A/N: This is the funkiest order I have ever written a story before. But it's finished. This is the 4th new chapter and the last one, so starting from here, go back three chapters. I tried to make this chapter super light hearted in compare to the others.

Pairing: AqualadxSuperboy

Chapter 14: But above all, I love the way you love me

This, there was never any doubt

Connor hasn't spoken to M'gann in months.

Connor hasn't spoken to Kaldur for much longer.

So he thinks it's justified.

He knows he should not hate M'gann as much as he does. He should not blame her so much. But it's too late to change his mind. These day, he can't look at her without screaming. It's not all her fault. But he still cannot forgive her. He cannot forgive any of them. Not Dick, for making Kaldur go through with it. Not Artemis, for joining them. Not Wally, for not telling him. He can't let go. Kaldur use to say that his stubbornness was one of his best traits. Everybody else accused him of holding a grudge.

It's why he was suspended a few months off the team. It's why he was able to spend every moment of his free time by Kaldur's side.

So he can't complain.

But he does anyway.

Kaldur looks paler everyday, and Connor wonders if they should change the water lagain. It's been what? 30 minutes. Maybe for Kaldur's health, it needs it to be changed every fifteen? He made this complaint to a nearby nurse (or healing apprentice as they liked to be called) who glares at him. Connor glares back. Atlanteans are the worst.

"Maybe you should get something to eat," one of them told him, hoping his departure would make the healing room work more soothing. His presence always manage to bring the tension up by numerous levels.

Maybe you should mind your own business and stop making eyes at my unconscious boyfriend, you eye rapist.

"I'm fine."

"Sir, it's not healthy."

"Neither is my boyfriend being comatose in a tank filled with dirty water."

"It's not dirty, sir-!"

"So that's what you're concern with? The fact that the water is dirty? Not that my boyfriend is comatose-"

"That's not what I meant."

"I don't care what you meant!" Connor admits to her angrily. "All I care about is him waking up without me by his side. I need to see him. I need to tell him that I-!" Love him. "And I don't need you to tell me what to do!"

The Atlantean woman looked frighten. Her pink scales flushed red with fear and Connor was overwhelmed with a sense of guilt. He noticed that his grip had bent one of the stands. "Listen, I'm sorry that I-"

"He's woken up," she cried, shocked at the discovery.

Realizing that her gaze was not on him, he span around to see that she was right. Though not completely conscious, Kaldur's eyes open in a half-lid gaze.

Immediately, the doctors pushed him aside to release Kaldur into their version of an Atlantean ER. Dozens of on called healers were brought in to look at the special case. His heart pounds.

Kaldur is awake.

It took two hours before Connor is allowed back in the same room. It would have been longer if Connor hadn't threaten to bring down the entire hospital.

Or the fact that Batman called.

Kaldur has just finished his last tests. When Connor comes into the room, Kaldur's eyes brightens in joy and then softens in disappointment. Connor hates Dick again. How dare he make Kaldur look like that? Did he really think he is angry? After all he did?

To drive away any misunderstandings, Connor immediately runs to him, and kisses him deeply on the lips as a follow-up. "I missed you."

Kaldur smiles as if Connor had given him the world. To him, he practically did.

"Connor, I-"

"I know, Kaldur. Dick told us everything. I know. I'm so sorry I didn't believe in you. I'm sorry. God, Kaldur-"

Kaldur tries to sit up, but his mind pounds at him and his body is weakens from months of inactivity. He lies back down. "I feel like death." He says with a pained, unconvincing smile. "God, how long have I been here?"

"A few months. Six, give or take."

Kaldur eyes widened slightly in shock, but then sighed in disappointment when he once again could not sit up. "A few months wasted not being with you. I'm sorry, Connor. I should have never left."

"No, I should have-" Believed in you. Knew that you could never betray us. Betray me.

"Don't blame yourself," Kaldur soothes him. "I know what you were thinking. I should have never put you through that." Kaldur smiled wryly to himself. "Maybe I should have died a hero."

"Don't say that!" Connor snarls, frustrated at the circumstances. Kaldur lays here, finally awaken after several months of uncertainty. No one knew when he would wake up. If he would wake up. And now he was here blaming himself. Whatever it is that had been cracking within him broke completely. "You did nothing wrong. You were a hero. If you died, I don't know what I would have..."

Connor chokes back his tears. He feels a hand on his own.

"I'm here now, Connor. I'm never going to leave you again."

Connor smiles. "I know. You can only be a double agent once before the bad guys get suspicious."

Kaldur laughs, but a jolt in pain sends him back down to bed rest. Connor's spirits sink.

"You should get some sleep."

Kaldur nods, not really listening. Connor strokes his face a few times and they look into others eyes again. To his surprise, Connor sees Kaldur's hand lift and brush away the tears Connor didn't notice were in his eyes. "Why are you crying? We're together again."

His face is serene, and Connor just shakes his head.

"I thought about what would happen if you didn't wake up. I didn't want to, but I just couldn't help it."

Kaldur frowns, and led Connor's hand to his lips. He kisses it tenderly. "It doesn't matter now."

"It does," Connor defends. "I couldn't tell you I-"

A hand on Connors' shoulders interrupts him. It was an Atlantean doctor, (healer, he corrects himself) telling him that he needs to give Kaldur a check up. The man smiles and says that there will be plenty of visiting time later. Connor almost told the Atlantean to go fuck himself. But soon, someone is lifting Kaldur away from him and onto a wheelchair-like contraption. It may have been an animal. Damn Atlanteans and their technology.

"It'll be fine," Kaldur reassures him. "We'll spend the day together later."

"Yeah," Connor says softly. He thinks, in the back of his mind, that he dodge the bullet. In his heart, however, he realizes how close he was to losing Kaldur.

"Kaldur? One last thing?"

The nurses (healing apprentice) leading Kaldur away from stops, not having the heart to deny young love. Connor darts towards him and gives him a sweet, deep kiss, reminiscent of their first.

"I love you."

Kaldur doesn't say anything, but the smile that broke out on his face was enough for Connor. They'll be just fine, he thinks.

I love the way you talk to me
And how you hate to be alone
I love the way your lips move
And the way you scream and moan
I love all the quirks you hate
And the way you wear your jeans
I love all your confessions
Your words haunt me in my dreams
I love it when you're jealous,
You're so beautiful when you're mad
I love it when you're embarrassed
But hate those who make you sad
Despite where our paths mark out
I love the dreams we share
I love you so much I never want to let you go
I don't because I care
But above all, I love the way you love me
This, there was never any doubt

Worst poem ever. Because I have no idea how Young Justice is going to end, I actually killed Kaldur in this chapter. But I then went back because 1) the newest episode and 2) I have the strangest feeling that Kaldur is going to die at the end. And if does die, then I will be the one who wrote a foreshadowing story about his heroic sacriface. I cannot do that.

Oh, and does anybody know about the rumors that Young Justice might not get a season 3. Because I have no idea what's going on.