Asami Shimoda. Apparently, she was the one who "gave birth" to my voice, along with Rin's.

I do have to say that I can see the similarities between her voice and ours, but the fact that...

the fact that my voice really isn't mine.

Wouldn't it come as a shock to you if you found out that your voice wasn't really yours?

Especially if you were a singer.

A really good singer.

A famous singer, who happens to have the most awesome voice in the world.

I mean, how am I supposed to take this, anyways? Learning that I was a robot was hard enough to handle on its own, and that happened as soon as I was born! (Well, if you put it that way.)

And my sister!

How will Rin take this? (Keep in mind that I happen to be the gentler one of the pair, and I didn't take this lightly.)

I wouldn't be surprised if she snapped and drove everyone over or something.

Heck, I wouldn't even be surprised if she decided to stuff oranges up Crypton's ass.



Hey, I thought that robots weren't supposed to have hormones and emotions and stuff.

I MEAN, of course emotions are ok. (I like having my options, thank you very much.)

But they didn't have to throw in the whole teenage package, you know?

Oh well. At least my emotions are mine. It would suck if that didn't even belong to me.


Wait a second...

If you think about it, our voices are based off of Asami Shimoda, right? That doesn't mean that she really sang our songs. We did!

And we were the ones who decided to use our own voices to sing new songs and give life to them.

So it's not her voice now.

It's ours!