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I. Don't Speak

She learned to not speak when she was thirteen years old. That was when people were worried about Darcy and everything was about her. Clare had watched her sister fall apart and her parents trying to fix her. And at the end of the day, there was no more affection for her. Clare felt bad about being jealous of her sister but she couldn't help it. She knew that her sister didn't mean to take all the attention.

"Come on, Clare. You'll have to speak sometime."

Would she, though? And even if she did have to speak, would they listen? Would they give her their full attention and drop everything?

No, probably not.

So she kept her mouth shut and shut everyone out, making sure that she stopped listening to them before they stopped listening to her.

It was easier on the heart to ignore than to be ignored.

II. Elijah Goldsworthy

He was the kid that everyone told her to stay away from. He was every parents nightmare, the rebel child. Everything that her parents had taught her had went out the window once she met him. He was rude and inconsiderate. He was cynical and saracastic, often making her want to slap him. His cockiness was irritating, as well as his knowledge about her.

But she liked him, and he was always exciting to be around. Skip School? That wasn't a phrase that she was used to, but with him it felt normal and right. Get her ear pierced? She used to look down at people who had piercings and now she had one. To sum it all together, life was a game with him. He made life fun and made her excited to live it. And he had even gotten her to laugh at herself once in a while.

And she fell in love with him. Involuntarily, of course. And though she was in love with him, she was also scared of their relationship. He had her heart in his hand and there were so many things that he could've done with it. He had the power to squeeze it and manipulate it under his control. But he had never hurt her intentionaly. He always made sure that she was happy and wouldn't do anything to hurt her.

But he also laughed at the things that she said and told her that she was beautiful. He told her to screw everyone else and to do what she wanted to do. He made her see herself in a different light. A light that showed all her best features. He made her smile and laugh. He made her let everything go and helped her become free.

And even though she didn't say it often, he was everything to her.

III. Sleep

They were perfect sleeping partners. She lay on the right side of the bed and he on the left, and often they would meet in the middle. Most of the time, they spent their days on that bed, just talking. For two quiet people, they talked a lot when they were around each other. It came naturaly and easy.

But what she liked the most was watching him sleep.

He looked like a small child when he was asleep; sweet and innocent. His hands would curl up and clench and unclench. His eye lashes would flutter mildly. He would talk in his sleep, muttering odd and random words. She would just giggle and make herself a mental note to tell what him what he said when he'd wake up.

Watching him was like watching a movie, she never got bored.

"Clare?" His eyes were shut and his lips moved slightly.


"Stop Watching me."

His sleepy lips turned up in a light smile and Clare blushed, feeling embarresed.

But what she didn't know was that he watched her when she didn't know it, too.

IV. Speak

"Oh!" She exclaimed, making him bump his head on the kitchen cabnet. He muttered angrily under his breath and rubbed his head, trying to reduce the pain. She giggled and opened the freezer to get a bag of ice. She placed the ice in his hand and he muttered a 'Thank you'.

"Oh?" He said, once he had placed the ice on his head.

"I didn't tell you, did I?" Clare asked excitedly, she was smiling wide and she couldn't keep still. She was practically jumping up and down with excitement.

Eli laughed at her happiness and watched her jumping up and down. "Clare, calm down and speak!"


For some reason, that word struck a cord with her. Speak was something that she used to not do. Speak was something that was frowned upon in her family. And here she was, speaking her mind to someone who gave a damn.

Clare looked at Eli with a light smile on her face.

He stood there, waiting for her to speak.

And that was something that she was so grateful for.

For once, someone wanted her speak and to hear what she had to say.

And she knew that she could talk for the rest of her life and he'd listen.


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