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"You didn't."

Steve gave him an innocent look, "I didn't think you'd have an issue with it."

"I don't; I just can't believe you did it." Danny took a long look through the two way mirror. Seth and Sam Jackson looked like absolute hell, not surprising considering they'd just spent three days straight sitting in an interrogation room. Danny wrinkled his nose as a horrible thought wormed it's way into his head, "you did give them bathroom breaks, right? Cause otherwise, that's just gross man."

Kono shook her head as the guys snickered childishly. She still didn't think the hospital should have released Danny yet; their Haole looked like the walking dead except that he wasn't allowed to walk for another 2 weeks. Right now, Danny didn't look like he could intimidate a fly let alone two hardened criminals who'd spent 72 hours in a ten by twelve room with only a metal table and chairs for company. However, she also knew that now that Danny was here he wasn't going to waste the opportunity to ensure that the Jackson brothers knew exactly how stupid they'd been to cross that line.

"You sure you're up for this Danno? I have no issue leaving them in there a couple of extra days."

The Jersey native gave his partner a grateful nod; "I may not be a Super SEAL like some people in the room, but I can definitely handle these two morons."

At that Steve stepped back with a wave of his arm and a "by all means" gesture. Knowing exactly what he was doing, Steve tried not to chuckle as he watched Danny's frustration mount.

Danny huffed out a heavy sigh, "does it look like I can push myself?" He indicated his right arm that was still trapped in a sling and tried to look as stern as possible.

"Do I hear a please?"

Danny glared at his team, all of whom were trying to keep each other from falling on the ground laughing, "watch it rookie. Fine, please somebody push me in there so that I can put the fear of God into those two degenerates that had the audacity to hold a gun on my sweet, innocent, eight-year-old daughter!"

Kono sobered immediately and grabbed the handles of Danny's wheel chair and pushed him into the adjoining interrogation room. These men had threatened Grace; while the whole team loved Grace, they loved Danny even more and the Jackson brothers had tried very hard to take him away from them.

Seth nudged his brother, "look at this; they send the girl and the cripple to intimidate us."

Williams glared with a pair of the coldest blue eyes the brothers had ever seen. "No, they sent the father of the little girl that you thought it would be a good idea to hold a gun on." He gave Kono the 'I've got this' nod as she parked his wheel chair on the opposite side of the table from their prisoners before turning to go. "So, at the risk of sounding cliché; are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?"

The Jackson brothers weren't impressed. Seth scoffed, "it's not like you can do anything to us."

"Really, you're sticking with that," Danny couldn't resist rolling his eyes. Although his injuries limited his movement, Danny's left hand was slowly winding up to its full repertoire of motions. "Did you miss the fact that you've spent the last three days in an interrogation room with no contact to the outside world? The Governor gave us full immunity; can your tiny little brains even comprehend what that means? It means I could slowly cut the two of you into pieces smaller than the gun you held on my daughter, I do happen to know the perfect little shark cage out in the middle of nowhere, then there's always tying you to the hood of my car- but there's two of you so we'd have to use Steve's truck too, or we could just leave you in here to die of dehydration- I hear it's a nasty way to go, or…" Danny continued to tick the options off on his fingers and watch the Jackson brothers pale with each new idea. He even astounded himself with the depths of his creativity. "And, judging by the birthday present the Governor gave my daughter last month, something tells me she won't bat an eye when the two of you are never heard from again."

Seth sputtered, "but you need information on Hoffman."

"Meh, not really. We have the tapes and we have him red handed trying to kill me… so, I'm not really sure anything you could give me is worth your lives. I mean come on, you tried to kill me, by blowing up my car I might add. Oh yeah, and you held a gun on my daughter; did I mention that I'm a little upset about that." The room dropped ten degrees with the ice dripping from Danny's last statement. He saw Sam's eyes flick hopefully toward the two-way mirror, "They won't help you."

"So what are you actually going to do?" Seth swallowed heavily, not sure he really wanted to know the answer. They had obviously made the biggest mistake of their lives crossing this man; the rumors were right, you didn't mess with Five-O.

Danny was silent for a long time, "I think that I'm just going to let you sit here for another three days before you go to prison for a very long time." He motioned to the mirror for someone to come get him. He almost laughed when Steve strode in playing the intimidating Super SEAL to the hilt. Right as they got to the door, Danny let loose his parting shot, "a prison where I will make sure that everyone knows you're a snitch."

It didn't matter if it was true or not; if the other inmates thought you were a snitch your life was officially worse than hell.

Steve kept his mouth shut until the door was shut securely behind them, "Damn Danno!"

"Seriously, you of all people have an issue with this?" Danny craned his neck to get a good look at his partner's face.

"Nope, just didn't know you had it in you." Steve suppressed a smile as he pushed the wheelchair back toward their offices and Danny's waiting daughter, "glad we were able to wrap this up so easily."

"Easy, you call my car getting blow into little tiny smoldering pieces- half of which, I might add were embedded into my flesh- easy? Not to mention the two serious attempts in my life in less than 24 hours, and the..."