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Hogwarts was awash with excitement.

After sitting through what Harry suspected was the world's most boring graduation ceremony, the 7th years were finally free and they were showing it. In fact most of the class had a first grade hangover from the night before (an all night party held in the room of requirement with copious amounts of Firewhiskey). Harry had shown up in Severus's quarters completely intoxicated and begging for sex. Severus had taken one look at him and kicked him out with the promise that if he didn't go quietly he'd take every point Gryffindor had earned that year (he had however kissed him goodnight before he kicked him out, which was fairly brave of him considering the situation).

Harry, Hermione and Ron were seated under a tree by the lake watching the giant squid for what they suspected was the last time. Hermione was leaning up against Ron her head on his chest, and Harry was eyeing them enviously.

'I wish I could do that.' He grumbled.

'Harry you can lean on my chest anytime' Ron said with a smirk.

'Git'. Harry huffed.

'It's just one more day Harry, then you and Severus can snog in public if you want to.' Hermione said. 'Although I can't see him wanting to.' She added after a moment.

'Probably not.' Harry agreed. 'But we could hold hands, and not worry about it at least.'

'In one more day.' Hermione repeated.

Harry shrugged, 'I don't even see the point of waiting, everyone knows now anyway, it's been the topic of discussion for weeks. Neither of us are coming back next year so who cares?'

'Clearly Severus does or he'd be here with us right now and you could lean against him to your heart's content.' Ron said lazily.

'He's a bloody pain in the ass.' Harry grumbled.

Ron broke into peals of laughter at that comment and took several moments to calm down. Harry went bright red when he realized what he'd said.

'Oh Ron knock it off, you know what I mean.' He said, smacking the back of Ron's head.

'On the subject of everyone knowing about it,' Hermione continued, 'What exactly did McGonagall say to you both when she called you into her office last week? You said it was fine, but what exactly did she say?'

'I can't picture McGonagall bringing that up with the both of you. How the hell did she start that conversation?' Ron asked.

'She looked at us both and said "the rumor mill at present seems certain that the two of you are in a relationship together. Don't give me any details just a simple yes or no if this is true." To which Severus replied "yes". She then nodded and said "very good" and that was it.'

'Blimey that was a lot of worry over nothing wasn't it?' Ron said.

Harry smiled, 'I was never particularly worried about it but yes it does make things easier.'

'Has Severus decided what he wants to do with himself now he isn't returning to teach next year?' Hermione asked.

'There's been a lot of talk about potions and businesses and Diagon Alley, but he hasn't made any firm plans as yet.' Harry said lazily. 'To be honest I think the mere thought that he can actually make plans now is almost more exhilarating than he can cope with.'

'It makes me wonder why he came back this year at all.' Ron said after a moment. 'It's not like he ever really enjoyed teaching in the first place.'

'I think it was more that he didn't know what to do instead. And like us he felt like he needed to come back here one more time, in order to move on.' Harry said thoughtfully.

'Sounds like us really.' Hermione commented. 'We certainly felt like we needed to come back here.'

'He is like us.' Harry replied softly.

'You really love him don't you?' Hermione asked, looking at him sideways.

'More than I ever thought possible.' Harry said. 'More and more every day.'

'I'm glad. You both deserve it.' She replied.

'Have you told him about the house yet?' Ron asked.

'No not yet. I'm nervous about telling him. I'm not sure what he'll say.'

'But you've talked about it right?' Ron pressed.

'About living together? Yes we've talked about it; in fact tomorrow I'm going to stay with him. Nothing else has been decided though' Harry said frowning slightly.

'He'll love it Harry. It's perfect.' Hermione said firmly.

'I hope so.' Harry said.

Severus had promised to meet Harry at Kings Cross, and was patiently waiting when the train arrived. He didn't really see the need for Harry to ride home on the train (as they could simply have walked to Hogsmeade and then apparated to Spinners End) but Harry had insisted that he take the train with his friends one last time.

Severus found himself wondering just how he had got so soft in such a short time that he was now waiting for his boyfriend's train to arrive. Actually just the mere thought that he had a boyfriend (and a Gryffindor one at that) was enough to make him think he'd gone a bit crazy. He couldn't seem to help it though, and he didn't particularly want to. Thinking of Harry's face, his brilliant eyes and dark messy hair made Severus's stomach curl up with excitement. He was about to start his life again, and for the first time he was looking forward to his future, to their future together.

When the train finally arrived, Harry was one of the last to get off which meant that practically the whole station was watching when he jumped onto the platform and threw his arms around Severus' neck.

'I thought this day would never come.' He said emphatically.

'You and me both Harry.' Severus said wryly, disengaging himself from Harry's arms.

'Not a big fan of PDA I take it.' Harry said with a smirk.

Severus raised his eyebrows in question.

'Public displays of affection'. Harry said

'Ah', Severus said lightly. 'No. You can't be surprised to hear that though .'

'Not surprised no, maybe just a little disappointed.'

'Come here.' Severus said softly, pulling Harry to him and gently kissing his lips. 'Better?'

Harry smiled. 'Yes much.'

Much of the student population was watching this scene, and Severus had no intention of letting them get away with it. 'Sod off you idiots and leave us alone.' He said to the crowd in general, before turning back to Harry. 'Are you ready to go?'

'Severus?' Harry said tentatively. 'Can we go somewhere first? I have something I want to show you.'

Severus nodded. 'Take me wherever you like Harry.'

Harry reached out and took his hand, 'Keep your eyes closed.' He instructed, before apparating them both.

'Keep your eyes closed.' Harry instructed again, once they had arrived at their destination.

'They're closed you twit.' Severus said as he felt Harry's hands on him, moving him forward slightly.

'Okay are you ready?' Harry asked nervously.

'I think the more appropriate question is whether you're ready Harry, I may have my eyes closed but I'm not the one shaking with nerves.' Severus smirked.

'Okay, then open your eyes.' Harry replied poking him gently in the ribs.

Severus opened his eyes. Before him was the most beautiful cottage he had ever seen. Surrounded by trees, it was a small but not too small, red brick cottage with ivy crawling up the walls. It was completely secluded, not another house in sight. It was perfect. 'Show me inside Harry.' He said taking him by the hand.

Harry led him the rest of the way down the tree lined path, and pushed open the front door. The cottage was bigger inside than out, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a library. Or at least Severus assumed it was a library judging from the shelved lined walls. 'I like this room.' He said with a smile.

'I thought you would.' Harry smiled. 'You're imagining all your books in here aren't you?'

Severus nodded. 'Where are we?' He asked.

'Just outside of Surrey.'

Severus nodded again.

'What do you think?' Harry asked quietly.

'I think the house is perfect for us. Where is the rest of the furniture?' Severus asked.

'Well the furniture here is what came with the house when I bought it; I hoped we could get the rest together. I thought that buying the house was enough to do on my own, and I want it to be our house so I wanted you to make it ours with me, but no one has ever done anything nice for you your whole life and I wanted to surprise you.' Harry trailed off.

'You bought this house?' Severus said with raised eyebrows.

'Yes. Are you angry?'

'Not at all.' Severus said gently, crossing the room and taking Harry in his arms. 'I'm only surprised that you managed to keep this a secret from me for so long.'

'Can we make our home here?' Harry asked.

'Anywhere we are will be our home, as long as we're together. But yes Harry I'd love to make our home here. Thank you.' Severus said softly and kissed Harry on the forehead.

'I love you.' Harry whispered.

'I love you too.' Severus replied, running his hand down Harry's arm and taking his hand, rubbing his thumb gently along the back of it.

There was a large mirror on the wall across from them and Harry found himself looking at their reflection. It was the image from the Mirror of Erised.

'I'm so lucky.' Harry whispered.

The end.

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