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Claudia stared into the bleak, white ceiling lights. The strap of her duffel bag cut sharply into her shoulder. The telltale signs of dried tears showed around her eyes, which were glazed over in a lack of focus. A loud voice of a woman over the intercom broke her silent, dazed vigil.

"Flight twelve to New York is now boarding at gate C. Flight twelve to New York is now boarding."

Her head snapped back into place and a piece of indigo hair fell into her amber eyes. Swallowing the thick feeling forming in her mouth, she pivoted slowly on her heel.

"Well, guess that's me," she said, tossing her duffel bag lightly to readjust the strap on her shoulder. She smiled weakly, looking at her friends; her family, putting on her brave face.

Suddenly, she felt the wind knocked out of her as a pair of large, muscular arms wrapped around her torso and squeezed down hard. At any other time she would have swatted the perpetrator, making a sarcastic comment. Here, now, she felt fresh tears threatening to surface. The arms loosened and Pete's fist gave her a light noogie, his grin barely reaching his eyes as he released her. "Go be a college kid, wizard."

Claudia sighed as Pete stepped back into ranks beside Myka. Myka's arms were crossed; her shoulders back and straight; her neck high, but her expression was pained. "You'll do great, Claudia. Make us proud." Even her quaint smile seemed painstakingly pinned into place.

Dropping her bag to the floor, she threw herself into Myka's arms, which immediately fell to her sides before wrapping around the shorter redhaired girl. Claudia felt her tears falling into the curly brown hair that tickled her face, and the tremble of a shaking sob that wasn't her own. Upon releasing her friend and sister, Claudia swiped her hand across her face, discreetly clearing away any moisture that had gathered. She looked from Pete to Myka and back again, shaking her head to clear away the tears that continued to impede. She watched Myka purse her lips and squeeze her eyes shut as her own tears fell.

"I'll miss you guys," she managed to convey, her voice beginning to quake, "so friggin' much. Tell Leena goodbye again for me, and give Artie hell about not coming today."

Myka's face was covered by her hands, wiping tears and mascara away and attempting to compose herself as best as possible. Pete stepped forward again to hug Claudia more gently. "Sure we will, Claud. Wouldn't dream of it any other way." This time his grin was genuine, completely filling his eyes with good-hearted mischief. Dropping her hands back to her sides, Myka gave Claudia a watery smile.

"Last call for flight twelve to New York boarding at gate C."

Claudia reached for her bag, tossing its weight onto her shoulder, its strap cutting into her once more. She looked at her two friends, her expression now hardened as she waited to be sure they were paying attention. Her eyes flitted between the two. Pete; her big brother; her business partner in all things dealing in stealth and misbehavior. Myka; the sister she never had; a comfort in the worst of times; the encouragement to be more than Claudia herself thought she could be. Both sets of eyes focused on her.

"I will be back."

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