For Rosawyn's Avatar: The Last Airbender (short!)Drabble Challenge
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The Crush She Never Outgrew
Pairing: Mai/Zuko

She never outgrew her childhood crush. Sometimes, she still feels like blushing when she sees him.

Once, she tries to teach him to throw a knife, but he's a terrible student as he can't focus on anything else but her.

She has never truly felt loved by anyone before him, not even her own parents.

He never expected to see her of all people in the interrogation room; he is entirely unprepared.

Try as she might, she can never truly believe him a traitor, even while calling him one to his face.

She does her best to ignore his obvious emotional distress; she has years of practice to draw on.

Hearing his own words from her lips is too painful; he begs her to stop.

She doesn't tell him, but the main reason she is angry is that he never gave her the chance to choose, but instead decided for her.

He often wonders if he could have somehow saved her from imprisonment. He hated feeling so helpless. He hated abandoning her.

The look of pure joy on his face when he sees her again is enough; she forgives both times he left her.

She is only slightly annoyed that he requires the healing attentions of that waterbender girl; she knows there are things only she herself can do for him.

They are both terrified they might repeat their parents' mistakes, but babies come regardless of how ready they feel.

She doesn't meditate, but she gives him time and space in which to do so. They are both happier for it.