In the beginning there was nothing...

Nothing until a great planet was created. From the Earth was born a single, beautiful flower. The flower had petals like silk in a vibrant golden-yellow. From this beautiful flower was born Re. He took inspiration from his flower and created a sun that shone upon the planet and gave light to the flower and Re. Re embodied the sun and began to travel the world with the sun following. He made the Earth a beautiful place covering it with lush grass flowers and trees. He made water that would make the flowers grow and he made flowers that gave grains and herbs that he would eat.

However, as time passed Re wanted someone to share his world with. For this he made a woman. She was sweet and gentle and very beautiful. Re showed the woman his world and made her his wife. She was named Mut. Re wished for his wife to share in the special ability to move and control the Earth he asked her what she wished to be the embodiment of.

'Re,' she said one day when she had decided. 'I wish to embody truth.'

'Very well, my love,' he said and softly touched her cheek.

From that day on Mut embodied truth. The two once more became lonesome. To ease their loneliness they created two others. A man named Shu and a woman named Tefnut. The two were also given the choice to embody an aspect of the world. Shu chose the winds and Tefnut the rains. The two became lovers and the four were happy.

Until Shu and Tefnut had two small children. The elder was a boy named Geb and the younger a girl named Nut. The gods then decided that the world needed looking after by more than just they. Tefnut was weakened by giving birth and so the people were made. The people were to keep watch over the land and keep it safe, in return for this Re showed several men which plants gave food and which streams had the best drinking water.

Over thousands of years the gods had grown weak and came to rely on the bodies of humans to remain on the Earth. Re was born several times as were the others. As Re and Mut weakened they wished to have a child.

In the growing season Mut gave birth to a little girl, Sekhmet. She was a proud mother and was protective of her small child. The parents did not realise that the child had only blood on her minds. She had two minds and no one noticed this. She seemed a normal child but when she displayed her blood lust Re decided to use the child to his advantage.

When she came of age she was sent down into the cities of mortals and laid waste to them one by one revelling in her destruction and consuming the blood that flooded the streets. Her father began to feel sorry for the mortals his daughter was destroying. He laid a trap ordering the women of Heliopolis to mix red ochre with the beer they had brewed. It was then poured into the streets of the city and Sekhmet drank it thinking that she had already laid waste to the city. After drinking and drinking she became disoriented. She walked home to the palace and stood before her father.

'You come in peace, sweet one,' he said and at that moment the other mind of Sekhmet came forth splitting from the other and taking the form of Hathor, goddess of love.

Both women are my mawats.* I love them both dearly and my father also. My dajat** is the crocodile god Sobek. He spends most of his days lazing in the Nile. He loves both my mawats and he loves me.

I was born in the Flooding season. My mawat Hathor birthed me though dajat had only been with mawat Sekhmet in the months before I was born. I was a small child. My parents named me Bast. My grandpapa said I would be the goddess of cats and that was that.

My parents were the first to every experience a visit from Anubis. He was the god of the dead. Though I was little I remember him clearly. He was handsome. His skin pale from the time in the duat. He was muscular and had large chocolate coloured eyes. His was black and fell in his face when he leant forward. He had lips that were set in a straight line but looked soft.

I was sleeping when he and Bes arrived.

'Why her, Anubis?' Bes asked.

'I choose who lives and who dies. Don't question my choices!' he snarled very much a jackal. I whimpered hearing the anger in his voice.

'Hush!' hissed my mother. 'She is scared of you and if you do that u will wake Hathor.'

'Give her to me. I will make it fast I promise,' He insisted.

Mother relaxed, thinking. That's when I opened my eyes and gurgled at her. She was a pretty woman and I loved her already. She tensed and held me closer. I was precious and she would not let me go. She would not let me die.

I looked at Anubis then. He looked nearly fifteen years old but really he was only two days my elder. Somehow I knew he was not as cruel as he looked and that he was my other. I looked about the room and saw the flowers that covered the roof. They were lilies in full bloom. They rested in deep blue, rippled water. The lilies were golden and the walls depicted my mawat Hathor bursting forth from mawat Sekhmet. There was also an image of a golden coloured cow that was my mawat Hathor's other form.

I yawned and stretched out small white cat paws. I was a cat. That was grandpapa had me the goddess of cats. I had white paws instead of hands and cat ears as well my human ones, my eyes were green slit-pupil and I had a full set of sharp kitten teeth.

'She should not exist. She is a curse Sekhmet! Not the blessing everyone thinks!' Anubis hissed seeing my paws.

'Oh, a curse. I guess you think her unnatural then Anubis?' said Bes calmly. 'I guess then her mothers are as well? Did you no they were born as one child and with the paws and tail of a lion?'

Anubis lent over me. I was a curious little kitten and so placed my paws over his nose. Instead of pulling away he smiled at me and put a finger on my nose. I went cross-eyed trying to see it. He only laughed and moved away.

'the little one makes me laugh,' he said, 'I will leave her for now.'

He and Bes turned to leave but as Anubis stepped over the threshold I screamed. It was ear piercing and loud enough that my grandpapa said he could hear it from the halls.

Anubis came back as I was passed to mawat Hathor. She had woken when I'd screamed and instantly reached for me. She cradled me softly as Anubis bent to examine me once more. I gurgled and swatted at his hair which hung limp over his eyes. Then I placed a paw on his chin and looked at my mawat. She was reluctant to let me go but when I started to whine and whimper she held me out to him.

Anubis softly held me by the waist. He seemed confused. 'I have never held a babe,' he said. 'Will you show me?'

Mawat showed Anubis how to cradle me and he gently rocked me back and forth. His eyes never left me. Mawat Hathor was leaning into her pillows. Mawat Sekhmet was watching carefully. I saw a blur of colour and pushed my little paw, now turning gray, out towards it. Anubis stopped for a moment and I started to whine.

'I think she wants to go outside,' said Bes.

'May I take her?' Anubis asked hopefully.

'No,' said mawat Sekhmet flatly. 'I'm not about to trust you to take my daughter out alone. Not after you just tried to kill her.'

'Don't be cruel, Sekhmet. You may take her. Just know that should she come to harm you will be at Sekhmet's mercy,' Mawat Hathor said.

He walked with me out of the room and into the gardens. The trees were green and full of blossoms and fruits. I blinked at the bright colours and smiled when a butterfly fluttered past my nose. I followed it with my eyes and saw a patch of colour different to the others. There were soft pinks and bright purple spots on a patch of light blue. I screamed as Anubis passed it by and as he walked back he saw it to.

'Such a sharp eyed Mew Sher***,' he chuckled. He walked into the area and I say that the spots were purple and pink lilies resting on a pale blue body of water. I looked at them in wonder.

Anubis laid me in the grass with a blue bell dangling above me. I batted it and then heard a loud splash as the gentle lapping of the water was disrupted. Anubis came to me in the form of a black Jackal. In his mouth were about a dozen pink and purple lilies. He changed back into his human form and took the flowers from his mouth. He placed by me and held one to me to touch. I placed a now black paw on the soft petal and pressed my nose into it.

Anubis and I played with the flowers and when I was yawning and nodding Anubis lifted me into his arms and put a pile of flowers, including lilies, bluebells, dandelions and tulips, upon my stomach and I fell asleep as he carried me to my Mawats, holding a purple lily to me.

* Mawat-Mother


***Mew Sher- Little Cat