A devious smile spread over the butler's face and his hands undid the buttons more quickly now, revealing the small, pale frame he had seen so many times before but in a different way now. He pulled off the smaller boy's shirt and tossed it lazily aside.

For the first time, Ciel was somewhat uncomfortable as his butler stared at his half exposed form. Sebastian pushed him down on the bed and crawled over him, pressing one knee between his thin legs. Ciel whimpered unintentionally, encouraging the other. Sebastian leaned down oh so slowly and nibbled at the other's neck.

The earl moved his hands hesitantly down to the other's coat. He awkwardly attempted to undress his butler as their lips met heatedly once again. The demon realized his master's intention and began to undress himself, tossing his own clothes along with the other's. Soon enough they were both stripped down, Sebastian still on top, kissing and biting down Ciel's body.

Sebastian's hand wandered to the smaller male's mouth, softly running two fingers across his lips. In response, the boy's tongue ran out to meet them, luring them seductively into his mouth. He sucked on his butler's fingers, biting at the skin lightly as he ran his tongue over each one. The raven haired male pulled them out and looked at his master, concern lacing his expression. "Are you sure about this, Bocchan?"

"Don't make me repeat myself Sebastian." Ciel attempted to give a confident look with have lidded, wanting eyes.

"Yes, young master." A wide smirk spread over the demon's face and he pressed a finger into the other. He whimpered and shut his eyes against the pain, letting out a louder cry as the other added another without letting him adjust. "Relax." Ciel merely glared, tears forming in the corners of his eyes. The other bit his neck, moving his way down to his chest to distract him from the pain.

Ciel let out a sigh, telling the other he was alright. He added another finger, bringing forth more whines of hurt. Sebastian's fingers searched inside him for that spot that would make him scream his name. "S-ahh!" He cried, attempting to muffle it with his hands.

"Ah I think not, Ciel."Sebastian pulled his fingers out and pinned the earl's hands above his head with only one of his own. He positioned himself as he towered over the smaller boy, enjoying the sight of his master completely helpless and arching to his every touch before pressing into him.

Ciel practically screamed from pain, not at all expecting it to hurt as much as it did. His noises were muffled as the demon's lips pressed to his own again, his tongue instantly beginning a battle of dominance. The other began moving slowly, sending a whole new sensation of pain through his head, slowly mixing with pleasure as he continued. Slowly, ever so slowly, Ciel experienced a type of bliss he hadn't felt before. Perhaps happiness? He would have laughed at the thought if it hadn't been for the moan that was lost into the other's mouth.

The butler moved faster and pulled away from the kiss, finally getting the delightful reaction he had been expecting from his master. He released the other's hands, allowing them to wander across the small body, one resting on his chest, toying with his nipples and the other moving down to his member, moving in time with his body's movements.

"F-faster!" Ciel managed to gasp as the other almost instantly complied with his request. He arched his back and dropped his head back, attempting to sit up but falling back as a wave of lust and heat washed over him.

Sebastian stayed steady, nearing his completion. He moved his hand faster along Ciel's member, causing him to moan louder still.

Sweat dripped down both their bodies, making their skin glow in the dull light of Ciel's bedroom. The earl wrapped his arms around the other, panting through his vocalizations.

"Bocchan." Sebastian whispered in the other's ear, never breaking his pace. Ciel shuttered at the word. "Come for me." The small male blushed a deep crimson red, finding it hard to focus on a way to respond. He didn't though; he hit his limit as he released over he and his butler's stomachs, screaming "Sebastian!" The demon, in turn filled his young master with a new heat as he finished.

Sebastian pulled out, and redressed himself as Ciel lay panting on the bed still. "Young Master, we should clean you up."