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"So we have you booked into the chapel at eleven Am on Tuesday the sixteenth of October, before this date you need to complete two sessions of premarital counseling here at the church, this is the number to book an appointment."

Booth took the card from the Father Matthew

"Umm thanks, is… do we do the counseling together?"

Father Matthew smiled and nodded.

"Yes, you will complete both sessions together and usually with three or four other couples, once complete the counselor will sign the papers and you both will meet with me together and we'll have a little chat."

Booth swallowed, he wondered if Bones knew all this was coming, or if he'd have a small battle on his hands.

"Bon… Temperance, my fiancée... she's not Catholic is that going to be a problem?"

Father Matt chuckled.

"You know Seeley a few years back it might have been, but the church is far more lenient now, what denomination is she?"

"Well… actually… she's an atheist."

The priest closed his eyes briefly understanding Booth's hesitation.

"I see, well I guess it's true that the heart wants what it wants."

Booth nodded and looked to where Parker was showing Molly how to read again, before looking back to the Father.

"So it won't be a problem?"

"Seeley granted we would always prefer you marry in your faith but I find love doesn't care much about religion, instead what I find it best to focus on is respect, respect for her beliefs and the knowledge that she has respect for yours."

Booth nodded, he didn't always understand her lack of belief but he understood her and that meant more to him and he knew that although it didn't always seem so, she respected his faith and would never ask him to compromise on it.

"She does and I do and we really want to be married."

Father Matt held his hand up and smiled.

"Very well then Seeley, do the counseling and we'll talk in a few weeks."

Booth nodded and thanked the priest, shaking his hand and standing up.

"Parker, Molly pack away the books please."

Molly stood up and smiled.

"Ok Daddy."

Booth smiled at his daughter's manners and nodded at Parker who began stacking the books back on the bottom of the shelf.

"Ok so when we get home I need to have a talk to your Mom in private ok, so…"

Parker smiled.

"Don't worry Dad, Molly and me will go and play with the puppies, Mom wants us to give them a bath anyway."

Booth looked into the rear view mirror and smiled at his son.

"Thanks Pal."

Silence reigned for a few minutes and then Parker spoke up again.


Booth looked up into the mirror again and raised his brows in question.

"Yeah Buddy, what's up?"

Parker responded instantly.

"You and Mom are still getting married right? I mean I know Father Matthew wants Mom to be Catholic too but you won…"

"Your Mom and I are still getting married Pal, no matter what Ok."

Parker took breath unaware he'd been holding it.

"What if Mom doesn't want to go to counseling?"

Booth had been wondering the same thing, he really had no idea how that conversation would go.

"Well I guess we'll cross that bridge when come to it."

He pulled into the drive and pressed the clicker for the garage door.

"Ok… but…"

Booth looked up again at his Son's pause.

"But what Pal?"

The thirteen year old took a breath.

"Just please don't fight."

Booth chuckled and drove into the garage.

"Have you even heard us fight?"

Parker shook his head.

"No bu…"

"It'll be fine Parks… I promise, now come on, let's go."

They all got out, Molly with a little fatherly help and went into the house.


Brennan smiled hearing her little girl's scream through the house.

"Out here Baby!"

Molly ran through the house dodging the puppies that had come running in from outside.


The questioning tone in her little girl's voice was unmistakable.

"Outside Sweetie."

Molly ran out and down the path to her mother who was hanging washing.

"We're home Mommy."

Brennan laughed as two little arms wrapped around her legs from behind.

"Ha, I can see that Baby, did you have a good time."

Molly released her Mom allowing her to squat down.

"Yup, we learned that giving stuff to people is better than getting stuff back."

Brennan nodded.

"Well that's a very good lesson to learn."

She looked up as Parker and Booth also walked out into the yard.

"Hey Mom."

Brennan kissed Molly's forehead and stood up.

"Hi Sweetie, your Mom called, she asked if you could email her when you get a chance tonight."

Parker nodded.


He walked over and gave her a kiss on the cheek, leaving his mother to his father.

"Hey you."

She smiled as she looked up into the brown orbs she loved so much.

"Hi, how did your meeting with Father O'Reilly go?"

Booth kissed her lips and smiled.

"Well Father O'Reilly wasn't there today but I spoke to Father Mathew and it was great…

"He looked to the washing still in the basket and back to his fiancée.

".. Let's finish this and then I'll tell you all about it."

Brennan noted something in his voice but couldn't quite decipher it.

"O…k, sounds ominous."

He bent and lifted a pair of jeans, pegging them to the line.

"Nope, just a few things I need to go over with you."

Booth finished helping Bones with the washing, before taking her hand and leading her inside.

"Booth? You're worrying me."

He looked to her and raised his brows in concern; she did look scared and he hated that he was the cause.

"Oh no, no, no Baby, its fine I swear."

"Then wha…"

Giving her hand a reassuring squeeze he smiled tightly.

"Nothing to worry about Bones, I promise there's just a few things the priest wants us to do before we have the ceremony in the church."

He led her to the couch where he'd left the package Father Matt gave him.

"Things like what Booth? The hymns and versus?"

Sitting down he motioned for her to do the same.

"No, umm, ok don't… just hear me out alright?"

She furrowed her brow and nodded, listening intently as he began to explain all they had to do to make them eligible to married by the church.


She read the concern and apprehension in his eyes.

"So what Booth?"

"So are you ok with all that?"

"If we don't do it the priest won't marry us right?"

Booth swallowed and nodded.


She shrugged.

"Then I guess we should make the appointment."

Scooting forward he smiled.

"Haha… you… you're ok with this?"

Again she shrugged.

"Well it's not something I think I'll find particularly helpful or interesting but if it's required of us before we can get what we want then…"

Booth pulled her into his arms and kissed her cheek.

"You're amazing Bones, amazing, you know that, I thought for sure you'd be against it or at least show a little resistance."

She smiled and pulled back slightly.

"Booth I know how important it is to you for us to married in the eyes of the church… you're already giving me so much, I would never take this away from you."

He kissed her again and smiled.

"I love you so much Temperance Brennan… you're really one of a kind."

Her delight at his statement was obvious and it only served to make him happier.

As the month progressed a small party was held on Friday the twentieth for Michael's first birthday, Hodgins had wanted to go all out with a petting zoo, jumping castle and balloon toting clown, but Angela wanted something small considering the little boy wouldn't remember his celebration and didn't have any friends so to speak of; she won. Hodgins had sulked for a few minutes but was soothed by his wife promising that for their son's fifth birthday they would go all out; although Angela did draw his attention to the fact that if a clown was present at the party then chances were Booth would be otherwise occupied with another engagement.

The Booth clan went along and even Billy turned up fashionably late and on a motorcycle. It was a small lunch time party which lasted a little more than two hours, gifts of clothes and toys were given. They had a number one birthday cake and sang 'happy birthday' to a stunned one year old, who although had no clue what was going on, enjoyed the cake immensely and shared lashings of it with the floor.

Angela videoed the entire two hours adding to the keepsake box she'd started of her son's earliest activities and even piled the cards he'd received in there too, she had decided before Michael's birth that she wanted him to be ab;e to look back into his life before he could remember it. Annie remembered almost nothing before the beatings she had to endure and had nothing but the scars to show of her childhood, it made Angela sad to know Annie had no tangible proof of her life's first years and she wanted different for her son.

The birthday party got Molly asking questions later that afternoon though; ones Brennan wasn't entirely sure she had the answers to.

"Mommy I'm four."

Brennan nodded as she looked to her daughter sitting on the couch, gently flipping through a bridal magazine.

"Yes… I know."

Molly looked up.

"Four comes after one look…"

She held her little fingers up and counted.

"One… two… three… FOUR."

Again Brennan nodded.

"Great counting Sweetheart, but why are you telling me this?"

Molly shrugged.

"I don't rember my number one Birfday; did I get lots of stuff like Mikel?"

Brennan looked to Booth who was sitting beside her.

"Oh Sweetie I…"

Brennan hesitated, she hated to lie but she also didn't think her daughter needed to know the chances of her having a present filled and fun first birthday weren't likely. Truth was Brennan didn't know what Molly's first birthday was like, it wasn't on record and so really she wouldn't be lying by insinuating that it was probably a good first birthday.

Booth swallowed wondering how best to handle the situation, but it seemed he didn't have to worry, Bones had it sorted.

"Mommy doesn't know Baby, I didn't get to love you until after that, but I bet it was good and you had lots of fun."

Molly nodded, accepting her Mommy was usually right and so she was probably right again.

Booth smiled as he noted his daughter was again at ease, Temperance Brennan sure had come a long way; from the unsure mother to be, to the confident one she was now.

On the twenty fourth of July Hodgins and Angela got confirmation that Nanna Newman's grave site was ready, so at twelve PM they took Annie to the church grounds of Saint Marks.

"Should we stop and get some flowers Kiddo?"

Annie smiled from the back seat and nodded.

"Yes please."

Annie rubbed her stomach, she couldn't explain why she was nervous, it wasn't as if she were meeting her grandmother again, she was simply putting her to rest. Annie wanted the site to be perfect, she loved her Nanna so much and her owed her a lot too that nothing less than perfect was going to be satisfactory.

They pulled up at the florist and Hodgins suggested he and Michael would stay in the car. Annie unbuckled and jumped out onto the side walk, joined quickly by her mother.

"Alright Sweetie, what type of flowers should we get?"

Annie shrugged.

"I'm not sure Mom… yellow ones though, her favorite color was yellow."

Angela nodded and opened the door to the flower shop.

"Ok, yellow it is."

Booth smiled as he looked up from his desk to see his family standing at the door.



Molly ran over to her father, giggling as she was swooped up into his arms.

"What are you guys doing here?"

Brennan smiled as he walked toward Parker and herself with a bright smile and Molly in his arms.

"We're here to take you to lunch Dad."

Booth ruffled his Son's hair and pulled him in for a quick and acceptable public display of affection for the thirteen year old, before leaning down and kissing his fiancée's lips.


Parker nodded.

"Yup, it was Mom's idea, she said it wasn't fair we all got to hang out and you had to work, so we came here to hang out with you too."

Booth stared into the eyes of his blushing girl and reached out to stroke her cheek.

"Well… I'm really glad you're all here."

Brennan smiled; pleased she had made him happy.

"So, where are we going for lunch? The Diner?"

Molly shook her head enthusiastically.

"Can I say the surprise now Mommy?"

Brennan smiled up at her pleading daughter and nodded.

"Yes you can tell him."

Molly grinned and looked to her waiting father.

"We're going on a picnic Daddy, we have all the yummy food in the car and the blanket to sit on and Mommy got you more clothes for after."

Booth frowned slightly and looked back to Brennan with a questioning glance.

"It's hot out there; I got you a fresh shirt in case you get sweaty."

He leaned in and kissed her cheek touched by her thoughtfulness.

"Thanks Bones."

"You're welcome…"

There was a brief moment of simply staring into one another's eyes before Brennan spoke again.

"Are you free to leave now?"

He looked to stack of paperwork on his desk and smiled.

"Yup, just let me grab my badge, gun, keys…"

"You won't need your keys."

He placed Molly on the ground, not comfortable holding her and baring a gun at the same time, fearful of what accident might occur, he also knew Bones would not approve.

He holstered his gun and attached his cuffs to the back of his belt, dropped his keys in the drawer, shut the computer monitor off and retook his daughter's hand, before following his Son and fiancée out of his office.

Annie trotted over to the grave site ahead of her parents, following the grounds map she had been given in the chapel. She spotted the freshly made up site and felt her chest tighten; this is where her Nanna was now, she didn't have to wonder any longer, she was here, beneath the earth, safe and hopefully at peace.

"Oh… it's… it's… I love it."

Annie knelt down and placed the flowers she'd brought on the headstone ledge in the built in vase. Fresh laid grass had been put down and the white marble stone glistened in the sunlight.

"Would your Nanna like it Sweetie?"

Annie looked up at her Mom and nodded.

"Yes, yes I think very much."

Annie turned back with tears in her eyes and read through the inscription 'If every tear I shed for you became a star above, you'd stroll in Angels garden lit by everlasting love. If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. I miss you Nanna.'

Angela squatted down after handing Michael to Hodgins; she placed her palm on her daughter's shoulder and rubbed affectionately.

"You ok Honey?"

Annie nodded, turning and showing her Mom her tear stained cheeks.

"I'm ok."

She leaned forward into her Mom's arms and took a cleansing breath, she was finally able to say goodbye to her beloved Nanna and for that she was thankful.

"Thank you for making this happen."

She glanced up her Dad too with a watery smile, it had been hard for Annie to imagine her Nanna no longer living when she didn't have anything tangible to say goodbye to, she had felt as if believing her Nanna had died when there was no proof to see, was like wishing it to happen when it hadn't, now though with the proof in front of her, she could admit her Nanna had passed and finally let go of dreaming about what if's and one days; it was a relief.

"Anything for you Kiddo, anything at all."

Booth smiled as he held his fiancée's hand as they walked down the street toward the park. Molly and Parker were walking ahead slightly the responsible thirteen year old looking back occasionally to make sure they hadn't gotten too far in front.

"You're very quiet Booth, are you sure this is ok?"

He smiled and squeezed her hand.

"I'm positive Bones… this is the best lunch time surprise ever, I'm really happy you and kids came."

She smiled.

"How's your paperwork coming?"

She watched him shrug before he answered.

"Slowly, you know me and paperwork."

She nodded and stepped a little closer to allow a woman and her pram passed.

"That's because you procrastinate."

He grinned and rolled his eyes in good nature.

"No, it's because it's boring and I'm a man of action, who's rotting behind the desk."

The sound of her laughter rolled over him like a warm blanket; it was amazing how much comfort he found in the sound of her laughter and the gentle curl of her smile.

They stopped at the curb, Molly instantly looping her little hand into her mother's free one, together they looked left and then right and then left once again, with the traffic clear they stepped down and crossed the street sensibly and briskly.

Once on the other side safely, Molly was free to run again, burning off the energy any typical four year old had and squealing as her big brother chased her.

Brennan laid out the food she'd packed, on the blanket Booth spread out. Sandwiches, fruit salad, cheese cubes, mixed nuts and coconut water to drink.

"Wow this is awesome Bones; I can't believe… you're so amazing."

She smiled bashfully and kneeled down on a corner of the rug, followed by Booth, who was currently pouring drinks out.

"So besides organizing this, what have you been up to today?"

She looked across to the kids and called out gently for them to come and eat.

"Well, we went to the wedding hire place and put a hold on the chairs for the ceremony and the table and chairs for the reception, plus the white table cloths, white chair cushions for both the reception and the ceremony… oh the tent too, I got the two hundred and twenty dollar one like you said and I got the brochure for the bonbonniere, so we have to pick what we want."

Booth smiled as he listened to her attentively, while she handed Molly a plate of food and silently indicated for Parker to help himself.

"Ok… do we need to wait for the RSVPs to arrive before we order that?"

She nodded.

"We will but we can still decide what want, we probably should have waited with the chairs and tables and such but they're pretty flexible because of the time we've given them, plus we're pretty sure everyone we invited will come too."

Booth nodded as he took a bite of his sandwich.

"Pops called me this morning too the tailor was coming out this afternoon to measure him up for the suit, so that's everyone done, except your dad."

She picked up a segment of a mangosteen and chewed on it thoughtfully, her father was organizing his own suit as he was allowed to be different.

"Well that's the outfit side of things taken care of; did you get shoes for him?"

Booth nodded.

"Yup, dropped them off to him the other day, he said they fit so I'll pick them up again on the weekend."

Brennan nodded.

"And don't forget the summer pajamas in the hall closet for him."

Booth smiled and nodded.

Comfortable silence reigned for a few minutes while they all ate.

"Mom what are we doing after Dad goes back to work?"

Brennan looked to her son and smiled.

"We are going to go grocery shopping, I have a bill I need to pay and then home."

Parker nodded.

"Is there anything you need me to do at home?"

He watched her think about it a moment and then shake her head.

"No, are you planning on visiting Annie?"

Parker nodded.

"If that's ok, it's only a week before they go on vacation."

Brennan smiled; Angela had been discussing the trip at length with her lately, asking for advice on traveling with kids. Annie had decided they were going to Switzerland and despite all the thirteen year old's research her Mom was still a little apprehensive.

"Sure, I don't see a problem; I'll text Angela and make sure they don't have plans."

Parker smiled and looked to his Dad as he spoke.

"You make sure you help your Mom unpack the groceries before you go though."

"I will Dad."

"And you need to be home by dinner!"

Parker rolled his eyes and smiled.

"Yes Dad, I know."

Brennan placed her hand gently on Booth's forearm getting him to stop the flow of demands from his mouth.

"He knows Booth."

Booth relented and nodded, he knew his Son was helpful and rarely tested them; Booth just didn't want Bones left to do everything simply because he wasn't there to lay down the rules.

"Ok… I…"

Brennan smiled and looked to Booth with complete understanding and gratefulness, she loved that he was ultimately looking out for her.

They enjoyed time in the park, eating and talking, laughing and joking around; Booth kicked the ball around with Parker, while Molly hung back on the rug with her Mom and watched.

"Parker kicks the ball hard huh Mommy?"

Brennan smiled as her daughter sat in the 'V' of her outstretched legs, leaning back into her torso.

"He sure does Baby."

Molly looked straight up into her mother's eyes.

"But not as hard as Daddy, he's the biggest and the strongest isn't he?"

Brennan looked down into her little girl's bright blues and smiled as she ran her fingers through her loose curls.

"I think you might be right Sweetheart."

Molly giggled as her Mommy's fingers found her ribs and began tickling her lightly.

"Haha, Mommy no tickles!"

It was too late, her fingers had found the weak place and her Mommy was on her knees in full tickle mode, Molly giggles and squeals spurring her on.

"Oh the tickle monster's got you now."

Booth and Parker looked over at the sounds of laughter and smiled. Molly was on her back on the blanket, her legs in the air as Bones held them easily, her other hand at Molly's belly, tickling the little girl into oblivion.

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