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When J'onn floated outside he couldn't help but watch his date work. If you could arm a lioness with a sword you might be able to match the beautiful skill and ferocity the Amazon unleashed on her enemy. Not to say the Endbringer was without skill, but compared to the dark beauty he might as well have been a child. Nubia easily dodged the energy blasts and leaped over his ax stroke to bury her sword into his armor.

"Yield!" she commanded.

"I don't yield to opponents. I end them," the armored villain calmly told her before he sent charge of electricity up her sword and zapped her. While she was dazed by the jolt Endbringer pointed his blaster at her unarmored armpit and fired which blew her and her weapon off of him and flung the Amazon across the street.

Before the villain could truly relish his victory, he was caught from behind by a very angry Martian. J'onn stretched out both his arms, wrapped them around his enemy's armored body and then squeezed with superhuman strength. "Who sent you?" J'onn asked as the power armor began to crush inwards.

"Don't...worry," Endbringer choked out as the air was slowly forced from his lungs. "...All questions...are the afterlife!" Then the villain's armor erupted into flame.

J'onn immediately let go, threw himself backwards through the air and back into the restaurant and started rolling on the ground in an attempt to put himself out. "Did you think I would come for the head of one of the most powerful beings on Earth and not come prepared?" The assassin asked as he casually stepped down towards J'onn.

But before he could get to his target, Endbringer was distracted by a missile drop kick to his side that sent him end over end through the air before he hit the ground face first. He looked up from the ground to see Nubia standing there, her left arm hanging useless but her right still holding her massive sword, with a furious look on her face. "I can guarantee that you aren't prepared for me!" she told him.

Inside J'onn continued rolling about on the floor in a futile gesture to put out the fire that was consuming his flesh. He was saved from a second death by immolation by a helpful waiter with a fire-extinguisher who quickly covered him in the life saving foam. J'onn was soon able to get back up.

"Thank you," he said to the very helpful waiter. "Do you mind if I take that?" J'onn asked as he pointed to the fire extinguisher.

"No problem," the waiter said as he handed it to him.

The Manhunter went outside to see the injured Nubia still holding her own against the murderous fiend in burning power armor. J'onn calmly walked up behind Endbringer and turned the extinguisher on him, covering the villain in flame retardant chemicals. As the criminal turned around, J'onn swung the extinguisher at him in a thunderous blow, which knocked him to his knees.

The green superhero then morphed into a large, six armed, and terrifying form which then began to pound the living hell out of his opponent. Once every inch of Endbringer's armor was dented J'onn planted four of his massive claws into his chest plate and ripped the entire suit open. He then knocked the villain's helmet off, grabbed him up in one massive claw to bring him up to eye level before belting out a massive roar right in Endbringer's gruff face.

Seemingly unimpressed the now unarmored assassin simply pulled out a normal looking handgun and fired it in J'onn's face at point blank range. The bullet bounced off the Martian's face harmlessly and he crushed the gun. He punched a super strong fist into his enemy's ribs and then slammed him back first into the ground. The Manhunter shape changed back into his normal hero form before looking down at his defeated enemy with glowing red eyes. "Tell me who sent you," J'onn commanded.

"You'll get nothing from me J'onzz," Endbringer answered.

"Nothing except that you were contacted via email from an anonymous buyer, with a Swiss bank account, whose user name was Mr.3," J'onn said calmly.

"Wha...?" Endbringers's question was cut off by a swift boot to the head from Nubia.

"So, do you know who sent this fool after you?" she asked.

"Not yet, but I was able to pry a clue from his head," he explained. "I know someone who is good with Earth computers and with his help I should be able to find my admirer." He looked up at the striking warrior and asked, "Are you alright?"

Nubia smiled and moved her left arm in circles. "Don't worry about me, I heal fast," she answered.

"That is good to hear," J'onn replied. He looked about at the destruction the battle had caused, then looked back to her and said, "I feel that I need to apologize, I had no intention for our first date to end like this."

Nubia smiled, magically changed back into her dress and then stated, "Who said its over, I thought we agreed the night is young?"

J'onn smiled and changed into the form he had when their date began before asking her, "What do you want to do next?"

"We can start with dancing," she answered.

The two started out dancing in one of the nicer clubs in town, then spend the night roaming about the city, seeing the sights and having fun. They went about gleefully enjoying the night, not bothered by some of the more bewildered stares they'd get or by the few paparazzi who'd snapped pictures of them as they passed.

At one point, as the couple walked hand in hand down the street, they were stopped by a young man with a pen and paper in his hands. "Excuse me, but are you the Martian Manhunter?" he asked.

"Yes," J'onn answered, not knowing what the nervous looking man could want from him.

"If it isn't too much of I have your autograph?" the young man finally spit out.

Though at first surprised by this request, J'onn soon smiled and signed his name with English and Martian characters, following it with "for Alex" (the young man's name). As Alex ran off with his prize in hand Nubia turned to J'onn and asked, "That doesn't happen to you often does it?"

"No," he admitted. "But then again its not often that I just walk among them."

Eventually the night began to fade and dawn was soon to come. The beautiful warrior woman turned to her date and said, "I want one more thing from you tonight."

"Tell me," he said.

"Fly me home."

J'onn wrapped his arms around Nubia and pulled her close before lifting off into the air. They flew together through the sky as the sun slowly rose over the horizon and Nubia looked around in simple delight. Eventually they arrived at the Themysciran Embassy and the Martian landed them in front of the building. "Did you enjoy the flight?"

"It should never be said that you can't show a woman a good time," she replied with a carefree smile. Then she took a step back and looked at him seriously for a moment. "Show me what you really look like J'onn."

Though he felt a quick surge of trepidation for a second at that idea, J'onn quickly shook it off and changed himself back into his true Martian form. For a breathless second Nubia just looked him up and down. Then she smiled, stepped forward and pulled him into a kiss. Though it took him by surprise at first, he soon returned the kiss, even wrapping his hands around her back and deepening it.

Eventually she ended the kiss and sucked in air while smiling. She pulled out a card from under her bracelet and handed it to him. "According to Diana this is my phone number," she told him. "Call me soon."

"I intend to," he answered as she walked into the embassy.

Once the dark beauty was out of sight, J'onn contacted the Watchtower. "This is the Martian Manhunter, please transport me to the Watchtower," he commanded.

In a blue flash, he was soon standing on the transport pad and Mr. Terrific looked over at him and smiled. "It looks like your date went well."

"Amazingly so," J'onn told him. "I need to see Batman tomorrow though."

"Why?" Terrific asked.

"Because tonight I found out that someone is trying to kill me."

Shortly after J'onn's return to the Watchtower, a man in a gray suit sat in a dark office watching the footage of J'onn battling Binda then Endbringer. "It seems like our bread crumbs have been laid," the man said. Suddenly the footage ended and the monitor just showed a picture of J'onn's face. "Now we wait."

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