme ask her while all us woman are in the kitchen preparing the side foods while the men cook the meat on the grill.

"Of course I am the baby of the family and first to be married, which reminds me we have final fitting next Saturday." Alice said very chirpy. We new that she would get even more hyper as the days to her wedding got closer, here we are only two weeks away from June 15th her wedding day, she was driving us all crazy with her dramatic wedding plans. Thankfully it was dwindling down some but I knew all to soon closer to the date it would spike back up.

"Well, Your mom and I know where you are going on your honey moon but, as I recall Jasper has not told you has he?" Esme asked her with a knowing smile. We all knew where he was taking her but she didn't.

"No, he still hasn't told me, He knows I can't stand not being in on stuff like this, But I am going to let it go and let my man show me what he has got up his sleeve." She says with a slight giggle and goes back to cutting cucumbers for the salad.

"So Rose, how are you wedding plans coming along?" Esme asked her, I choose at this moment to excuse myself. I really didn't want to have wedding talk on my graduation day. Don't get me wrong or anything, I am happy to be marring the man I have loved all my life. Its just I wish to take one day one whole day for something other than impeding nuptials and craziness.

I slipped out the front door of the Cullen's house and head over to our back yard and up to the tree house. This is were I go to think and just be by myself. No one knows about me coming here, and I know that this will be the last place they think to look.

As I sit with my back to the door, looking out the tiny window at the back of the tree house lost in my own thoughts. When I feel two strong arm's wrap around me. I know immediately that it was my daddy.

"Bells, what are you doing up here baby girl? You haven't came up here to thinking since last summer. What's going on in that head of your's?" dad ask me.

I turn to look at him and see the concern in his eyes. "Dad, I just don't know what to do any more. All these talk about wedding's, and future plans, I just want to take one day to be a normal family without talking about impending weddings, honeymoon's and such. It seems every time I turn around its wedding this and honeymoon that. I can't take it any more daddy." by the time I end my little rant I'm in tears. "Are you saying you have second thoughts about marrying me Bella?" That was Edward, I did not see him behind dad, he had so many emotions going a crossed his face most of it being hurt and rejected.

"What no, baby I love you and want to marry you more than anything." I say to him my heart breaking with the look on his face.

"Bella, I'll leave you to talk to Edward, If you need me you know where to find me." Dad said he kissed me on my head and went back down the ladder.

"Edward baby, come here." I say to him, in which he complies and crawls over and sits behind me and I crawl up and sit in his lap and wrap my arm's around his neck. I kiss his lips lightly.

"Baby, I want to marry you more than anything in the world, it just seems all we talk about lately is wedding plan's. We haven't spent any time with just you and I, or us and our siblings like we used to I miss everyone." "We miss you to Bells." That was Rose. I look out the door down to the ground and there stand Rosie, Em, Ali, and Jazz. All of them with a sad look on their faces.

"Can we come up Belly, I think we all need to talk." Em asked.

"Of Course Emmy. I would love that. I said to them as Edward scoots us back into a corner in the small tree house. They all filled in and sat down each in couple in a corner.

"Wait a minute, one question. How did you guy's know I was up here?" I questioned them and looked around the tiny room at each of them. They all held amused expressions.

"Silly Bella, we've know about you coming up here ever since it had been built back when we were all seven." Rose said.

"Yeah, we just never said anything to you about it, because it was your thing, we each have our own things where we go to think and just sit, me for example I have shopping, Rose has fixing cars, Jazz has his history books, and Em has his video games. Now Edward, he has you, we have watched him sit and stare at you from a distance with that look he gets when he thinks about something. See we all have our thing, and you have yours." Ali said to me with a heart felt smile on her pixie face.

"But little darlin, we agree with you, with all the talk and planning of the weddings going on, no thanks to our mothers, we haven't spent time with just each other as a couple or the six of us all together. I know how you feel Bells, I feel as though I am losing my best friends and it has bothered me, and Ali, her and I talked about it last night." Jazz said.

"We all had a talk with each other as a couple and our siblings. Except you Belly, We could never find the right time to sit down with you and talk to you about this." Em said to me with a sad smile.

"Every time we got any where close to talking to you our mothers would interrupt or something would come up about school and planning graduation day, but that's why we are here now to talk bout missing everyone, love. We can't stand not having the closeness of each other and most of all we can see the effect its having on you. Baby, you are suffering the most, because you have been the most busiest, with helping your sisters with there wedding, working on our wedding and working with your dad down at the hospital. Baby you have taken to much of yourself away from us and we see it in your eyes every day when you leave in the morning. No more Bella, starting tonight we are all going to spend more time with each other as a couple and as one big family like the six of us used to be. Ok baby?" Edward asked me and kissed the top of my head.

I looked around the little room to my siblings, yes I said siblings because Rose and Ali may be my sisters but Em and Jazz were like my big brothers that I always wanted. Just like Em and Edward were Ali's big brothers as Jazz and Edward are Rose's big brothers, we are all a big family. As my eyes finally landed back on Edwards face I smiled and said, "Ok baby, so what do we want to do?"

I looked over at Em who started to bust a gut. We all knew what that meant he had and idea, and it was crazy.

"Ok Em we give, what is your crazy idea?" Ali, asked him. He took a minute to calm down and when he did, he got this mischievous grin on his face and said "Lets go skinny dipping!"

We all looked at each other, "Why the hell not?" I said, and began to giggle. "Hell yeah little Belly." Em said and gave me a high five.

We all agreed that after dinner we would all head out to our spot at the lake. This was the beginning of getting back on track with our family. We are all we were going to have when we all moved to Seattle in the fall to start college and I know that there will be more times like this where we just take life by the horns and go with it.

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