Hey guys this is me.

I'm thinking of rewriting the whole story because well…I can't help but cringe whenever I read it over. I also forgot my muse on writing this story anymore. I had it planned out at the beginning but now, not so much. I kept on changing the plot, the flow and the ending because I'm not satisfied with it. My muse left me and plot bunnies just don't come to me anymore.

No worries, I'll still continue this at the right time, probably when I have my inspiration back. I've been coming in and out of the DGM fandom because I've been discovering new animes left and right. So this story along with my other DGM stories is in hiatus until further notice. My real life is also chasing me and catching up pretty fast too. I'll drop by sometime to read AllenXLenalee fanfics and maybe even to drop off some one-shots, and if I'm able to, maybe a new chapter to one of my stories.

Don't worry, I'm not dead yet,



I'll probably change my name too…I don't know, I'm an indecisive person.