Those Other Adventures Of Layton & Luke

A/N: So I decided to make a series similar to what Dragonsarefriends1 was writing, me being a fan of her seasons since at least...around the beginning of Season 2..Either that or the end of Season 1, can't remember which. Anyways, I had planned this project secretly ever since, originally the story was supposed to have been "The Other Adventures of Layton & Luke" but since THAT title was taken due to an unofficial sequel by Dragons herself and her friend, Sonikku0691, I had to resort to aforementioned title up there. Sure I only changed one word, but, what are you gonna do? e.e Disclaimer: I own nothing.

So without further ado.

Let the Mediocreness (..That's not a word)..


Chapter 1 - Because Every Other Season Started Out With A Rainy Day Chapter

It was a cold, rainy, Monday morning in London, everyone walking the streets was wearing an umbrella, or at least. those who could afford or remembered to bring their umbrellas.

Rain was not the only weather on this Monday morning, as fog had been stalking the streets ever since 6 AM, you could only see so far, thankfully, most people knew their way around London, and not many accidents occurred today, so far.

Besides all of this, it was just another normal weekday, and another normal weekday, calls for another session of school...

Luke's eyes snapped open suddenly, but retreated into a groggy half-opened form, dark circles underneath them. It took him a minute to recall his surroundings, he was in his room, in the house of the great Professor Hershel Layton, Luke suddenly grabbed his sheets and looked under them, looking for something that to him, was very special. Once finding it, Luke shifted his eyes around the room, then looked outside his bedroom window, wanting to make sure no one was looking. Once the coast was clear, he hugged the item tightly, it's fur squishing on his cheeks.

Yes. Luke was hugging his teddy bear...Known as, "Mr. Bear", he continued to hug it for a few more seconds, and would've continued even more, if it hadn't been for,

"Haha, well Luke, I apologize, for I did not know you admired your stuffed animal so dearly." said Professor Layton, walking into Luke's room with his ever kind voice, one only a true gentleman could have, "AAH!" Luke yelped, making Layton jump a bit, clearly Luke was startled by the Professor, the poor boy accidentally falling off his bed, Mr. Bear landing gently on his head, "I-I'm sorry Professor! It- It's just that you startled me and all and-" Luke started, but was interrupted by Layton, who had bent down to assist the boy, "It is alright Luke, I should have reminded myself to knock on your door instead of just barging in, and for that, I apologize." Layton said, offering a hand to the boy, Luke took it and stood up, dusting himself off.

"Come along then, my boy, you can have breakfast, and then you can get dressed for school." Layton said, walking out the room with Luke, the young boy was attending to his hair, it was really nappy from his sleep last night.

Luke sat down at the dining room table, to where he was treated with some tea and two fluffy pancakes with rich maple syrup and a square of butter, "Oh Professor..isn't this a bit too much? I mean, it is just another normal day!" Luke said with a smile on his face, bits of pancake entering his mouth, "Nonsense, my boy, nutrition is an important priority to any gentleman's day." Layton said, sipping his own cup of tea, "It is raining a bit though, are you sure you'll do fine without an umbrella?" Layton cared dearly for Luke's safety, as he was his responsibility, "Professor, it's only a light drizzle, I'm sure I'll do fine!"

Little did Luke know, the weather was getting worse, and soon officials were debating whether or not to cancel school. Both Layton and Luke were unaware of this.

Luke finished his pancakes a bit quicker than he should have, the Professor still on his first one, "Slow down, my boy, it's not the end of the world!" Luke swallowed his last

drops of tea and then got up from the table, pushing his chair, "Sorry Professor! It's just that I don't want to be late!" Luke suddenly ran upstairs before Layton could reply, "My word..." Once upstairs, Luke grabbed his bag, put on his hat, and slipped on his shoes. After walking downstairs, Luke took one last look at the Professor before going outside, "Bye Professor! I'll be back before you know it!" Luke said, with a cute little wink and a thumbs up.

If only Luke knew what was ahead.

Luke stepped outside, closing the door to the house and walking on the cobblestone sidewalk, the drizzle wasn't to much...At the moment. In fact, he kind of liked it, especially when the tiny droplets splashed on his nose, it made the young boy giggle a bit.

Eventually, Luke crossed three streets before he noticed that the "drizzle" was getting a bit stronger. Luke also noticed that it was getting a bit more cold, it was then that he regretted bringing only his blue sweater vest on his walk, he wished the Professor was there with him...


The Professor himself however, was quietly flipping through channels on the TV, sipping the rest of his tea, he had barely just switched to the weather channel when he nearly spat his tea out!




There had been a weather warning for everyone in or near London, and that most schools were being cancelled due to it, Layton suddenly ran up to the curtains and opened them up...Layton could barely even see the road, he tightened a bit, turning his head to the television screen, he looked at the list of school cancelings and delays.

Back with Luke...

Luke started to shiver as he made his way past the streets, as they were becoming empty, most civilians departed into their homes. Luke's teeth were chattering very quickly and his clothes were wet and dirty with mud-stained splotches. Suddenly, Luke misplaced his footing and tripped into a mud puddle, his clothes and face becoming more dirtier than ever before, Luke attempted to stand up, but tripped again into the puddle. Luke's bag had slipped off his shoulders due to his constant meetings with the ground, various papers flew out of the bag, the most important, being.

"My HOMEWORK!" Luke shouted to no one in particular, Luke tried once more to stand up, and succeeded, running off with some of his re-collected papers to grab his homework, which had drifted off into the harsh wind after being released from the bag.

"Wait, my bag!" Luke suddenly stopped and ran back to where he was to re-collect his dropped bag, once slipping it back on his shoulders, he turned around to run after his precious homework. Luke barely saw it drifting in the distance, running as fast as he could to grab it! Luke rounded a street corner, extending his arm out to grab the piece of paper, his fingers barely touched one of the corners of the paper, but the wind was not on his side, as the paper drifted further out of Luke's reach!

After at least five minutes of running, the paper landed on a metal-like plate, Luke finally caught up and dived to catch it, but the metal plate made an odd rumbling sound...

It was an air conditioner... (A/N: Those kinds of air conditioners that can be found on sidewalks in some cities.)

The homework somehow slipped within the slim holes of the air conditioner plate, and suddenly...Luke heard a sound that sounded similar to a razor cutting something up...

"NO!" Luke shouted, tears forming within his eyes, as the now tiny pieces of paper flew up in the air from the slim holes of the air conditioner, each blowing out in the distance. Luke tried to catch one of them in an attempt to piece them all back together, but once again, he lost his footing, and fell into another mud puddle, staining his clothes once more.

"No..." Luke couldn't hold it in anymore, he started crying, and boy, did he cry HARD! He wanted the Professor badly, to help him get up, to help him with his homework, to hug him and tell the boy that he loves him. (A/N: Not in THAT way peoples!)

"" Luke just laid there in the mud, too sad to even get up, wanting to find comfort in the Professor's arms badly.



Layton straightened his top hat and coat, he had just learned that Luke's school was closing down for the day, he had regretted the decision to let the boy walk out in this weather. Layton retrieved a scarf from the closet, wrapped it over his neck,grabbed an umbrella, and grabbed the keys to the Laytonmobile.

He was going to find Luke...

The Professor stepped into his irregularly shaped vehicle and started the ignition as the engine roared to life, he pulled the car out of the driveway and drove out into the empty streets...

Luke on the other hand, was still crying, but decided to crawl into an empty alley for shelter, wishing he had something to hug at the moment, even Mr. Bear would do right now. He was sure that tomorrow, the day before the report cards were issued, that he was going to fail, he would have disappointed the Professor, and worst of all, himself, all thanks to him.

"Why am I so stupid? I should have brought a jacket and an umbrella like the Professor said!" Luke grabbed his bag and clutched it to his chest tightly, trying to use it to warm his freezing body up.

Thankfully, Layton knew the route Luke took to get to the school, it wasn't that hard, but Layton had to look all around him just in case to be sure he had not passed Luke or was coming up close to him. So far he hadn't, and drove the Laytonmobile further down the foggy streets of London.




Luke threw the rest of his classwork out of his bag, he was too mad at himself to care for stupid schoolwork anymore, as soon as threw the papers out, they were met with a bombardment of water drops that blasted them to the muddy ground within the alley. Luke didn't count on the fact though that all of his wasted energy would catch up with him, Luke took off his blue sweater, using it as a blanket, he was becoming tired and needed to sleep. As the combination of failure and wasted stamina overtook Luke, one last tear seeped through his eyes...

Layton searched throughout the route for Luke, thanks to the fog, he wasn't sure if he was going in circles or not, the rain wasn't helping much either, thus, Layton decided to park and continue his search on foot, bringing the umbrella with him to protect his clothing.

Layton had passed through two well-known areas on his search, the reason being that the route required that you had to pass through these locations in order to get to the school, these two places being, Gressenheller University and Scotland Yard.

Gressenheller was practically empty due to the weather, most, if not all classes today, were cancelled. Scotland Yard, however, was bumbling with the Police Force, as apparently, the Law Force never takes a break, or at least, Inpsector Chelmey never does.

Coincidently, while passing through Scotland Yard, the aforementioned Inspector was just about to walk in to start the day, once he spotted Layton though, the Inpsector's brain was just bumbling with questions, "LAYTON! Just WHAT do you think you are doing here in this weather?" Chelmey shouted at the top of his lungs, "I could ask you the same thing, Inspector." Layton said with a calm tone in his voice, obviously not intimidated by Chelmey, "I'm just heading in for work, the nerve of some people these days..." Chelmey muttered under his breath, "I'm just searching for Luke, that is all Inspector, now if you excuse me-"

"Luke?...Could have sworn I saw the boy a few minutes ago..."


"Erm? I saw him a few blocks down, he looked kind of tired. Probably because-" Chelmey was suddenly interrupted by Layton himself, "I apologize Inspector! Really I do! But I mustn't waste any time!" Layton sped past the Inspector and Scotland Yard entirely, running down the cobble stoned sidewalks as his shoes splattered against the puddles.

"!" Chelmey screamed, Layton was such a mysterious fellow to him, grunting, the Inspector walked inside the Police Station, ready to start the new day of screaming and yelling at poor old Barton.

Layton ran, and boy, did he run, he wasn't just going to let his-...Apprentice just lay out in the cold, where a possible chance of death could bedridden him! Layton had a soft spot for the boy, not only that, he HAD to save him, Clark had given guardianship to the Professor himself to take care of Luke for the time being, and Layton rarely broke promises.

15 Minutes Later...

Layton had made it to the block that Chelmey had pinpointed Luke to be, "a few blocks down...If only the Inspector had supplied a more specific answer.." Layton thought. He looked around for anyone to talk to in order to gain a hint or two on where Luke's exact location was, walking down the sidewalk, he eventually found what he believed to be a homeless person creeping next to one of the General Stores.

Layton bent down to check the man, he was a scrawny small one indeed, but he was asleep, thus, Layton shook him awake a bit in order to talk to him, "Excuse me sir, I apologize but I must ask if you've seen a-"

As soon as Luke's eyes opened, he jumped up and TACKLED the Professor in a heartwarming hug! "PROFESSOR!" Luke cried, more tears seeping through his eyes. "I-...I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" Luke was literally crushing Layton into a hug, "Ah! My boy, please, I-I cannot breath!" Luke blushed a bit and let go, leaving Layton to stand up, giving the young boy a hand as he stood up as well, grabbing his soaked bag, "I...I should have listened to you Professor, all of this could have been avoided and-"

"No, no, Luke. It isn't your fault. Had I known the weather was to be getting worse, I would have not sent you to school in the first place." Layton pulled his top hat over his eyes, ashamed at his mistake, "Here, step under this, it'll keep you dry for the time being." Layton passed the umbrella over to Luke, to where it protected both Layton and Luke from the rain, "Thanks Professor..."

"My pleasure, my boy, now come along, school is cancelled for the day due to inclement weather, for now we should return back home." The Professor said, as they walked back the store to retrieve the Laytonmobile, "O-Oh...Umm...Professor...T-there's something I have to tell you though..." Luke said, looking down at his muddy shoes whilst walking, "What is it, my boy?" Layton said, keeping a steady pace with Luke, "..It's just that..My homework kinda...''flew away'' and cards are issued in two days...and-"

"Do you require any assistance with your homework, my boy?" Layton said, opening the door to the Laytonmobile as he and Luke stepped in, "Umm...Y-yes..I would love that Professor...I remember the problems and all...It's just that I had a hard time doing them last night and now it's gone." Luke said, looking down at his shoes again, "It is alright, I'll help you anyway I can, and then I'll let you see if you can do some problems on your own, understand?" Layton said, passing Luke a warm blanket he brought before leaving, Luke put the blanket over his shivering body as the Laytonmobile drove off into London.

"Right Professor!" Luke had suddenly returned to his hyper-cheery self, Layton smiled, things were starting to go back to normal.

Oh Luke...

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