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Pairing: AqualadxSuperboy

Chapter 1: The Ten Things I Love About You

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There was something oddly erotic about watching Superboy play in the tide pools. Every seemingly innocent action the clone performed could be interrupted sensually. There were the sparkles in his eyes that brimmed with anxiety, like when they first kissed. Or the arousing way his wet shirt clung to his body, carving a delightful outline of his muscles. Aqualad's personal favorite were when Superboy's lips parted in surprise, the same way they did when he discovered a new pleasure spot to exploit. After witnessing Superboy's excitement when the team first traveled undersea, Aqualad had searched for a more convenient location to enjoy the marine life. Luckily, he had found a nest of tide pools located near the cave, perfectly within walking distance. As Aqualad saw it, it was only right to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Especially the way Superboy was begging to be ravished. Right there. In the tide pools.

It had been three months since they got together. To humans, three months was a relatively short time for a relationship, but to Atlanteans, it was equivalent to years. Idealistically, the two boys should have already claimed each other by now. The thought brought a smile to his lips as he gave the younger boy a chaste kissed on his neck. They had done much more than kissed in the past, but a twisted part of him was still amused by how bashful Superboy was of affection.

Of course, Kaldur remembered the day they got together. It was shortly after the incident with Professor Ivo, just a couple days pass Superman's rejection. It killed him to see the younger boy so dejected and for the first time in years, Kaldur felt a wave of murderous rage. His feelings for Superboy had already grown so much since their first meeting. He felt protective, not to mention possessive, and fought hard not to attack at Miss Martian for her advances or Superman for his dismissal. At the time, he was well aware of the feelings Superboy had for him-even if the clone was oblivious. As far as Superboy was concerned, they were simply feelings of admiration to his leader, as well as gratitude for being a fine friend. Aqualad could wait, he told himself. He could wait until the boy was truly ready. Fortunately, that time was rather soon.

Finding comfort in his arms, Superboy discovered a little peace, a peace that Aqualad was more than happy to offer him. It was no replacement for a father's love but it did make him feel wanted. Once their feelings were made official, Superboy was spoiled with the custom Atlantean courting rituals. These included constant affection and gifts, both things the boy had never felt or seen before. They went on dates, customary of the land dwellers' traditions. At first, Superboy was reluctant of all the indulgences he was partaking in and even planned on refusing them. He was happy just spending time together. Unfortunately, he hadn't expected his older lover to be so forceful. Kaldur was a gentleman if anything, but that also meant he was a proper Atlantean as well, and they always pampered their lovers. His king, the famous Aquaman, had once built palace in the name of his wife! If Queen Mera couldn't stop an Atlantean's love, Superboy had no chance.


Immediately, Kaldur turned to his lover. Their eyes met for a second before Superboy turned away, wincing. Unfortunately, he was quickly pulled towards the darker skinned boy.

"What's wrong?" He asked, a bit mortified hearing that his precious lover was hurt.

"Nothing," Superboy lied. He turned his head, after realizing escape wasn't an option.

"I just heard you-"

"I'm fine," Superboy stated again, this time with more force. Like hell was he going to be babied by his boyfriend again. He was still being laughed at by Robin the last time Aqualad carried him, bridal style, to his room. "I've handle worse. It's just a weird, demonic, purple, spikey-"

"Sea urchin. You touched a sea urchin." Aqualad questioned in disbelief. He pawed at the protruding spikes from Superboy's hand. "I thought you knew what they were."

Superboy blushed in embarrassment. Yeah, it sounded dumb now. Truth be told, he did know what they were. How could they not after Kid Flash fell on a whole horde of them last month? He just didn't really understand the big deal back then. Now he did, Superboy thought reluctantly. Fortunately, Aqualad knew some special Atlantean cure for it.


Superboy glared, trying to maintain some sort of pride as his boyfriend led him to the ocean water. There, his beloved Kaldur pressed his hands into the water, soaking it until his tattoos glowed magnificently. The spikes soon blackened until it disintegrated into pure dust. Perfect, he heard Aqualad murmured. He wasn't sure if he was referring to his handiwork or Superboy himself. He didn't know which answer he wanted, either. Afterwards, the boy kissed him with those abnormally soft lips of his before Superboy pulled away.

"I'm not a woman," Superboy muttered angrily.

Aqualad raised an eyebrow but smiles serenely, "I am well aware of that."

"Then why do you treat me like one?" The super strong boy asked, highly irritated. Not a good combination. "You take me out on dates, open my doors, carry me to bed, and buy me all these things I don't need! I don't want this!"

Aqualad took a step back, "I just wanted to make you happy. You just looked so cute-I mean beautiful when you're happy. These are just the traditions of my people. I will stop if it displeases you so much."

In all honesty, he wouldn't. He liked doing these things for Superboy. It wasn't like Aqualad couldn't manipulate certain events to his favor. Events that would make Superboy accept his gifts. Perhaps, he could even get Kid Flash to partake in his plans. Robin, though, would definitely be on Superboy's side. The two shared a uniquely strong bond that would have made Aqualad jealous, had the youngest boy not made it evidently clear that they were friends-brothers almost. Plus, Robin was with Kid Flash. Almost a year now, he recalled.

Superboy mollified but his irritation was still prevalent. He no doubt caught the "cute" remark. Really, Aqualad was a bit disappointed in his lack of control.

"Just…just cool it down," Superboy pleaded softly.

Aqualad was a bit surprised at the remark. He half expected the boy to leave without warning, as he usually did. Aqualad tried not to care, he even enjoyed the chase, but it got tiring after awhile. Still, love was love.

He wrapped his arms around the pouting boy and kissed the side of his neck. It was his favorite spot, not that Superboy knew. As far as the younger boy was concern-they were all his favorites. Not that he gave any inclination otherwise, of course.

"You know the sea stars are beautiful at night. It is a mild invasion of privacy to watch them as they rest but I think they will forgive me this once. I would love it if you could join me. I promise not to try to talk you into anything, or out for that matter."

Superboy looked reluctant. A push was in order.

"Of course, I understand you still do not forgive me. I have been very "touchy" recently. I just cannot get over how perfect you are. How much of mine you are."

Guilt washed over Superboy but he stood his ground. He'd been with Aqualad long enough to know when he was being manipulated into forgiving him. Seriously, if the others could see him now.

"You are so young and I feel like I'm taking advantage of you. Forgive me, I have forgotten the land dwellers lack the leniancy towards affection such as ours. I will be more careful."

Superboy rolled his eyes. Really, the man was laying it on thick. He turned around to meet Aqualad's gaze and could almost see the awakening of a sly grin. Superboy scoffed. The Atlantean thought he hid it so well.

"I'm not perfect."

Aqualad gave a low chuckle, one that made Supeboy's skin shiver.

"Yes, yes you are. You just don't realize as well as I do. But that's fine," Aqualad charmed. He pressed their lips together, taking the clone by surprise. Their tongues meshed in growing passion. Aqualad slowly sucked on his lower lip, causing an illicit moan from the other boy. Taking this as a sign of approval, Aqualad pushed him against the rock, his fingers crawling up the other boy's shirt. Looks like he'd be eating his fruits, too.

"Everything about you is perfect. Your body is a gift from Neptune himself." Kaldur said in between kisses. Looking deep into those beautiful blue eyes, he leaned in for another mind blowing kiss.

Shit, Superboy thought to himself. He could practically feel the older boy's wet fingers crawling over his body, touching all over him, pushing inside him.

"Your voice rivals those of the sirens."

His lips traveled lower, meeting the zipper in Superboy's jeans.

"You passion overwhelms the core of my beings."

Superboy bit back a gasp. He was really losing it.

"That is exactly why I love you."

Then, all time turned still.

Superboy quickly pulled away in shock.

What the hell?

"Did you just-that you-what?"

Aqualad paused. What just happened? Did he say anything wrong? More importantly, why were they not kissing?

"I got to go."

Before Aqualad could say anything to his defense, Superboy leaped away from his arms. He attempted to call out to him but was ignored. Obviously, his boyfriend was growing into his speeding powers, Aqualad thought begrudgingly. It took some time to get over his shock but when he came around to it, realization hit him at what he just did. Why on earth did he ever take him here? Aqualad instantly regretted his decision to have a date so close to where Superboy lived. It automactically gave the younger boy an easy escape to whatever he had in plan.


He had to do better next time.

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