"Bocchan," Sebastian began, opening the curtains of his young master's bedroom, allowing the sun to stream through. Ciel rolled over and looked at his butler with half-lidded eyes. "It's time to wake up; I have your morning tea prepared, along with your breakfast and your schedule for the day." Ciel sat up and stretched, rubbing the tiredness out of his eyes. He growled at the thought of another busy day. "Young master, you only have one appointment today and we were supposed to have a guest but due to some unfortunate events he had to reschedule. So, other than some minor paperwork and some papers you need to sign that's all you have to do today." A devilish smile crossed Sebastian's face.

"I see." Ciel sat at the edge of his bed. He reached to his bed side table for his eye patch but Sebastian picked it up first.

"That's my job, Bocchan." He smiled sweetly and leaned down, tying the strings of the eye patch in neat bow. His gloved hands worked the buttons on his nightshirt swiftly and pulled his shirt off. He finished dressing Ciel and they began the day.

Ciel sat in his chair, his faithful butler off cleaning various rooms in the house and his other servants doing what they do best: destroying they house. He realized all his work was done; he had nothing left to sign, no more paperwork, his lesson was over. There was nothing. He sighed and leaned his head on his hand, closing his eyes. "What a boring day." He said quietly.

"You shouldn't talk to yourself Young Master; people may think you've gone mad." Sebastian spoke from the doorway.

Ciel scoffed and his eyes fluttered open. "You believe I care what people think of me?"

Sebastian smiled. "Of course not, Bocchan."

"Are you sure that today's work is done?" the Earl questioned. "I need something to do, I can't just sit here."

"That's all for today. You could always go out and socialize." Sebastian suggested, suppressing a smirk. Ciel merely glared. "Or find your own entertainment."The other just raised an eyebrow questioningly. "Oh Earl, you usually learn so quickly."

"I can assure you, I haven't a clue what you're implying Sebastian." Ciel stared at him with an annoyed look.

"Of course not. Will you be going to bed early then?" Sebastian stepped closer the young master, stopping in front of his desk with a proud smirk.

Ciel rose to his feet. "I suppose I haven't a choice if there's nothing else."

"Then I shall draw your bath, my lord." He bowed and left the room, leaving the other alone once again.

Ciel sighed and sat back down, waiting somewhat impatiently, unsure of what to do with his free time. Sebastian came back not terribly long later, announcing his bath was ready. Ciel sighed again and followed his butler.

Sebastian had his night clothes folded neatly in the bathroom as usual, and began to undress him for the second time that day, just like every other. Ciel relaxed in the bath, watching intently as Sebastian pulled off his gloves, then allowing his faithful butler to scrub his over his small body. "Bocchan." He began, not stopping his work.

"What is it?" Ciel opened his eyes and looked at the other, waiting for his response.

"You'll have a busier day tomorrow." He said, but nothing more.

"Is that all?" The other continued staring at him as if waiting for more than one mere sentence.


"I see." Ciel relaxed again, closing his eyes and leaning back, silently enjoying the hands wondering over his body. His eyes shot open and he almost drowned as he felt lips pressed to his own. Sebastian pulled back and smiled that sarcastically sweet smile of his. "S-Sebastian! What do you think you're doing?"

"It's much too early for bed, Young Master." Sebastian continued washing him as if nothing happened.

"That doesn't answer my question!" A light red tint stained Ciel's face. He didn't receive and answer, all he got was another kiss, shocking him once again. The boy merely shut his eyes tightly, resisting his natural instinct to kiss back.

"Does that answer your question?" Sebastian smirked, pulling back just so their lips weren't touching, not even an inch between their faces. His crimson eyes matched the color of the other's face. Ciel had nothing to say; he had no idea what just happened. All he could do was lean forward into the other's lips. Sebastian pulled back just as they barely touched.

"You're not properly dressed for that, Bocchan."

Ciel then realized he was very much still naked and the other's hands were still running over his body. "R-right, of course. I think were done here." He wished away the wondering hands, silently threatening the blush that covered his face. Sebastian helped him out of the bath and began drying the other. For the first time, Ciel was very aware of every move his hands were making. He then dressed him, moving agonizingly slow as he did the buttons, moving down his chest. He blinked as the other pulled away, rising back to his normal height. "Oh, right." Ciel murmured and began towards his bedroom.

"I thought I said it was too early for bed?" Sebastian stood in the doorway.

"What am I to do then Sebastian?" Ciel questioned, finally regaining his regular, cold composure. In turn, his butler took a few long strides, quickly closing the distance between them. Ciel was at a loss for words as once again, Sebastian kissed him rather suddenly, leaving him no time to defend himself. The other picked him up and moved him to the bed, not breaking their contact. He pulled away when they needed to breathe. "S-Sebastian…" Ciel began, staring wide eyed at the other.

"Just tell me to stop, Young Master. I won't have a choice." The once again gloved hands moved to the buttons on his night shirt, toying with the first one. How unnecessary for him to have dressed me at all. Ciel thought, silently smirking in his head.

"Sebastian." The earl said decidedly, regaining his regular confidence now that he had realized the situation. "This is an order." He leaned up so his mouth was right by the other's ear. "Don't stop."