I. Don't Smile

He had always been told to smile. He was told that smiling was how people knew you were happy.

He had always been a pretty happy person but he didn't think that you had to smile to be happy, he was positive that you didn't have to.

"Smile when someone's watching, you might make their day!"

So every time that someone watched him, he frowned.

When people were sad and needed a happy face, he frowned.

Someone else could make their day. He didn't have to.

II. Clare Edwards

He wasn't used to having this kind of dependence on someone, it felt strange and foreign, but somehow right. This feeling kept him up at night, gnawing gleefully at his sides, telling him that he was in fact, in love. It was an odd realization, a slightly disturbing one to tell you the honest truth. He had read about love in books and he thought that he had understood it. It seemed pretty simple, and call him cynical if you will, but he thought that love was overrated, a waste of time. He carried this belief throughout his life, believing that he was so right. Love seemed like a game that people always lost, a game that had no winners and only had sore, bitter losers.

That's when he met a certain blue eyed girl that made him second guess everything in his life. With her around, he read Romeo and Juliet and Wuthering Heights, having him become a hopeless romantic. He quoted shakespeare and read poetry, somehow relating everything to the girl that completely boggled him. And to tell you the truth-and if you ask him this he'll deny it-he liked the change. The world was now fresh and clear, like an Autumns day, unlike the dark black hole that he used to be in. He didn't exactly change as a person but he changed some of his ideas and beliefs, just like she did.

That was the good thing about them, they accepted each other for what they were, but changed each other for the very best.

It wasn't all good times, though. There were times when they thought that it would end and fall through. Situations came flying at them, sometimes hitting them smack-dab in the face. It was almost like they were too different from each other to stay together. It was like the world was against them, constantly wanting them to lose.

But the thing that stopped them from falling apart was their passion for one another. Their passion was deep and primal, hard to hide. You could see it a mile away, you could almost smell it. They had something special, something that many people will never have or ever witness.

They were black and white or Bonnie and Clyde or even SpongeBob and Patrick.

They were right.

III. Say It

Her heart beat heavily against his bare chest, flesh to flesh. Her skin against his made his skin feel warm and tingly. He would honestly never get used to her. Her blue eyes looked up at him, as if challenging him. He smiled and cocked his head sideways and held her wrists above her head. His fingers drift down her breast to her stomach...

"Say it."


"Say it or else."



"Come on, Clare. I'll give you until three."



"This is ridiculous."



"Hey! That's my line!"


He looked at her one last time before running his fingers along her sides. She squealed in laughter, making him laugh as hard as her. Her face was red and her laughs were silent.

"You didn't say one! You didn't say one!

"Say it. Do it."

"I love you!"

"Was it that hard?"


His hands were on her stomach once again.

IV. Love

He loved the smell of her. It was a mixture between kiwi and watermelon, giving her a completely mouthwatering flavor. If it wasn't looked down upon and considered weird, he'd probably spend all day smelling her.

She nuzzled her head into the crook of his neck as he gently thrust in, making her gasp in pleasure.

'Love-making' was a term that Eli had never used before. Well, not until he met Clare. Before, he called it 'fucking' or 'The nasty'. He used to use crude words like that, unaware of how untrue those words were.

By being with Clare, Eli understood that it wasn't 'fucking', it was giving all of yourself to someone, completely devoted to them. It was putting all of your faith in someone.

He sighs and whimpers made his heart grow bigger for her, unable to stop growing.

"I love you."

His heart exploded every time he heard that coming out of her mouth. He couldn't describe or name the feeling, it was something that he couldn't explain or answer to, it just was.

X. Smile

He traced his fingers softly over her sweaty body, finding it beautiful. Her fingers moved in time with his and her curls were strewn all over the place and her blue eyes were full and happy. Her plump lips were smiling.

And he just stared, with his mouth slightly open.

He often gazed at her, looking at it in admiration. Her curves and skin was enough for his eyes to roll back, and those pink lips that she had...

"Eli, smile." She said this laughing at his dumb-founded expression, just wanting to see a little smile or smirk.

And he did.

Because maybe he could make her day.

And he would continue to smile for her at worst and darkest hours, hoping that he'd always make her day.


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