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Thoth picked up my heart once more and placed it again in front of the dog-like creature. "Eat," he commanded but Ammutt did not. He once more pushed my heart toward Anubis. Anubis looked at it for a time then bent and softly held my heart and handed it to me. His usual smile was no longer playing across his lips. "It does not belong to me Ammutt. It is hers. She does not remember me so how could her heart possibly be mine," he sighed looking at the small but precious bundle he held. My heart. It belonged to him. It wasn't really mine.

As I held my hands out for my precious little heart I remembered more of Anubis. His gentle fingers trailing through my hair. His strong arms holding my tiny frame to him. How I was treated like the most precious jewel in the world. I looked up at him and smiled softly. I rose to my feet and slowly walked forward, my eyes roaming over his pale, bare skin that shone slightly in the dim light. My whole life, my whole being, centred around this one person, and I loved it, I loved him, more than anyone.

His head was bowed and I noticed one, single, small, crystalline tear, slowly trekking its way down his cheek. I caught the droplet and smiled as all the colours of the rainbow, colours I couldn't even remember to begin with, shone through the dome shaped tear now resting on my finger. Then, through the tear, I saw his eyes light up, noticing my recognition of the colours and his sadness, something that the ghosts of the Duat barely ever portrayed. "Anubis," I sighed contentedly. "Anubis, dearest. I miss you."

His eyes shone as he placed a hand on my cheek, only to find that he could not touch me. I smiled at him then turned to Thoth. My mind was filled with hatred of the bird. I was going to kill that bird one day. I was going to cut his throat the way he did mine. I was terrified that he would hurt Anubis, so I held back. Just a single moment. Then, without warning, Ammutt launched onto Thoth and tore at the scroll in his hand. As I watched the Feather of Truth emerged from the torn shreds of Papyrus. Then with a gentle movement not accustomed to the beast he picked up the feather in his strong maw and brought it toward Anubis.

"Why did you try to take her away Thoth?"

"That is a good question Thoth. Why do you lie and defy my ma'at*? Why do u defy my order? My granddaughter is a blessing. Now conduct the test fairly or you shall never again see the light of day," came the sweet yet threatening voice of my Grandmamma.

While Anubis once more placed my heart on the scales Thoth took the feather from Ammutt. He once more placed the feather on the scale next to my heart and Anubis looked at me hopefully as the scale swayed.

When finally the scale came to balance my heart was lighter than the feather and I was granted a new life.

"Wait," said Anubis. "Why must she be reborn? Her body is not yet preserved and is healed. Perhaps it is possible for her to take back her body, Queen Mut?"

Grandmamma smiled and took my still transparent hand, Anubis looked shocked as she touched me, and she lead me toward my body and lay me on the ground by it. She gently pushed my eyes shut and before I knew it I was asleep.

When I woke I felt arms around me, cradling me against a warm, strong chest. "Dajat?" I whispered, hoping that the past twenty-four hours had been a dream.

"No Mew Sher. Open your eyes and look at me."

I struggled to find the switch for my eyelids until I felt a soft touch on them. "I now know where they are, so finding the switch should be easy," I thought. I was right, in a matter of seconds I had my eyelids fluttering as I struggled to control the movement of them and in a few more seconds I had them open and to my surprise I was gazing up at Anubis.

As I looked up at him with both delight and shock present in my eyes he looked down at me with relief in his eyes and his hand working its way through my hair. "Mew Sher," he smiled. His smile was so bright I nearly couldn't look at it in the dark confines of the Duat.

Anubis helped me slowly over the next hour to stand and walk and regain control of my body. When finally I had my cat-like grace back under my control I leapt on Thoth. I held him down and hissed at him. "How dare you do that! How could you possibly destroy the only thing that Anubis has had to love in his lifetime? To destroy your own nephews love? I don't think you deserve to live Thoth." I raised a hand and Thoth watched as it slowly formed a perfect black paw with long, sharp claws. I held it back ready to swipe at his face when I was suddenly pulled away. Anubis held me close and covered my face. When he finally released me we were home. Back in my room standing by the bed as if nothing had ever happened.

I smiled up at Anubis and held his hands, his making mine look ever smaller. He leant down and kissed me softly before lifting me off the ground completely and carrying me to my bed were he placed me gently and then curled into a protective ball around the most precious thing in his life. Soon the both of us were asleep and we slept soundly. That was, until the monstrous roaring we heard outside the palace.