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Edward walked outside with her she seemed to want to stay a fair distance behind him not willing to touch him seeming to shy away from any contact. She stopped when they reached the shadowy edges of the forest. She swallowed hard her hands twisting nervously in front of her.

"Bella are you ok, " asked gently not wanting to touch her in fear that she'd spoke and fly away from him.

"Yeah I just need to collect myself." She sat on the grass hidden by the shade of the tree. He slide now next to her but kept a distance between them, she turned to him trying to force herself to speak. " I talked to Rose," Edward nodded.

"I know you're dad talked to me." She looked taken aback but didn't comment on it. She just kept talking.

"Edward I want to be with you I really do but I'm scared," he looked like he was about to interrupt so she held her hand up, " care about you and really truly it has nothing to do with you its me I don't trust myself I don't trust what could happen."

He wanted to touch her to reassure her so bad but she looked like a scared rabbit ready to fly hop away. She was nervously biting her lip. "Bella, listen, he made sure her eyes were level with his and he spoke soft and gently but firmly. "I love you, I know its really early but I do I'm sorry if that scares you. I love you and I'll let you make the moves because I'm not going to push you into anything, you'll learn to trust me I'll learn to trust you and together we'll make it as a couple. "

She wanted to believe him her heart wanted to believe him but her mind still held her back. She stepped closer to him, she extended her hand and he took it. They walked through the forest just holding hands neither saying a word, both trying to figure out their lives and what was going on.

They came around a bend in the forest when they ran smack into five people. Bella screamed in excitement dropped Edward's hand and raced towards the group trying to hug them all at once. She paid special attention to Tanya. "I can't believe you guys are here, What are you doing here?" they all looked at her in astonishment.

"I think the better question would be Bella my dear what are you doing here, and with Edward none the less." Tanya smiled she'd always thought Bella and Edward would make the perfect couple.

"Oh That's right you guys don't know what's happened?"

"NO what's happened," the girls looked intrigued this had to be good Bella didn't take to new people easily.

"I found my Father," Bella whispered.

"Your Father," their eyes widened even farther.

"oh my It's Emmett isn't it, I always thought it was odd that you two had the same last name but I never put two and two together." Eleazer said. "I'm so sorry Bella.

"Hey," she hugged him, "Its not your fault don't beat yourself up over this do you understand me." She gave him a glare and he nodded meekly.

"Come on girls and Ez lets go to the house I'm sure everyone will be so excited to see you," Bella beamed she was so happy to have her friends around her again. She looped on of her arms through Tanya's another around Kate's Carman and Irena also linked in. Edward and Eleazer fell behind the girls as they talked a mile a minute.

"So you and Bella huh," Eleazer arched his eyebrow.

"Not now," Edward shook his head "I'm having difficulty getting her to trust we're just taking it one moment at a time."

Eleazer nodded he knew Bella's story not in depth but he did know it and he did know how skiddish she was around males. "Just give her time man, she will learn to trust you the longer she's around you." All Edward could do was nod as they came to the door and went into the house for the reunion of the two Covens.

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