One of my favorite JLU characters is J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, so I thought I should try and do a story about him, and this is my attempt. Oh and the reason why this is readable is because of my BETA Hepburn!

"Why?" J'onn J'onzz asks.

"Because you are lonely, and I think it could be a good experience for you J'onn," Diana explains.

"From all I've heard blind dates rarely end up being good experience for anyone," he tells her.

"Just relax and try to think of it as a new experience, who knows you might actually have a good time."

The Martian frowns, thinking of all the disastrous ways this night could end. "And if I simply do not show up for this?" he asks.

"Then I'll have to confiscate all Oreos in the Watchtower," she answers with a smirk.

"Amazon that will mean war," J'onn tells her.

Diana starts walking away and says over her shoulder, "Then for the sake of peace you'd better be at the restaurant by eight."

A thought comes to the Martian and before Wonder Woman walks out of sight he asks, "Diana, what should I wear?"

Diana stops for a second then says back, "I don't think it matters for this, just be yourself!" Then she walks out of sight.

J'onn walks over to the Watchtower window and looks at his reflection. "Be myself?" he says.

With a simple thought he reverts to his full Martian form.

"Ahh!" one of the purple clad Watchtower staff shouts in shock.

Shayera in passing simply looks over at the man and laughs, "Hah! Wuss."

"Hmm, maybe not for the first date," the Manhunter says. Then he shape-shifts himself into the form similar to his normal hero shape but dressed in a tuxedo.

"I don't know J'onn, it looks a bit formal for a first date," Mr. Terrific says, looking at him from the command station.

"Alright," he says, taking his friends advice. The Martian shape changes again and is now standing there in a coat and trousers the same blue as his cape, with a red shirt. Then he turns around and shrugs.

Mr. Terrific and all the staff in the main chamber look over at J'onn, and they all nod their heads and comment that the outfit looks good. "Thanks," he tells them, then steps on the teleport pad. "Terrific, beam me down to Philadelphia."

"Isn't it a bit early J'onn?" Mr. T asks.

"Yes, but I think I will fly around a bit before hand," he answers.

"Alright," Terrific says, hitting the controls, "Good luck."

Sparkling blue light surrounds J'onn, and when it clears he is falling through the night sky over the Pennsylvanian city. He smiles and exerts his will, stopping his fall and taking flight. For a while he looks down at the sprawling urban landscape, but eventually he closes his eyes and spreads out his arms. For a second, just a precious second, he can forget that he is on an alien world. For a mere moment in time he manages to fool himself, to feel that he is floating through a much different sky over a far more familiar city.

The moment passes and J'onn opens his eyes to the here and now, just in time to see an explosion on the ground. The Manhunter flies down and sees a woman dressed in chains, using other floating lengths to whip out and strike at buildings, crowds, and anyone unlucky enough to catch her attention.

"Enough!" J'onn (now back in his hero shape) shouts at the woman running amuck.

The woman turns and laughs, her three floating lengths of chain flying in loops around her arms and torso. "Oh hello my green cutie! Come to dance with Binda tonight?" she asks in a mad cackle.

"I can not allow you to continue on this rampage. Stand down or I will be forced to stop you," he tells her.

"Stand down? Where would the fun be in that?" she asks. Binda flicks her hands forward and two of her chains start spinning through the air at J'onn.

The Martian bends like he's made of rubber, dodging the chains, then charges forward and throws a strong punch at the super-villain. She blocks his blow with her third flying weapon, which then lengthens and wraps all around the Martian's torso, binding his arms to his chest.

J'onn tries to shape change his way out of his bindings, but the only thing that changes is his head and legs. He then tries to go insubstantial, but again nothing bound by the chains can change.

"Look at you, how adorable!" Binda says, clapping and bouncing like a teenage airhead.

Two curved horns grow out of J'onn's forehead and he head-butts the annoying woman. The blow knocks her on her butt and makes her dizzy for a second, but then she angrily pops back up and yells in rage. Two long lengths of chain slithers down her arms and Binda begins using them to whip the bound Martian. A second later the two flying chains join in on the assault and begin hitting J'onn from behind.

Well this is better than I thought my night would be like, J'onn thinks to himself. The Martian Manhunter hits his attacker with an alien psychic scream, which manages to stun her. Taking advantage of the moment, he then shape-shifts his lower half into a long snake's tail, which he wraps around Binda, then squeezes.

"Gah!" she spurts out. Then with a venomous glare she makes the chains around J'onn constrict.

The two are locked in this deadly test of wills, neither willing to succumb to the other. J'onn narrows his red eyes at the demented woman. "I'm a shape-shifter, you have bones," he tells her, squeezes a bit harder causing two of her ribs to pop, "now stop this before you really get hurt."

Binda's face contorts in pain and a moment later the chains wrapped around J'onn slacken and slide off. The Martian then unwraps himself from her and returns his lower half to legs as the super-villain collapses to the ground in pain, holding her sides.

J'onn contacts the Watchtower. "Terrific I have a super-villain here who is going to need a trip to the hospital, please send someone down to help the authorities deal with her," he reports.

"No problem J'onn," Mr. T answers. "Sounds like you had one hell of a date."

The Martian superhero sighs. "Unfortunately Terrific my night hasn't even started yet," he tells him.

Eventually J'onn makes his way to the restaurant. It is a nice Italian place with a classic design. The Martian walks inside and comes to young woman standing at a desk with an opened book. "Excuse me, my name is J'onn J'onzz. I believe I have a reservation," he tells her.

The girl looks up at him with wide eyes, but she soon gets over her surprise. "Yes. And your lady friend is waiting for you," she answers.

She leads him to a table where an athletic dark skin woman sits, dressed in a long ancient Grecian dress. Upon his arrival she stands, takes J'onn's hand and says, "Greetings J'onn J'onzz of Mars. I am Nubia of Themyscira."

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