Separated Destinies: Prologue

"Nii-san," a girl with soft and gentle voice called out

"Yes little sister?" a boy with a slightly husky voice asked.

"Do you think… that they're still alive? That they're still out there?" asked the girl

"Is it them that you're talking about?" She nodded silently and rested her chin on her folded arms.

"Yes Nii-san, I'm talking about them. What's your opinion? Do you think they're still alive?" repeated the girl.

The boy's eyes were sad. They showed different kind of emotions; sadness, desperation and anger. Those said emotions are the main ones that you can clearly see on his eyes.

"I-I… I don't think they're here anymore… Isn't that what our uncle said?" He replied.

"H-Hai, but inside your heart, do you think they're still alive? Do you still believe? Do you still have faith?" she asked her older brother.

Her older brother slowly nodded and gave off a small but radiating smile. His smile was contagious as quoted by everyone else.

"Isn't that the reason why we're still searching for them? We never gave up on searching for Otou-san and Okaa-san right? And I'm still searching for them." he said with a grin.

The girl smiled and hugged her brother's right arm.

"You're wrong Nii-san, we're still searching for them." She stated. Her older brother then hugged her. She hugged him back.

"Hey, you two, get inside now, it is cold out there. Besides, everyone else is looking for you." An Australian man named Reever told them.

The siblings nodded and smiled simultaneously. They then walked inside together. Reever sighed and smiled.

:::: Reever's POV::::

He really looked like his father.

Same looks and same personality, on the other hand, she looked a lot like her mother. They inherited a lot of their genes. Some from the Asian Branch even mistook them for their parents.

And I'm not surprised that they wanted to become an exorcist.

Unlike the others, those two were given a choice. They were asked if they wanted to become an exorcist or not.

I sighed at the memory. It was still fresh on my mind. It kept on replaying whenever that thought appears on my head.

I really couldn't blame them if they wanted to be exorcists. Their parents were after all exorcists too.

But looking at them sometimes hurts me. Sometimes, I get on the verge of tears whenever I see them fighting an akuma. Even if it's just on record. Whenever they do that, they remind me more and more of their parents; the parents who they never knew about, the parents that was never mentioned to them even if just by name.

I suddenly felt pity for them.

They were now 13 years old and yet they kept on searching for their lost parents even if they knew nothing about them.

They told us that they'll find out their parents by feelings. They said they'll rely on their pure instincts. They told us those 6 years ago; just after joining the Order.

But they weren't animals.

We were also forbidden to tell information to them about their parents. They even begged at our feet once just to get information. We all declined, even the Supervisor.

The siblings only knew their first names. As ordered by the goddamn Central, their last names shall never be mentioned. Thus, their last names were also like erased from existence. I felt myself being swallowed by pity for them.

All the siblings know is that they're 13 years old and that they're names are: Alexander and Helena.

Alexander or Alex for short is a cheerful and bright boy. As I said, he doesn't have a last name. He has white hair due to the permanent genes of his father. His father's white hair was passed onto him. Most of us thought it was ridiculous to see a 13 year old boy with white hair. But then we found out that because of his innocence too, which was also passed down onto him by his father, his hair turned white. Tiny bits of innocence joined his DNA. Those bits of innocence were only few but they were still powerful that it cause his hair to become white. We were then thankful that that happened to him instead of him losing all his hair and giving more chance of death percentage. Unluckily for Lena, he also got Komui's sister complex, but Alex's is worse. And of course, he is also parasite type innocence.

Helena or Lena for short, she is really like her mother. But I wasn't surprised by that, they are siblings after all. She got some of her father's attitude too, like poker skills and other else. She also got our idiot supervisor's addiction of coffee. I sighed. Like her brother; Lena got her mother's physical appearance. She has dark green hair but silvery blue eyes. She was also caring and loving like her mother. One thing is that, Lena doesn't know is how to make Blue Mountain coffee. Good thing Alex knows how to. (Or else Komui would be wailing and ordering us to make him coffee. After we give it to him, he'll order us to make one again, the one with the same taste of Lenalee's coffee.)

I smiled. Even if we were reluctant to let them join the Order, it was fun having them around. They always reminded us of the two. It made us reminisce of our good memories with them.

"Reever-san," I heard Lena call out.

"Yes, yes, I'm coming." I said and walked inside. But before I completely go inside, I took one last look at the balcony. This was the place were they first kissed. I smiled at the thought. Even the whole science department got to see it secretly.

"I hope you two are doing fine," I muttered to myself and let out another small smile. "We all miss you Allen, Lenalee. They miss you too, your children. If you only knew how excited they were to meet you." I said softly. You can barely hear it. I meant it to be inaudible. That's because, saying their names, are forbidden.

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