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The credits rolled and Brennan looked up at her boyfriend lazily. He smiled down at her, gently caressing her warm cheek.


She nodded.


Booth nodded, he leaned over her slightly to kiss her lips and then pulled back.

"Let's go then."

When she sat forward, he got up and held his hand out to her. Grinning as she slipped her own hand into his and he could pull her up; with ease, a testament to his strength. They folded the blanket and joined their hands again, before walking back the way they had entered the park.

Booth and Brennan were silent on the walk back, neither felt the need to fill the comfortable silence. The warm night air surrounded them and the sounds of cicadas from the park gardens, drifted on the summer breeze.

Booth unlocked the SUV and opened the door gallantly, he half expected her to reprimand him, but she simply smiled and ducked her head in thanks.

Brennan knew he meant no harm opening her door, time had taught her his ways. Seeley Booth was a gentleman, he was old school, he opened doors, pulled chairs out, took coats and carried heavy items, all these things were not displays of alpha male pride, instead she had learned they were just his ways. It didn't mean he thought he was better or stronger or more able, it was just who he was. Seeley Booth liked to help, he had always done these things, whether she fought him on it or not, now however, she allowed him to be the man he thought his mother would want him to be.

Booth closed the door once she was settled and then placed the blanket in the trunk, before climbing into the driver's side.

"Ok, you ready?"

Brennan buckled up and nodded, a small smile gracing her features, as she watched Booth watch her out of the corner of her eye. Booth revved the engine and pulled out into the barely there traffic, it seemed a lot of movie goers were picnicking at the park too. Booth though had other plans.

The car trip was filled with the soft jazz music that Brennan had flicked to earlier, her quiet humming along, made Booth's chest ache to hold her, he hadn't watched the movie at all, he had simply watched her. The small smiles, the grins, the bright happy laughter, she was enjoying herself and to him, that's all that mattered.

Brennan watched as they headed out of the city, she tried to imagine where he would be taking her, but she knew the attempt was futile, Seeley Booth was a complete romantic and although she had gotten better, her mind just didn't work the way his did.

The night darkened outside as the street lights disappeared and the buildings were nothing but a memory. They drove on.

"Any ideas Bones?"

She looked across and shook her head.

"No, I... I've never been out this way before."

Booth smiled as he turned onto a dirt incline.

"Are you going to tell me?"

He chuckled.

"Nope, you'll see soon enough."

The SUV crested the incline and a large domed building came into sight. Brennan squinted into the night.

"Is that... Booth is that an observatory?"

Booth smiled.

"Does it look like an observatory Bones."

She squinted a little harder, making Booth smile at her pinchy features.

"Wha... yes, it does."

He nodded.

"Well then, chances are it's an observatory Bones."

She smiled as the car came to a stop directly in front of the entry door and behind a van. Brennan looked to Booth and raised her brows.

"O'Neal's catering?"

She looked back to the van's decals.

"That's the vegetarian catering company."

Booth nodded, opening his door and exiting the car. Brennan sat stationary for a moment; the warm air caressing her skin alerting her to the fact Booth had opened her door. Turning to face him, she wondered what he planned for them.

"Coming Bones? I thought you were hungry?"

She nodded, grabbing her clutch from the floor, where she'd allowed it to fall, she took his hand and also exited.

Booth could see she was trying to work out what exactly he planned and he delighted in her furrowed brow and alert eyes.

Closing the car door, he led them up two steps and pushed the blue door in front of them.

Brennan inhaled deeply, the smell of food assaulting her senses and not really at all what she had been expecting upon entry. It was dark inside, except for soft candle lit pathway leading them to another door.

Booth looked to his girlfriend and smiled.

"Close your eyes."

She gave a small smile, before complying and moving a little closer to his side.

The door clicked and Brennan knew they would step through into something amazing. The excitement was killing her; so to speak, she was desperate to look around, the scent of food was stronger as they took their first steps in the second room.

She smiled further as the sounds of a violin played softly in the background, she could tell it was live and currently coming from the right of the room. She listened as the sounds of footsteps got a little closer, female; they were lighter than Booth's steps.

The floor under foot felt soft and she knew if she were to open her eyes she would find it would be carpet, the flatness leading her to believe they were walking in the main thoroughfare of the area.


"Just a little longer, keep them closed."

She felt a kiss to her temple and sighed in content. She wasn't concerned or apprehensive, she felt completely safe in Booth's arms, she was simply intrigued, curious about her surrounds.

"Walk forward Bones."

He held her firmly and whispered softly.

"There's gunna be a loud noise, don't be shocked."

She nodded and smiled, thankful for his thoughtfulness at telling her. She flinched, despite knowing the noise was coming, her body still reacted, she knew this a normal response, but she still felt somewhat silly and childish.


Booth placed his lips to her cheek and smiled.

"No need to be, I jumped too."

She giggled and felt at ease again.

"Ok, stand right here."

He placed her in position and the whirring noise halted.

"Open your eyes Bones."

Slowly but surely she did; and gasped, her vision clouded, the sight before her was beautiful.

"Oh Booth."

She turned on the spot, taking it all in. The room was quite dark, but they were surrounded by candles, various shapes and sizes, all of them were white and glowing hugely, their flames dancing on the wick.

A small table and two chairs had been placed a few feet away, adorned with a navy blue satin cloth and a large silver candelabra, took pride of place just shy of the center. Crystal wine glasses sat empty, while water glasses were half filled beside them.

Brennan smiled at the white china plates with silver detailing on the edge, as the silver cutlery laid elegantly beside them, to accompany the white napkins that had been dutifully folded into hearts.

"This is amazing Booth, I'm..."

Booth stepped up to her and smiled; slipping his hand into hers he gave a light squeeze.

"Look up."

Brennan tilted her head back awed.


Above them was a perfect night sky; a black gauze dusted with stars of brilliant white. The Milky Way ran across the endless ebony expanse, the moon's glow tingeing everything in a silvery hue.

"Do you like it?"

She looked at him, eye brows raised in a slightly stunned expression.

"Do I... ye... yes, Booth it's wonderful, I can't believe... I mean how... how did you do this?"

He smiled, his arms wrapping around her waist and bringing her back, flush with his chest.

"I had some help."

Brennan smiled as they both looked up and the star spangled universe, divine in its existence and presence above them tonight.

"Mister Booth, your dinner is served."

Booth and Brennan both turned to young woman behind them and smiled.


The young woman smiled, gave a small nod and left the room, closing the door gently behind herself.

"Well Miss Brennan, shall we eat."

Looking to the table, she smiled in anticipation. It had been layered with food, there was bruschetta with tomato, red onion and basil topping, egg plant roll ups, stuffed with bocconcini and sliced bell peppers, there was what looked liked grilled vegetable rice paper rolls and to the side there was also a mixed vegetable and feta salad, a dish Brennan recognized from Booth's previous efforts in the kitchen; and a dish she had enjoyed immensely.

Booth knew there was a creamy tomato, spinach and white wine gnocchi in the white serving bowl; a dish he knew she loved when prepared correctly and a small tray of butter bean and corn frittas sat with tzatziki dipping sauce.

Booth waited behind her chair and smiled as she sat quietly, not a single comment on alpha male rituals passing her lips.

"Booth this all looks delicious."

He took his place and reached for the wine in the bucket.

"Well, let's hope it tastes as good as it looks."

He raised his eyebrows playfully as he poured the wine into the glasses, hers first and then his own.

Brennan took the glass and smiled.

"I can't believe you did all this Booth."

He placed the bottle back in the bucket and raised his glass to hers.

"To us, to our family and to our future."

She nodded and repeated the sentiment, tears threatening in her blue eyes.

Booth was a romantic man, most wouldn't know it to look at him, but he was tactile and sensitive and very much geared to make his loved ones happy. She smiled as she watched him serve her, he was thrilled, completely involved in his task, he truly enjoyed looking after her, it was his way and she understood that, taking care of her and the kids was his passion, it was what got him up in the mornings and brought him home to them every night. She knew Seeley Booth was hers for life, no questions or hesitation; he would always stand beside her, equals, partners, parents and lovers.

Angela smiled from the door way, as Parker sat beside his sister on the bed and read to her. She watched as he made all the funny voices for the characters and used his eyes to engage her. Molly was reveling the time together, she was watching her big brother like a hawk, an adoring smile on her face, as her little fingers lay against his knee, squeezing every so often when she got excited.

Hodgins walked up behind his wife and smiled, she was becoming very easily moved in past week or so and he felt the time was fast approaching that he would meet baby Hodgins. The Entomologist couldn't wait, he had been anticipating the birth of his first child since the day he met Angela, sure they'd had their ups and down, but Jack knew when he met Angela that she would be his.

Having Parker and Molly around, had only increased his desire to be a father, especially Molly. He had fallen in love with the three year old, the moment she showed an interest in bugs. Parker had always been Brennan's, he spent every second he could with her, he was a friendly easy going kid, but he had never pretended he wanted to be anywhere other, than with Brennan.

Hodgins smiled, he had lost count of the amount of interns who thought Parker was Brennan's biological child, he never corrected them, it was always better if people knew the kid was untouchable. Everyone knew, if you upset Doctor Temperance Brennan's children, there would be hell to pay. She was fiercely protective and even keel to the children's father, hurt the Brennan-Booth kids and you may as well move to Outer Mongolia, change your name and never make contact with anyone again.

"Goodnight Molly, I love you."

Molly smiled tiredly up at her brother; she watched him stand and snuggled down in the bed as he tucked her in.

"Mom and Dad will come get us soon, I promise."

Angela smiled at Hodgins.

"They're so cute."

Hodgins smiled kissing her brow and pulling her gently away from the door.

Parker walked out a moment later and smiled at Angela and Hodgins.

"She's asleep."

He walked closer to them a little unsure what he was supposed to do now, Hodgins smiled.

"You wanna play video games?"

Parker's eyes lit up, he hadn't played a video game in a long while.

"Yeah, awesome."

The boys walked off leaving Angela to shake her head, amused by the childlike mentality of her husband.

"Do you wanna dance Bones?"

She looked to the violin player who hadn't stopped since they entered the observatory, she smiled and nodded.

Booth stood and took her hand, pulling her gently up from her chair with a smile. He swung her into his chest and adjusted his arms to hold her securely. Booth loved the sensation of having this woman in his grasp, flush against his body, her small hands holding his shoulders, her cheek pressed to his chest, the feel of her pulse on a steady increase with his own.

They moved easily to the music, he could count on one hand the opportunities he had to dance with her, but still they were fluid and comfortable in their steps, as if they had been dancing together for years.

His hands circled her waist, slowly caressing and loving her to the soft music.

"I love you so much Booth, thank you for tonight, it's been..."

She looked up and smiled.

"Words can't describe."

Booth pulled her back to his chest where he could kiss her crown.

"You're such an amazing man Booth, so kind and loving, I often wonder what I did to have you in my life."

Booth listened to her whispered words ghost across his chest.

"Ha, Bones... you deserve all the good life can bring and if you happen to find happiness with me then it's me who is the luckiest man in the world..."

She looked up, a small frown in place as he tilted his head to look into her baby blues.

"I've done a lot of bad stuff in this life and I know I don't deserve the affections of a woman as unselfish and loving and stunningly beautiful as you..."

Brennan shook her head.


He touched his fingers to her lips, silencing her gently.

"But I can promise you one thing..."

He tilted her chin up, his eyes dropping to her lips and back to her eyes.

"I will love you, forever, no matter what, I will love you."

He watched her eyes leak, a trickle of salt water running down her cheek as he kissed her lips tenderly.

Temperance halted the kiss and shook her head.

"You're wrong Booth."

He frowned.

"This is not about who deserves what or who..."

She took his hands, joining them palm to palm; she looked up at him and spoke with sincerity.

"We've belonged to one another for a long time now, sometimes I wonder if it was from the beginning and we just didn't see it."

Booth searched her eyes, it was a little odd to hear her speaking so definitely, but he understood she was simply voicing her thoughts without censorship.

Pulling her closer he hugged her impossibly tight, feeling her melt into his body willingly. They both hummed with contentment, happy to be so close to each other.

"I love you so much Bones."

She squeezed him tighter still and he smiled, feeling her emotions flow through him.

"Booth I... I want go home."

He grinned and pulled back slightly.

"But we haven't had desert."

She smiled and raised her brows.

"We'll be each other's desert, please Booth, le... let's go, we have a few more hours before we need to get Parker and Molly."

Booth stroked her cheek and smiled before kissing her nose sweetly.

"Begging is not something you need to do Bones; you had me at 'I want to go home'."

Brennan smiled and gave a shy nod which Booth adored, he loved the way she was still oblivious to the power she held over him. He took her hand and after grabbing her clutch from the ground, headed toward the door.

"What about the table and stuff Booth?"

He glanced back and smiled.

"The caterer will be back in about half an hour anyway, everything is taken care of Bones, come on."

She smiled and walked out slightly in front of him, slowing as he thanked the violinist.

Booth wrapped his arms around her waist as they got to the truck, he was directly behind her and frog marched the last few steps, making her giggle.

"Booth! You're gonna make me trip over."

"Nah! I gotcha."

Brennan smiled, her arms looping back behind her and holding him closer to her. With his keys already out, Booth pressed the central locking button to release the doors, eager to get his girlfriend home.

The trip home was harder than it had to be, Brennan had decided she was in a playful mood and Booth was decidedly uncomfortable with the now almost painful bulge in his jeans.

"Bones... Babe please, do you want us to have an accident?"

He picked up the hand currently making swirling patterns on his thigh and placed it back in her lap.

"Booth I... I... you don't have to do anything."

He chuckled, she honestly had no idea how her touch effected him, how little it took having his libido soaring higher than usual.

"That is not the point."

She frowned.

"Then what is?"

Booth rolled his eyes in mock frustration.

"The point is Bones; I can't do ANYTHING, when you're doing..."

He gestured wildly at his thigh and her hand.


Brennan giggled as she watched him.

"That made no sense Booth."

He groaned seeing the twinkle in her eye.

"Yes it did, you're just trying to get me to say things."

She opened her mouth in mock shock.

"Your honest opinion is very important to me Booth; I would never try to coerce you into saying anything you didn't want to already."

Booth chuckled, amused by her indignant tone.

"Hmm sure you wouldn't."

Booth turned the truck into the undercover lot of the apartment; he pulled the SUV to a stop in his designated spot and killed the engine.


He looked across to her and smiled at the smug features.

"Now we just have to sit here until..."

He gestured to his groin with a slight blush.

"He goes down... 'little miss can't keep her hands to herself'."

Brennan smiled, her eyes dropping seductively to his lap and then back to his eyes again.

"I could help you with that..."

She flicked her seat belt and turned in her seat.

"OH NO, YOU... you just sit there and... and... Think about what you've done."

Brennan wiggled her eye brows at him.

"I am thinking about it Booth, it's all I've been thinking about... well that and what I wanna do wi..."

Booth jumped from the car.

"HOKAY...OUT, out, out, out, let's go, upstairs now you... temptress."

He grabbed her hand and pulled none too gently, locking the car as they hurried away from it. The elevator would only move as fast as an elevator would and the stairs were not option in Booth's current... condition. Booth stood tapping his foot impatiently, giving sideways glances to his smug girlfriend.

"You know Temperance..."

She looked up at him. Wide questioning blue eyes, laced with a puckish focus.

"It is ironic how close your name is to temptress."

Brennan moved closer, standing directly in front of him and applying just the right amount of pressure to his manhood with her thigh.

Booth looked heavenwards and prayed for strength, but alas as the doors opened to the top floor, his resistance broke.

Brennan yelped as he shoved her out of the elevator and up against a wall opposite them. He kissed her hard, trapping her with his body, his knee between her parted thighs, his hands pinning her shoulders on either side.

"You are so... gunna get it Baby."

She kissed back just as harshly, her want for him had reached fever pitch.

"I... I look forward to it."

Booth stared down into the blue pools he loved so much, they were darker than they usually were, more intense, more hypnotizing and that was feat considering the power of her eyes in general. Her lips were, swollen and slightly bruised, her hair a little mussed, but all in all she looked radiant, she was glowing, pulsing with playful energy and he was loathe to make her tame it any longer.

Booth took her hand again and pulled his more than willing girlfriend toward the door of their apartment. Booth's hand was shaking, he wasn't nervous, he just hadn't been so wound up in a while, since he started a sexual relationship with his beautiful partner, Booth hadn't been lacking for anything for more than a few hours. Temperance Brennan's sexual appetite certainly rivaled his own, which made them a match in every way really.

He felt her begin to unbutton his shirt, in turn making him lose what little concentration he had to try opening the door.

His shirt was open and her hands were wandering again; south.

"Bo... Bones, sto... please Baby sto... oh jee..."

Pushing the key into the lock he turned and hurried them both in, just as his belt buckle hit the floor.

Booth slammed the door shut with a groan.

"Come ere."

Without a second to spare, Booth spun the Anthropologist around, her back to the door, the smug look that had been on her face, replaced with an expression of pure wanton desire.

His eyes roamed her face, she was breathing harder than she usually did a sure sign she was struggling to maintain her decorum. Booth leaned in, laying soft sucking kisses against her jaw, slowly traveling the column of her neck, toward her shoulder.

Brennan sighed in appreciation of his suck, bite, kiss technique and tilted her head to give him better access to her warming flesh.

"You taste good Bones."

She smiled and dropped her head forward, her forehead coming to rest on his shoulder. Brennan reached up blindly, pulling his shirt from his shoulders and dropping it to the floor.

Booth smiled feeling the cool apartment air hit his flesh, helping to ground him; he knew he could easily lose himself in her and the slight chill was welcome.


Without warning her scooped her up, bridal style and carried her down the hall and into their darkened room. Brennan scooted up to the head of the bed and turned the small lamp on; she smiled seeing his almost feral expression.

Booth read her thoughts easily, she was proud of herself, of her ability to work him up. He knelt down and moved up toward her on the mattress, feeling his pulse quicken as she automatically laid back, reclining in surrender to him as his body covered hers.


Her voice was whispered, breathy and needy, he loved it. Placing one hand on the outside of her knee, he palmed upward toward her thigh. Her skin was always so soft, so warm; so addictive, he never wanted to not be privy to touching her.

He leaned down and kissed her lips, changing their heated battle from earlier, to a soft, gentle; passionate kiss. Booth didn't mind their occasional rough play as they each vied for dominance but, slow and tender was the way he most liked to make love to Temperance Brennan. He wanted her to feel loved and cherished, cared for and more than satisfied, he wanted to take care of her, protect her and most importantly, show her the tenderness her previous relationships sorely lacked.

Booth liked to take his time, explore, learn what makes her gasp, what increases her heart rate, makes her breath hitch, what makes her beg for more and each time they had made love so far, he had learned so much more about what makes Temperance Brennan who she is.

Brennan arched into Booth's chest, his hot body against hers, making her crave skin on skin contact. Booth stroked down the side of her face and smiled.

"Shhh, easy Baby, nice and slow, we've got hours."

Brennan groaned in desperate need for him, she knew it had been a bad idea to rile him up earlier, surprisingly he had shown a fantastic ability to take his time when it came to all things bedroom related.

He released the zip at the side of her dress and smiled, as she instantly put her arms up for him to pull her free from it. She grinned when his eyes finally lay focus on the sheer white lace bra and panty set she'd bought, there really wasn't much to it, the bra was nothing more than ribbon on her shoulders, holding some lace against her and the panties; well Booth wondered what the point of them was. He smiled, tugging on the bows at her hips and chuckling when they proved to be the only thing holding the underwear in place.

"You wore this on purpose? To get my reaction?"

She ducked her eyes shyly and he knew there was more to it.

"What Bones?"

She looked up.

"Actually, I bought it FOR you..."

She watched him smile and nod.

"Do you like it?"

Looking into her eyes he answered.

"Yeah Temperance, I love it, but, I love you more."

She smiled, happy with his soppy answer.

"Does that mean you'll make love to me now?"

He shook his head and chuckled, kneeling up; he popped the button on his jeans and pulled down the zip.

"Soon Baby..."

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